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    Mabel Katz on Success Blueprint Radio

    in Self Help

    Mabel Katz instills inspiration that will last a lifetime. With her inspirational approach, Mabel gives people the tools they need to change their lives and create lasting results. Her approach goes to people’s core, their soul. Many have said she’s changed their lives forever.
    Born in Argentina, Mabel moved to Los Angeles in 1983 where she became a successful accountant, tax advisor, and Enrolled Agent. In 1997 Mabel started her own company, Your Business, Inc., a step that not only enhanced her own success but also increased her ability to work more directly with others. Her company had prospered by helping new and established businesses expand and grow.
    Through an ancient Hawaiian philosophy, Mabel is traveling the world teaching the art of Ho’oponopono. For twelve years she studied intensively with the master Ihaleakalá Hew Len, Ph.D. Mabel is now considered a foremost authority on the art of Ho’oponopono. Its premise is simple, let go and let God. Who knows better than God what is right and perfect for us?

    Ask Mabel your question at http://SuccessBlueprintRadio.com

    Mabel’s first platform was her book The Easiest Way. She quickly moved to hosting her own radio and television programs. She currently enjoys success as a keynote speaker and seminar leader in great demand throughout the world.

    With her unmistakable style and grace, she transcends many languages. Her books have been translated and published into English, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Swedish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Hebrew and Romanian. She has authored or co-authored six books, The Easiest Way, Inspiration to Realization, Thank God I, The Easiest Way to Understanding Ho’oponopono, The Easiest Way to Live, and The Easiest Way to Grow. She is in the midst of writing Zero Frequency, this book focuses on what you need to let go of in order to reach Zero. Zero Frequency is when you are an open channel to the goodness of God’s universe, the ultimate state of being.

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    Janet Powers on Success Blueprint Radio

    in Management

    An experienced entrepreneur, self-proclaimed corporate management refugee, media darling, speaker and radio show host, Janet Powers is Founder, President and Chief Executive Diva of the Diva Toolbox. Janet has attracted over 800 contributors to share their information freely at the site every month.

    In 2009, Janet launched the Diva Toolbox Radio Network which hosts over 150 different radio shows (and growing) including her own show called Across the Kitchen Table With Janet. A few noted interviewees on Janet’s show include Grammy award winner and music icon, Helen Reddy, super-model and billion dollar businesswoman, Kathy Ireland, Chief Executive Bear of Build a Bear Workshop, Maxine Clark, and Julie Morgenstern and Peter Walsh who have both been featured on Oprah.

    In 2010, Janet added an in-person conference that brought together hundreds of women from around the world to access the information they need to succeed to grow their business. AOL Jobs and Dell were the lead sponsors for the conference.

    Janet has been featured in over 100 media outlets including The View, New York Post Page 6, The Boston Herald, workchic.com, StreetInsider.com, ToiletPaperEntrepreneur.com and many others. Janet is the recipient of the 2010 President’s Call to Service Award and was nominated for the NAFE Outstanding Entrepreneur Award.

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    Debra Poneman on Success Blueprint Radio

    in Self Help

    Debra Poneman is an award-winning keynote speaker, seminar leader and author. Debra, recognized as one of the pioneers in the field of personal growth, is a popular talk show guest and has appeared on radio and TV from coast to coast.

    She began to work as an account executive for an LA investment company, which although not fulfilling in itself, lead her to an evening seminar called Money Magic.

    At the seminar she sat transfixed as the presenter shared ideas about how true success and prosperity are created – ideas that had nothing to do with working hard or investing wisely but rather how we think and what we attract. With her reality now turned upside-down, Debra quit her job the next morning and spent the next several months immersed in the study of the great masters of success: Emmet Fox, Charles Fillmore, Napoleon Hill, Florence Shinn, Wallace Wattles - and founded her company Yes to Success Seminars, Inc.

    Within a few short years, using the principles she taught, Debra created a worldwide presence. Her seminars were established in twelve US cites and seven countries internationally. She appeared on major media from coast to coast. Amongst her clients were Fortune 500 companies and international foundations. Amongst her students were men and women who went on to become renowned leaders in every field – some even household names such as Deepak Chopra and Marci Shimoff.

    In 1988, with a book deal in the works, negotiations underway for her own day-time TV talk show, a hugely successful infomercial playing in 42 markets and a Mercedes in the driveway, Debra gave it all up when she realized she had an even greater passion.

    Over two decades later, she’s now back to share her story – and her knowledge of how true and lasting success and prosperity are really created.

    Ask your questions at http://SuccessBlueprintRadio.com

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    Success Blueprint Radio-Brian Tracy

    in Management

    Brian Tracy is one of the world’s foremost thought leaders on personal and business success.

    In the past 30 years, he’s consulted for more than 1,000 companies, and has spoken to over 5 million people worldwide on the subjects of Personal and Professional Development. He has traveled and worked in over 80 countries, and speaks four languages.

    He’s the top selling author of over 50 books that have been translated into dozens of languages. He has written and produced more than 500 audio and video learning programs, including the worldwide, best-selling Psychology of Achievement, and has recently launched an online Business Training program for small to medium size business owners called Business Growth Strategies.

    He’s one of the most sought after success coaches and has transformed the lives of millions.

    What questions do you have for Brian on his Success Blueprint or how he can help you with yours?


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    Lynn Pierce on Success Blueprint Radio

    in Management

    Turn Your Passion into Cash and Create Your Life Blueprint. Lynn Pierce, author of, “Breakthrough to Success; 19 Keys to Mastering Every Area of Your Life“.,  brings you over 30 years of successfully teaching how to combine business, personal development and spirituality to reach the pinnacle of success and live the life of your dreams.
    Lynn has taught thousands of speakers, authors, coaches, consultants, sales teams and independent professionals how to tremendously increase their income (by as much as 500%) while reducing the stress of the sales and negotiation process…and having more free time to have a great lifestyle with that additional income!
    Known as the Success Architect, just tell Lynn what the life of your dreams looks like and she’ll create your own personal blueprint for success to get you there. She shows you how you can be wildly successful living life your way and fitting your business into your life rather than the other way around.
    Lynn’s life serves as a personal case study in product creation! In a short 12 months after cracking the entrepreneurial blueprint code, Lynn Pierce created 3 different live events in 3 different cities, developed 6 new information products from scratch, appeared in national magazines, was interviewed on numerous radio shows and increased the subscriber base of her ezine by 600% while still vacationing 8-12 weeks a year and moving to another state!
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    Success Blueprint Radio-Debi Silber

    in Moms and Family

    Debi Silber is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s degree in Nutrition, a Personal Trainer, Whole Health Coach, speaker, President of Lifestyle Fitness, Inc. and author of The Lifestyle Fitness Program: A Six Part Plan So Every Mom Can Look, Feel and Live Her Best (recommended by Parenting Magazine and Jack Canfield, Co-Author of the Bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul Series and The Success Principles). Debi’s branded The Mojo Coach® because after working with hundreds of unfit, overweight and overwhelmed clients for nearly twenty years, she’s discovered the six things everyone needs to look, feel, live her best and “get their mojo back.”

    She’s a featured expert on over 15 websites, a popular radio guest, is quoted regularly in print and online, was recently featured as a successful “career-at-home-mom” in three new books and serves on the Advisory Board for the National Institute of Whole Health, The National Association of Home Based Business Moms, The Leadership Council of Conscious Entrepreneurs and Angels for Obesity-a school based project designed to reduce the incidence of childhood obesity.

    Debi also holds two certifications in pre/post natal fitness, with specialty recognition in weight loss and weight maintenance.

    Unmanaged, chronic stress, toxic relationships and a bad case of trying to be “supermom” caused physical, emotional and mental wear and tear leaving Debi with illness, pain…even disease. She’s gone from complete illness to health, pain to pain free living, misery to joy and she now successfully teaches thousands of people how they can do it too through her highly effective six step approach to health, wellness and happiness.

    What questions do you have for Debi on her Success Blueprint or how she can help you with yours? http://www.successblueprintradio.com/

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    Success Blueprint Radio-Sean Stephenson

    in Self Help

    Expected to die at birth, Sean Stephenson has faced an army of reasons to give up and countless opportunities to embrace pity. He suffered more than 200 bone fractures by age eighteen, reached a height of only three feet, and is permanently confined to a wheelchair. Despite his challenges, he took a stand for a quality of life that has inspired millions of people around the world, including Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, President Clinton, and his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

    Sean has had more life adventures than most people who are twice his age. He worked on Capitol Hill for a U.S. Congressman and in the White House alongside President Clinton. He has also testified in front of the United States Senate on two separate occasions, traveled the world as a professional speaker in 11 countries and 47 states, is a board-certified psychotherapist, and has just released a new book called, “Get off Your ‘BUT’: How to end self-sabotage and stand up for yourself.”

    You might have seen Sean on his Biography Channel Special, “3 Foot Giant” or featured on The Oprah Show, CNN News, CBS News, WGN News, C-SPAN, the Discovery Health Channel, Jimmy Kimmel Live, or in the Washington Post or the The New York Times. With all that said, when you get to know Sean you realize all of his struggles and accomplishments are not what defines him as a man, it’s his love for life and unending pursuit to rid the world of insecurity.

    What questions do you have for Sean on his Success Blueprint or how he can help you with yours? http://www.successblueprintradio.com/

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    Success Blueprint Radio-Susan Armstrong

    in Women

    Susan Armstrong is a gifted speaker, radio personality, personal growth teacher, author and coach, working with people to help them overcome their barriers to personal and professional success.

    Susan is President of Susan Armstrong, Training & Development a company that for the past 14 years has worked with global organizations to help them improve the way they do business. She is also Managing Partner with www.adivinearchitecture.com , a website dedicated to working with people to help them get from where they are to where they want to be. Susan is host of the radio show Second Chances on www.voiceamerica.com and organizer of the ‘Seven Figure Speaker Summit’ for speakers, trainers, authors and coaches.

    Susan has spent many years developing her own sense of esteem and accomplishment, and now shares her knowledge and experience with others’ so they might find their own happiness and success. The principles Susan uses and teaches are the same principles she used to go from homeless, to making minimum wage, and eventually, to her current position as internationally known Speaker, Radio Show host, award winning Trainer, and award winning Author of “An Invisible Prison” – a remarkable story of triumph over self-defeating behaviors.

    Susan Armstrong has been honored by CAMH as an “Extraordinary Person”, as well, she appears on many television and radio shows including Discovery Channel’s Health on the Line, Life Television, CHTV Morning Live, Rogers Television’s Woman to Woman, One-on-One and is a repeat guest on the Valder Beebe Show, an award winning spiritual talk show. She was recently awarded the Gold Award for Excellence in Training by CSTD (Canadian Society for Training & Development).

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    Mike Koenigs on Success Blueprint Radio

    in Marketing

    Mike Koenigs is one of the few experts I've had speak at Empowered Women's Business Summit twice because of his innovative way of marketing with video. In the last couple years I've seen Mike's business explode and his client list reach the highest echelon of gurus to the gurus.

    Now I've asked Mike to share his Success Blueprint with you as he launches his newest program Social Media Marketing Machines this week!

    Geek, surfer, marketer, video producer, filmmaker and didgeridoo player, Mike Koenigs is best known as the guy who created the Web 2.0 syndication service, Traffic Geyser that has distributed over 3 million videos in less than two years and generates top ranking, web traffic and leads in minutes by sending video content to over 120 video sites, social bookmarking, social media, blog and podcasting directories.

    He’s been tooling around with technology ever since he was 12 years old when he scaled the telephone poles to divert pirate cable to his parent’s house in Eagle Lake, Minnesota, population 763.

    He taught himself how to program at age 14. He wrote video games for the first Mac game company, PCAI. In 1991, he co-founded Digital Cafe, one of the first interactive multimedia agencies that produced the world's first branded CD-ROM game, "Chex Quest" that shipped in more than six-million boxes of General Mills cereal. Digital Café produced many of the world's first movie web sites, promotional screen savers and games for Sony, Columbia-Tristar and 20th Century Fox.
    Mike has served as a producer, marketer and consultant for Sony Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, 3M, General Mills, Dominos Pizza, Ralston, Mazda Motors and New York Times bestselling authors including Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, John Assaraf and Brian Tracy. He's created over 330 web sites and produced more than 40 products.

    What questions do you have for Mike on his Success Blueprint?

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    Success Blueprint Radio-Craig Duswalt

    in Marketing

    We have an entire family of hot new authors; dad, mom and their son Tyler! In fact Tyler made 4 figures on back of the room sales with his book the first time he spoke, and he’s 10!!!

    Craig Duswalt is the creator of the RockStar System For Success – How to Achieve RockStar Status in Your Industry. Craig’s books include, “Craig Duswalt’s RockStar System For Success” and “Creating Wealth On A Shoestring Budget”.

    Craig’s background includes touring with Guns N’ Roses, as Axl Rose’s personal manager, and Air Supply, as the band’s personal assistant.

    Craig was also an award-winning copywriter.

    Now he has combined his backgrounds in both music and marketing, as a professional speaker and author, teaching entrepreneurs and small businesses how to promote themselves and their business by thinking outside the box at his 4-Day RockStar Marketing BootCamps every March and September in Los Angeles.

    Natasha Duswalt is the Founder and President of Peak Models & Talent. As a former model, Natasha has a rare form of experience on both sides of the business as model and agent. Natasha was a fit model for 15 years making her an expert in the field of fit modeling.

    Natasha recently wrote the book, Modeling Secrets Revealed, and is launching her inspirational speaking career called, “A Life of Recovery.”

    And now son Tyler Duswalt at 10 years old has become an author of a book on blogging!

    What questions do you have for Craig & Natasha (Tyler is in school) on their Success Blueprint or how they can help you with yours?

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    Success Blueprint Radio-Jill Lublin

    in Management

    Praised as a modern-day Dale Carnegie for how to be influential, Jill Lublin authored the bestselling book Get Noticed…Get Referrals: Build Your Client Base and Your Business by Making a Name for Yourself (McGraw-Hill 2008). She is also the coauthor of two other national bestselling books, Networking Magic which rose to #1 on the Barnes and Noble charts for three weeks, and Guerrilla Publicity, the PR bible. Jill is the founder of GoodNews Media, Inc. and hosts the TV program, Messages of Hope, and the nationally syndicated radio show, Do the Dream. In addition she has created two audio programs, three DVD training videos, and a workbook.

    Jill is a popular international speaker who teaches powerful publicity, networking, and how to be influential techniques. As the CEO of the strategic consulting firm, Promising Promotion, Jill has trained companies in innovative techniques to improve bottom line results. In the past twenty years, she has worked with ABC, NBC, CBS, and other national media, and knows what the media wants.

    Jill has been featured in The New York Times, Women’s Day, Fortune Small Business, Inc, and Entrepreneur Magazine, and on ABC and NBC radio and TV national affiliates.

    What questions do you have for Jill on her Success Blueprint or how she can help you with yours? http://SuccessBlueprintRadio.com