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    Episode 32_ NPS Strategic Planning meetings

    in Education

    Don't complain if you don't get involved... The Mayor and State appointed Superindentent Christopher Cerf have been olding strategic planning meetings throughout Newark in all 5 Wards with low attendance by residents. How do we get them engaged!

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    AMTA’s Strategic Priority on ASD

    in Health

    The American Music Therapy Association's Strategic Priority on Autism Spectrum Disorder is wrapping up their 3-year endeavors. Marcia Humpal (Chair), Blythe LaGasse, and Petra Kern will be sharing the outcomes of this work group on this episode.

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    From Strategic to Value-oriented: Driving Procurement’s Influence

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    ** Update: On December 7th, The Procurement Value Proposition received the Grand Prix ACA Bruel award at the Plumes des Achats ceremony in Paris. For more information on the award and other recognized titles, click here. Congratulations to both authors! **


    Today Buyers Meeting Point welcomes Gerard Chick and Dr. Robert Handfield the co-authors of The Procurement Value Proposition: The Rise of Supply Management. Gerard is the Chief Knowledge Officer at Optimum Procurement Group and Rob is the Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management at the North Carolina State University Poole College of Management, and director of the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative.

    Since being published in 2014, The Procurement Value Proposition has quickly become one of the most referenced books in our profession. Click here to read Kelly Barner's review of the book on Buyers Meeting Point.

    In November, The Procurement Value Proposition was shortlisted for The 2015 Procurement Author Awards in Paris. On December 7th we will learn which title is selected for the Grand Prix ACA Bruel award.

    In this conversation we discuss:

    The difference between strategic procurement and value procurement, and what organizations need to drive their progress along that maturity curve.
    How procurement can learn to thrive and build influence in an environment of greater uncertainty.
    The importance of bolstering procurement’s capabilities in the areas of finance, behavioral studies, and understanding the local implications of global trade.

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    Having a Strategic Plan but Being Open

    in Women

    Direct Marketing is a topic we’ve discussed a number of times in the past but we always end up wanting to learn more about it. And why shouldn’t we? Direct Marketing is a thriving industry and is a lucrative venture for anyone who’d like to be the master of their and wanting to be a contributor to their families’ economic growth.  

    Our guest for today, marketing strategist and personal growth catalyst Dana D’Orsi, is a perfect resource person as she herself is transitioning  from being a business coach into managing her own team in a direct marketing company.  

    Dana D’Orsi’s mission is to help thousands of women entrepreneurs learn how to build six-figure businesses doing what they love, while working 30 hours a week or less. 

    Through private coaching, group training & self-study programs, Dana teaches her clients how to leverage powerful marketing strategies, efficient business systems & proven success principles to attract more clients and make more money, all while enjoying an abundance of time, peace, freedom & FUN! 

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    Strategic Sourcing and Category Management: Lessons Learned at IKEA

    in Business

    Today Buyers Meeting Point welcomes Magnus Carlsson as our guest.

    Magnus has 25 years experience as a strategic sourcing expert at IKEA. He developed and led the implementation of Ikea's purchasing strategy, which included category based sourcing. He was responsible for the strategic sourcing of Ikea's global textile, metal and veneer businesses, as well as component and raw material procurement.

    He is currently a lecturer, trainer and advisor in strategic sourcing and category management. Magnus is also the author of the recently released book, “Strategic Sourcing and Category Management: Lessons Learned at IKEA.”

    To read a review of 'Lessons Learned at IKEA' on Buyers Meeting Point, click here. You can purchase the book directly from Kogan Page or on Amazon.

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    Middle East Expert Strategic Counter-Terrorist Plan

    in Politics Conservative

    Please Share: Episode #344: Colonel Nagi Najjar liason visit with Free Syrian Army (FSA) Generals in Aleppo Syria.

    First Hour: Colonel Nagi Najjar is a former Intelligence Officer in Lebanon during the Civil War. He is a Middle East Advisor on terrorism and political affairs for Stand Up America and MG Paul E. Vallely (US Army Ret.). Learn more at www.standupamericaus.org

    Second Hour: Magnified View news headline analysis by Yoda and Backpack updates. We discuss the border, national crime spike, and caliphate takeovers. We discuss how we are working closely with highest calibre VIP geo-political, counter-terrorist, military, intelligence, and special operations think tanks. We bring innovative actionable tactics, methods and strategies to aquire peace of mind.

    Don't miss this high energy, entertaining, informative show covering current threats to our liberty and how to survive and thrive in these dangerous troubled times. 

    Voices of Global Freedom archives and Backpack's new book:





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    Magical Experiments: Sex Magic, Financial Sorcery and Strategic Sorcery

    in Spirituality

    Join Taylor Ellwood of Magical Experiments as he discusses the topics of sex magic, financial sorcery and strategic sorcery with Jason Miller. Jason will share his insights and experiences with these various practices, as well as his history with Eastern Meditation practices and Western Ceremonial magic. 

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    Long Range Strategic Planning for Black African People

    in Politics Progressive

    On this episode we will start off by reflecting on Attorney Alton Maddox lecture of Critical Thinking and how we our to think, strategize and plan for the future of our people's economic, social, and political realities as well as our infrastructurem beit physical or social.   For the fourth installment of Comprehensive Planning we will delve into the non-regulatory approaches of managing growth to pick up where we left off from last time. We will have many excerpts and the lines will be open for consensus building.  If you miss the show family, don't worry we got you covered, just catch the playback and be sure to listen to all the brothers and sisters from the BAIO as we give you Land, infrastructure, and Nationhood every day of the week with practical solutions, planning, and honest critiques of our community.

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    Strategic Perspective 2014 with Louis Powell " China the Sleeping Dragon "

    in Current Events

      Strategic Perspective 10 annual conference that takes place in Coer d arline Idaho every year . We are broadcasting the 2014 conference and compare world geopolitics to the present time 2015 . Louis Powell former KI director will address the coming growing world power China 

    Our Mission Statement

    To create, develop, and distribute materials to stimulate, encourage, and facilitate serious study of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God.



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    Strategic Planning

    in Management

    Topics discussed include: Introduction to strategic planning. Retail closings in the US, February, 2014 hirning statistics and a Nevada gambler suing a casino for his losing $500,000 while drunk.