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    Judgement in the Lesbian Community(Rain & Brie)

    in LGBT

    Discussing Judgement within the lesbian community, ex: Stud on stud, pregnant studs, labels, etc

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    Spirituality vs. Religion - Whats the Difference and Can They Co-Exist?

    in Spirituality

    There is much talk these days about Spirituality and how it relates to religion, or whether it relates to religion at all. This episode will address the two labels, how they may overlap, how they may enhance each other or impede each other.  Your thoughts, comments, or experiences are encouraged and welcomed!  


    As always, line will be open for comment or for your own personal intuitive mini-reading, with messages from Angels and Spirit for your best steps now on your spiritual journey.  Now is a time to make your path more spiritual and connect in greater ways to your own power within....a call and some guidance can lead in you in that direction or give you clarity or the affirmation that you need.   Show duration will be up to 120 minutes, depending on call volume, etc.  








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    Breaking Barriers: Label Bashing "Stud for Stud" and "Down Low Studs"

    in LGBT


    Hope Androgyne Spirit, speaks out on the myths about Stud For Stud


    Discuss prejudicial attack in the LGBTQ community.
    Talks about discrimination within the LGBTQ community.
    Name what we believe are the top 10 things lesbians discriminate against in the community.
    Discuss "Down Low Studs" studs that still have husbands or boyfriends.


    Independent artist Hip-Hop, R&B, House Music, have your music put in rotation by emailing a MP3 track to contact.us@lezeleganceinc.com

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    Liars and Cougars and Bears....Oh My?

    in LGBT

    Tonight Kyle, David, & Dallas will be discussing how they handle lies in general (being lied to or having to lie), women dating younger men, labels gays put on themselves, and much more.

    Don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @TheSpilledTea @Doquinn76 @KylieSF @Odaat_webseries #SaveTobias

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    Holly Elle, Pop & R&B Singer/Performer out of Nashville

    in Electronic Music

    Tonight Pop Art Painter, Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Holly Elle, a Pop and R&B Singer and Performer from Nashville to the show. 


    An electrifying bond of authenticity links modern chanteuse Holly Elle’s radiant voice to lyrics, melodies and beats. With soul infused pop as a point of reference – and the mantra “No Labels, no rules, no limits” – Holly arrives with verve, vision and vibe.  
    Her viral video hit “Freak” struck a resonant chord, especially with young LGBT audiences who drew inspiration from the song’s message of empowerment and inclusion. Praised by opinion makers across the board, it was highlighted with two articles in the leading national gay publication The Advocate. Further strengthening this connection, Holly was invited to perform at the 250,000 strong Atlanta Pride Weekend.

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    What Cosmetic Companys Don't Want You to Know!

    in Health

    The skin is our largest organ.  It's taking in the environment’s moisture, dryness, airborne chemical pollution and everything we put on it - including cosmetics.  It then stands to reason that if we cannot pronounce the ingredients on the labels of products we use, then we shouldn't be putting it on our skin.  Yet often (call it vanity or ignorance), we don't think that far.  The cosmetics industry definitely doesn't want us to think about the chemicals that we are ingesting, because many of them are making us sick.

    When our guest, Lori-Ann Woodard, had a recurring illness, the doctors couldn't find the root of the issue. She had to find answers herself.  Lori-Ann discovered that removal of chemical toxins in the mind, in the body, and in the home was key to remission of the illness she battled for years. Her quest for a healthy skin care alternatives lead her to create Uma Enterprises, LLC.   Her vision and product lines include:  Uma "Love You" Health Awareness (inside and out self-care), Uma Glow Cosmetics (organic alternative to traditional body care products), and Uma Sound (music from her soul).


    Lori-Ann has an engineering degree and is currently a Quality Assurance Compliance Manager for Combination Products at Teva Pharmaceuticals.  As she spent years developing combination medical/pharmaceutical/biologic and IVD products for companies such as Medtronic, Werfen, Eli Lily, Johnson & Johnson, and Genzyme, she learned to appreciate the natural healing properties of the God given elements the earth has to offer.  

    Join the show to find out more about what the cosmetic companies don't want you to know!  

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    CBM With Merlijn and Greg- What is Perfect?

    in Fitness

    Are you perfect?

    Is your life perfect?

    Are your choices perfect?

    What the heck is perfect?

    What a subjective term perfect. Open for many interpretations. Are you judging yourself for not being perfect? Striving for perfection? Who's perfection is that anyway?

    Join Merlijn Wolsink and Greg Dyer, as the explore the possibilities with perfect!

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with the Hosts of 109.1 Da View Radio

    in Music

    DA Independent View News was formed in 2012 by Barryton Peacock and Kenneth Fuller. It started with a magazine Promoting independent artist around the world. The Magazine was a big hit right away, as the magazine had artist like Tech9 , Rap Star A.I.G., producer Dr Dre and more. While Building a Brand getting The Magazine on various newsstands and bookstores around the world, Barryton and Kenneth decided to start the radio show. Promoting the radio show in the Magazine, Daily News and attending performances and events got artist and labels submitting music on the website instantly. The Radio Show Host Now Are Immaculate, Killah K., and Dratic B. 109.1 View Radio Can Be Found almost anywhere on the internet and have other radio stations on their channel as well.

    109.1 Da View Radio is a subdivision of Da independent View News media Group LLC. 109.1 Da View Radio is an on line streaming station that broadcasts music of up and coming, independent and underground musical talents from many different genres on a global platform. A blend of Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, Jazz and R&B all in one to create a high level of content and streaming entertainment.

    Our main goal is to push and help these artists and achieve their dreams of being discovered and to provide them a stage to get their music heard and or business seen.  We understand how hard it is for artists and businesses to be placed on commercial radio so we have opened that doorway while giving back to artist in Contest, Raffle Drawings, Givaways, etc..

    109.1 Da View Radio demographic is suited for the music, entertainment and service lover who is seeking a better alternative to what the major commercial market is providing. 

    Make sure to check out and be apart of our interviews, showcases, networking events. 

  • Functioning Labels

    in Education

    What's your function?

    Is it part of human nature to label everything, including people? Why is the use of functioning labels controversial and why are people in the autistic community speaking out? CAN Radio hosts delve into this on today's episode.

    Stay tuned for news updates and hot topics with CAN Radio.

    Happy new year from us to you.

    Let's help stop ableism in 2015. If you are on Twitter, follow us @Council4autism and join us in the #StopAbleism2015 activities.

    Interested in joining our team or have a topic request? Email us at info@autismcouncil.org

    Don't forget #FreeNeli and #NotMssng are ongoing!


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    S3 E10 You won't believe these wacky labels!

    in News

    1/13/2014 at 1PM EST- Bob will discuss the wacky labels manufacturers are forced to put on their products to protect themselves from frivolous lawsuits, and some of the lawsuits that drive prices up and job creation down.

    Bob Dorigo Jones, serves as Senior Fellow for the Center for America, is the author of the bestselling Remove Child Before Folding, The 101 Stupidest, Silliest and Wackiest Warning Labels Ever. He is the host of a new national radio commentary, “Let’s Be Fair,” through which he shares important stories about the impact of crazy lawsuits and a litigation-happy culture on our communities and families. Bob has overseen high-profile programs calling attention to the absurdity of lawsuit abuse, including the internationally profiled annual Wacky Warning Labels Contest. Bob has appeared on dozens of national and international TV and radio programs, including NBC Nightly News, ABC News’ 20/20, BBC WorldNews, FOX News, and CNBC.

    Dorigo Jones, who was president of Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch (M-LAW) for 16 years, has focused for nearly two decades on educating the public about how families, communities, and job providers are hurt by out-of-control lawsuit abuse.
    Prior to joining CFA, Dorigo Jones served on the staff of the Michigan House of Representatives. He received a B.A. in economics and political philosophy from James Madison College at Michigan State University.


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    Stacey B going to play Earnest Push Music

    in Radio

    Stacey B going to play  Earnest Pugh music he come to Rchmond, Va. in  the Transformation on Saturday March 21, 2015,  He has been feeling the love all year round. His latest CD “The W.I.N. (Worship in Nassau) Experience” debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums chart this past fall and has already produced two big chart hits with the soaring ballad “More of You” and the urban flavored collaboration with J. Moss, “I Believe You Most.” The new single “All Things Through Christ” is a no holds barred, down-home vocal slugfest between Pugh and gospel legend Rance Allen. The dynamic song with a neo-soul doowop groove is making its way up the gospel chart.

    Last year, Pugh’s now- classic “I Need Your Glory” (it spent 9 weeks at #1 on Billboard’s Hot Gospel Songs chart) earned special recognition from BMI as one of the most played gospel songs of the year. It was also the year that Pugh made two high-profile duets. He invited the renowned church-wrecker Beverly Crawford to join him on a song he wrote entitled “For My Good.” Then, he hooked up with R&B legend Lalah Hathaway on the inspiring “Every Promise.” Both songs landed on Billboard’s Hot Gospel Songs chart and make inroads for Gospel’s Leading Man at Adult R&B radio. Moreover, Pugh is now a record executive. His EPM Music Group label has issued hit projects by Chrystal Rucker, Vincent Tharpe & Kenosis, Charles Butler & Trinity and Keith Williams. After years of licensing his masters to other labels, Pugh’s own albums are now released through his P-Man Record label.

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