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    Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

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    On Monday, October 13, at 10:00 AM, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, my guest will be Stephany Bonney, the American Cancer Society's Eastern Division Interim Senior Director, Community Events.   In that capacity, Stephany serves as the senior manager of community events for the Division.She provides vision, leadership and strategic direction to a 30-member team responsible for the Society’s top fundraising and community engagement event, the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

    Prior to this role, Stephany served as Director for New York metro, responsible for all aspects of income development surrounding their Making Strides Against Breast Cancer portfolio. In that role, Stephany led the first ever Making Strides event to break $3 million dollars in fundraising.

    Stephany has always been involved in the fight against breast cancer, leading the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer for 4 years prior to joining the American Cancer Society. In total, Stephany has raised more than $50 million in the fight. The proud niece of breast cancer survivors, she earned her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from SUNY Cortland but decided to use her passion for fundraising to drive her career within the non-profit sector.

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    Making Strides giving home to Aussies with Spinal Cord Injury

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    It is with pleasure that I will interview, Steve, Kristee, Genny & Jim co founders of Making Strides Queensland.

    The first of it's kind in Australia Making Strides brings a "Below Injury Recovery" facility to Australia.

    Genn has moved from sunny California to train with her many Australian friends, Kristee & Steve bring a wealth of experience to Making Strides with both suffering spinal cord injuries and both being advocates and living proff that below injury recovery works.

    Jim graduated from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science) and has a strong background in Strength & Conditioning coaching. Jim joins the team and is excited about helping people with spinal cord injury

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    Making Strides in Breast Cancer with Vanderbilt University and Team Martina

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    During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it's a special honor to feature the heart-work of Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center and Team Martina. Triple negative breast cancer is one of the most aggressive types and doesn't respond well to known treatment protocols. Specifically-targeted research is urgently needed, and Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center is dedicating the time, talent, and team to do it.

    We'll revisit with Sheila Jones of Team Martina to hear exciting updates on the Martina McBride Breast Cancer Research Grant. The grant helped make strides in triple negative research over the last year, honoring of a teammate who died of the disease. Now, there's more potential for the grant with a "Coffee for a Cure" campaign and it's gone nationwide. The community initiative shows the impact when people come together for good.

    Dr. Vandana Abramson will join us, too. She's a breast cancer physician and researcher at Vanderbilt University and the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center. After receiving her B.A. in English and Molecular & Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley, she went to medical school at the University of Chicago. Dr. Abramson completed her Internal Medicine Residency at Harvard University's Brigham and Women's Hospital.  She then went on to complete a fellowship in Hematology/Oncology at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA.  She also obtained a Master's degree in Translational Research.

    Dr. Abramson research focuses on early stage clinical trials of novel treatments for all types of breast cancers, and she has received grants to study triple negative breast cancer.  She has received awards for her clinical and research work and is currently leading clinical trials in breast cancer, both at Vanderbilt and nationally.  Don't miss this extraordinary hour of updates!

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    Brand Strategy: How to Become an Expert in 3 Fluid Strides

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    A super smart method to become more valuable in your current career or to make a major business change is to become a notable expert. The amazing news is that it is never too late to become an expert by either developing a base of knowledge within your current field of choice, or in an entirely new professional direction.How does becoming an expert at something you love and earning more money as a result sound to you? That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    Computer America - BitCoinComic ; VTech!

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    Computer America

    First Hour: BitcoinComic.  Bitcoin is making giant strides throughout the world. Satoshi Nakamoto, its creator, continues as an enigmatic and cryptographic figure. Nonetheless, rumors surrounding his potential wealth have not gone unnoticed by the mafia. He has also popped up on the radar of the secret services. In fact, NSA agents have been searching for him for some time now. The opportunities that this crypto-currency has opened up within the financial markets have turned Nakamoto into a hero admired in more and more places near and far. His fans would go to great lengths to protect and defend him. For many, simply managing monetary transactions and issuing bitcoins without the involvement of intermediaries as well as carrying out transactions collectively online are factors which promote values for a freer world: In hope for a better world. Joining us is Alex Preukschat, the Graphic novel author of BitcoinComic.org.

    Second Hour: Joining us to discuss the latest technology in home phones is VTech. We'll be taking a close look at some of their newest models including their newest TL86103!

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    The Legacy, the Man, the Dream....Or has it become a dream deferred??? New call in #(347) 857-2487

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    A must tune into broadcast!!!! 2015....Have enough strides for employment, racial equality, social equality, and justice taken place??? Or have we been lulled into a false sence of complacency? Join myself as I attempt to not only tackle these issues, but offer feasible, realistic solutions. I implore everyone, especially MEN, not not only tune in, but sound off with me!!! I feel that with a strong sense of urgency, a collective, cohesive, collaboration of input, advice, and opinions that come with the utmost sincerity and dedication.....we can and will make the difference!!! #NUFFSAID

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    Past-Present-Future Part 2 with The One Man Thrill Ride, Jimmy Preston

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    If the original was good, the sequel will be better, as Hashtag Sports will get a repeat performance from one of the hottest free agents in Professional Wrestling, the One Man Thrill Ride, Jimmy Preston.  Known best for his hilarious promos on Youtube, which could be seen here, Preston has been making big waves since his last appearance on Hashtag Sports.  Brash, bold, and able to back up everything he says, handsome will happen once again on January 21st, at 10pm, as Preston will talk about his strides toward the WWE and Thrillride Enterprises. 



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    Skippy & Regina Show !

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    Tonight's Episode is basded on Movie talk and all of the new releases that have hit the silver screen including talk about Running Away From The Unknown which is the movie i am Producing and Directing and Writing and the movie is based on my long term fight with Alcoholism and the almost death of me back in 2012 so i have great friends involved with the production of this project,.So Call in @347-426-3972 To Speak to Skippy & Regina to discuss this fun topic,Dominick Calvitto is making strides to get to the top of the movie bracket.Thank you too Derek Young for the opportunity to be in Family Property 2 More Blood that will be released in May of this year that will also bring me back to Martinsville Virginia for the World Premiere So Get involved with the Conversation,On this Special 2 hour Show with the Most Honest Talk in New Jersey,.,.

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    Season 2 Premier 2015 State of Affairs from the Man's Perspective.

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    A show geared towards the upliftment, renewal, and encouragement of the Black man in today's society. Not a racially charged show, and ALL are welcome, regardless of race, gender, creed, or social status. Format is geared towards shattering age old stereotypes and typecasts in an effort to ensure that the positve strides needed are taking place in today's society. Tackling issues such as fatherhood, jobs, education, the justice system, racial equality, and many more issues that are relevant. The main goal is to be as factual, informative, and un-biased as possible.

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    Live After Dark! Sitting In With Betty Lewis!

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    Happy New Year! We hope yours is off to a GRAND start!

    Sit in with us tonight as we chat a bit about the hopes for good investments and 'promises' for the future generations.

    Tonight Betty Lewis is front and center as we talk about her contributions to youth, and here they are now, a review of her musical career and her strides in athletics as a member of the Moore Town Pros, and the ASA.


    Your hosts: Diamond Ryan & Betty Lewis!

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    Talk about Black on Black Crime in the Community and you quickly get Psssh.

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    Black people in America has made great strides in some cases. In other cases we have a ways to go. In 2015 have Black people stayed asleep when it comes to addressing Black on Black crimes in our community. Join us tonight as we create a dialogue with this topic. Stand up and let your voice be heard. There are thousands of law-abiding inner-city blacks who live by bourgeois values and who need protection from criminals. Only the police are willing to provide that protection. Their mantra could be “black lives matter.” The 200 or so reported killings of blacks by police officers — nearly all justified — pale in comparison to the 6,000 or so killings of blacks by other blacks.

    Urban Dictionary defines Psssh:

    Psssh essentially the word 'psssh' means... 

    -the simple sound that i am making with my mouth is much better than everything you just said. 
    -can also mean, 'i don't care' or -'you are full of shit' or -used to express amusement  
    it is a word that reduces the worth of any previos speech, elevating itself to a higher level of conversation, language and vocabulary. 
    it is frankly, the ultimate word; where is the work i asked you to do? -psssh!; did you see that goal? it was amazing! -psssh!; isn't that the guy with loads of STDs? -psssh! 
    i drink loads of alcohol, i bet i drink more than you do! -psssh!; i bet im better than you at....... -psssh!; personaly i believe that the christian faith...... -psssh!


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