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    Back2UsShow_Get Strapped

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    Strapped.  What happens when two masculine identified lesbians who start out as best friends fall for each other?  How do their friends respond?  Why are they hesitant about acknowledging their relationship?  Is this all fiction; and, what happens when fiction becomes reality?
    Join us as we talk with Author Sharon D. Smith about her stud-for-stud romance Strapped The Series.  We are going to talk about this behind-closed-doors only phenomenon of stud-on-stud dating.  Is it really that taboo or only in certain communities? 
    Yes, we are so going there as only we can! Listen as we get the low down on getting strapped on the down low!
    We will also be featuring our new independent artist Kim Joyce as she stops by to talk about her upcoming release Unstoppable!
    We are going to get strapped and love EVERY moment of it!!

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    Back2Us Show: Still Strapped Part II

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    Seven months ago, we went there with series Strapped and we discussed studs dating studs. That show was so hot that we promised a PartII. 

    This Sunday, we are back with Part II Still Strapped. Sharon is going to switch seats and be our guest as Dee joins me as our guest cohost.  Oh I almost forgot and Sharon is going to make HER BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. 

    What will it be? You will have to tune in and find out!

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    Season 4: Are Labels really necessary? Studs being Strapped Yay or Nay?

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    Tonight we are going to discuss if labels really necessary in our lgbtqqai community? And your thoughts on studs being strapped during sexual encounters. This should be interesting.

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    Strapped: Guns and Black America

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    KB and the REVOLUTIONARY RYDERS load up a clip of information and spray the people with the revolution. Its summer, so the guns come out in the black community. Where do these guns come from? Why is there no regulation? What is the NRA? Why is the black community so violent? Where are our community resources? Get the answers to these questions and  alot more on CHOCOLATE SITY!!!!!!



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    Lady Motorcyclist & No-Degree Millionaire: Read My Lips Radio-Bonnie D. Graham

    in Lifestyle

    READ MY LIPS' akaRadioRed goes beyond the typical blah-blah-yada-yada canned interview, engaging multiple guests in spontaneous conversations.

    Tamela RIch learned to ride a motorcycle at age 48 and has ridden solo across 47 states and parts of Canada with a pink bra strapped across her bike's windshield, talking to people about their journey with cancer. She is the author of  Live Full Throttle: Life Lessons from Friends Who Faced Cancer. Tamela is an expert on road tripping, female solo travel, and eating healthy foods on the road. Info: TamelaRich.com 


    Do you think your children and grandkids are doomed in life if they don't get a college degree? "Not so," says Gene W. Kelly, author of The College Myth, Napa Valley winery owner, and founder / CEO of the Accelerated Technical Training Institute. Gene says The Trades are where 21st century American jobs will be and are the source of the next generation of American millionaires. How does he know? Gene did not graduate from college, but used his hands, head and investment smarts to become a “millionaire next door.”  Info: http://thecollegemyth.com/

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    What Every Divorced Woman Needs to Know About Money

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    Divorce changes everything. Your family structure. Your future. Your attitude. Then there's the issue of money.

    "Studies show that in the first year after divorce, the wife's standard of living may drop almost 27 percent while the husband's may increase by as much as 10 percent." [Source: Ginita Wall, CPA - Women's Institute for Financial Education]

    If you're under the added stress of being financially strapped due to your divorce, tune in today and get the help you need. Our guest, Finance Expert, Charlotte Stallings, is ready to arm you with the kind of knowledge every divorced woman needs to know.

    Call in, 646-716-6910, or log on to our LIVE chat during the broadcast.










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    Collateral Victims of Abusive Guardianships

    in Politics

    Our guests are Daniel Ryan and Marcia Southwick

    The traumatic effects of having your precious loved one kidnapped and imprisoned by this blatantly corrupt industry in legal, yet lawless, human trafficking for profit and power.     
    There is no nightmare or Hollywood horror film that can compare to having my fiancé and soul mate permanently removed from my life forever... As in every case of kidnapping, the first concern is for her well- being. That NEVER changes. Also, there's the ever-present sense of urgency to rescue her from her captors.
    The utter disbelief, sleepless nights, loneliness and loss, accompanied by waves of fear, worry, anger and hopelessness continue to haunt my daily existance with little mercy since that day 2 years ago when they strapped her to a stretcher and removed her from her home, her life, and my life until she's either dead or destitute!
    APS, the guardian, her attorneys, the judge, and the care home owner have colluded to keep her prisoner for life. Why? Because she saved for her golden years and to cover up her rape we reported when she was in a rehab facility being treated for a tailbone injury.
    There are 4 stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining and Acceptance. I can't seem to get past the first 3 because she is still alive and I refuse to lose hope...

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    Interview with Alannah McCready

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    ALANNAH MCCREADY recently released her debut EP Love Hangover produced by award-winning Nashville publisher Dan Hodges and renowned Los Angeles based producer John Fields.

    Alannah began singing, appropriately, in cowboy boots and hat. But it wasn’t in Nashville, at the Ryman Auditorium. It was north of Minneapolis in the ex-urban flatlands of Blaine, Minnesota where she stood atop the back of a corduroy couch in 1991 as a four year old, in a ninja turtle costume and ice skates and announced the beginning of her singing career.

    In 2010, she graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison but not before winning two National Division 1 Championships as a goalie for the Badgers. She lived in NYC for a few years after college, working in the sports marketing world, until she fatefully heard Nashville beckoning.

    So while music has a big part of her heart, hockey has a special place in it too  “Hockey has been a part of my entire family growing up and it brought me to a million different places. My brother and I were always around it, often spending summers training in Toronto and flying every which way for games. I think almost every person on the McCready side has strapped on the skates at least a hundred times in their lives. It’s the Scandinavian blood.”

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    No More Mondays: "Live below your means"? I don't think so...

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    "Live below your means" 

    We've heard this phrase so many times and honestly, we've tried. We've really tried to do this. But it's hard. Two out of three households do not have a budget. Why is that? Because we don't like to be limited. Which is why "living below your means" doesn't work with a lot of us; we don't like to be limited and we want to be able to enjoy our hard work.

    But, when we don't live below our means, we get into a big financial mess. So....what do we do? I don't want to be limited, but I don't want to be financially strapped either.

    Tonight, we'll address the issue behind the phrase "living below your means" and simple action steps that'll lead you to a lifestyle of being able to do whatever the heck you want.

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    S4S Relationships

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    This is the pilot show for Strapped Dialogues, which is based on the book, Strapped. The author of the book, Sharon D. Smith, will serve as the host and moderator. Callers will have an opportunity to discuss homophobia within the Black GLBT community, relationships, and more as it pertains to lesbians who self-identify as studs, butches, doms, etc.

    Our first episode, S4S Relationships, will discuss the uniqueness of s4s relationships, challenges, stereotypes, and labels that guide the Black GLBT community. The discussion will be based on the book, Strapped. We will delve into how realistic S4S relationships are portrayed in the book and offer insight into what people in S4S relationships actually encounter on a daily basis. If you do not have a copy of Strapped, please feel free to visit Amazon. There, you may read comments, read the inside pages, and purchase your copy.

    Thanks in advance for your support and we look forward to exciting dialogues.

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