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    Stress Relief: The New Gold by Khadi Madama

    in Health

    eFitFamily with Laura London welcomes Khadi Madama, TV Host of Yours Truly, Yoga and recipient of the Jewel Of India Award, to talk about stress and how to effectively manage it. Listen in as she shares tips on managing stress, maintaining morale and remaining motivated during challenging times.
    Khadi Madama is a speaker, author and creator of Stress Relief: The New Gold. She is an expert in what she calls, The New Gold, which she says is Stress Relief. “Stress will make you old, stress will injure you and make you sick and stress will kill you if you don’t get a hold of an easy to use means, both on the job and off, to manage it. STRESS RELIEF IS THE NEW GOLD, and your life may depend on it.” Khadi is so good at what she does that her stress relief program, Being Successful and Stressed, has been used by a branch of the U.S. Navy’s Fleet and Family Services as part of their suicide prevention program, as well as for relieving family stress of the deployed military.
    Visit her website.
    Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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    Holiday Stress Relief Found Here

    in Lifestyle

    This is THE ultimate stress-buster show. The holidays don't have to be stressful. Many couples get engaged and married during the holiday season, causing a lot of stress for themselves, and everyone involved.  Even though most of us are dealing with in-laws, out-laws, extra financial burdens, unpredictable travel situations and people who push all of our buttons, we still have a choice. We can be peaceful, joyful and tranquil.

    Dr. Joanna Carmichael and Susan Lewis tell us exactly what is happening in our bodies when we are in stress, how to recognize it BEFORE it takes us down and how to minimize and even eliminate it in our lives entirely.

    Many couples get engaged during the holiday season, so if you are a bride or groom-to-be, or if you have ever experienced stress, you can benefit from what these stress-busting experts share in today's show. It will serve you forever.

    Wedding Talk with Nancy at Noon is about all things wedding, relationship, love and happiness. It's about connecting today’s bride with the latest information and resources so she can make informed decisions to create a wedding that will surpass her wildest dreams.

    If you are interested in being a guest on Wedding Talk with Nancy at Noon please, or if you have questions or comments please Email me at nancy@nancyatnoon.com. I look forward to hearing from you. And please visit my website at nancyatnoon.com

    Dr. Joanna Carmichael can be reached at: Email: info@thekalyanacentre: thekalyanacentre.com

    Susan Lewis can be reached at nashvilleayurveda.com

    Dreams Shows can be reched at dreams.shows@gmail.com and dreamsshows.com


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    5 Minutes to Stress Relief: Lauren Miller

    in Health


    Lauren Miller: Google's #1 stress relief expert receiving national recognition in Redbook, Ladies Home Journal, Family Circle, CNBC, MSNBC, Lifetime and Discovery along with the International Journal of Healing and Care.

    She has survived two of life's top stressors at the same time: advanced cancer and divorce. 

    5 Minutes to Stress Relief; is her 4th book and another Amazon Bestseller. 

    Connect with Deb:  http://www.greenskyandbluegrass.com/ or @GreenSkyDeb 

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    Valentine's Day Stress Relief for Men - Jed Diamond, PhD

    in Relationships

    Because men are not on-demand romantics, Valentine’s Day can be so stressful for our guys! It makes him anxious, he feels dictated to, measured; like he’s being set up to lose. That’s not good… for you or your darling man!

    Jed Diamond, Ph.D., L.C.S.W., is Founder and Director of MenAlive, a health program that helps men, and the people who love them, to live well throughout their lives. 

    He is a pioneer in the field of male-gender medicine. Since its inception in 1992, Jed has been on the Board of Advisors of the Men’s Health Network. He’s a member of the International Society of Men’s Health and a founding member of the American Society of Men’s Health. 

    Jed has been a licensed psychotherapist for over 40 years and is the author of ten books including the international best-selling Male Menopause which has been translated into 17 foreign languages. He is also the author of Stress Relief for Men: How to Use the Revolutionary Tools of Energy Healing to Live Well.

    Jed is the only male columnist writing for the National Association of Baby Boomer Women. He also blogs for the Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, Scribd, Menstuff, ThirdAge, and other venues.

    Jed can be found sharing his men’s health wisdom via his website, MenAlive and on Facebook and Twitter – please swing by and say hello!

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    5 Steps to Financial Stress Relief

    in Finance

    One of the reasons financial stress affects so many people is that we misunderstand what it IS. One of the myths of financial stress – and there are several – is that financial stress will go away just as soon as our circumstances change… i.e., “Just as soon as I have more money, I will no longer worry about money.”

    Occasionally this is true. But more often than not, “enough” becomes a moving target.

    On today's show No BS Money Guy Todd Strobel and Best Selling Financial Author Kim Butler discuss ways to define what is enough. Also we will be sharing ways optimize your finances by protecting what you have while getting your dollars to do many jobs. 

    For more information check out:



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    cHiropracTALK - Chiropractic and Stress Relief

    in Health

    A discussion about chiropractic and stress relief. We look at what is stress, what are stressors and how to relieve stress. Physical, chemical and emotional stress are covered with strategies and techniques for stress relief.

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    You Get What You Give - Stress Buster Secret #39

    in Health

    Stephanie Stanfield, Ph.D., stress expert and energy therapy practitioner, shares her vast experience and research of health, healing and stress management into an entertaining and educational format. 

    To learn about you get what you give in everyday living, listen in and find out:

    What does you get what you give mean?
    What does E=MC (squared) have to do with energy and matter?
    What is the difference between magnetic and electric energy flows and why does that matter?
    What does this have to do with the Law of Attraction?
    Can you attract more of what you choose in your life?
    How does it get any better than this?

    Are you curious as to what you can do to feel more energized, be more efficient, feel happier, and have the changes you choose in your life? Spend some time with Dr. Steph and enjoy the journey to a healthier and more purposeful life!

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    Stress Relief Meditation | K7321

    in Health

    Roy talks about pressure and our need to relieve it.
    Callers: A gentleman asks Roy about his stand off with the motorcycle gang.
    For more information, and to find out about the Cure Stress Device and the accompanying book, visit http://www.fhu.com
    Originally aired: May 1, 2013 – Hour 1

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    Creativity and Stress Relief

    in Youth

    Teen hosts Dylan, Kia, and Sarah discuss ways teens can boost their creativity while relieving stress at the same time. Our guest is Kelly Murphy, Licensed Creative Arts Therapist.

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    Talking about - Stress Relief

    in Lifestyle

    "I'm stessed out!" is a common phrase - is it one you use often? You may not use the phrase, but you may feel that way.
    Are you all stressed out and feel like there is nowhere to get relief?
    You'll want to tune in to hear Margaret Martin, Stress Relief coach, take you through simple steps to relieve your stress. #StressManagement
    Connect with Margaret here at her website or on Twitter

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    Rosalie Moscoe-Health & Wellness, Stress-Relief Professional

    in Self Help

    Welcome to Up Your Game Radio, an insider's guide to your life
    Join us for a transformative hour on Wednesday April 10th, 2013 at 9:00pm E.S.T. where our special guest will be Rosalie Moscoe.  Through her work on stress relief, healthy balance and nutrition information, Rosalie presents at national conferences, and major organizations.  She shares valuable, step-by-step natural health, stress reduction, nutrition and wellness remedies. Her combined experience as a seasoned performer and keynote speaker since the ‘80s guarantees a unique, upbeat and dynamic style while taking into account client needs and desires.  As a stress management consultant, Registered Nutritional Consultant, and health and wellness speaker, Rosalie’s vast knowledge of preventive health always hits the mark.
    At Cosmic Coaching Centre, we believe that in order to become a successful CEO of your life you must be strategic and a visionary about your life goals.  Radio Hosts, Cecile Peterkin and Ana Paret believe you are the CEO of your life. We help people take full responsibility for all aspects of their life, and manage every detail. Up your Game Radio enables us to motivate you to live your life on the edge of your possibilities and find new paths into your future.   In other words....To Up your Game!