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    Stranger Danger

    in News

    Hampton Roads Today is a new show that will deal with hard issues, current events and hot topics that impact the Hampton Roads, Virginia community, the nation and the global community. 
    In upcoming issues through 2013, mass communication students from Norfolk State Univerversity will be bringing you broadcasts on a host of subjects from the legalization of marijuana to the impact of rap music on today's youth. In today's episode, The Spartan Word team will talk about what parents can do to protect their children from kidnapping, abuse and other dangers. This topic is current in the news right now. You won't want to miss this episode of Hampton Roads Today.

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    Bedtime Blunders & Stranger Danger

    in Moms and Family

       We will be discussing Bedtime Blunders. A look into the world of putting our children to bed. Bedtime routines, co-sleeping, monsters in the closet, and so much more! We will even tell you how we get our kids to bed. We will also be discussing Stranger Danger and how parents can talk to their kids about strangers and the real dangers that could happen.
       In the news today we are talking about U.S. kids not sitting safely in cars. How you can prevent this and where to go to get your car seat checked! Is your child safe?
    Remember, If at anytime during our segments you have a question or comment Just call into our show by dialing the call in # listed below. You can also leave questions on our blog or email and we will read them during the next show.
    The Call In # is 1-914-803-4038
    Thanks for tuning in!

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    Danger of Knowledge

    in Prayer

    Often we criss-cross the concept of having knowledge with maturity; being mature is to be knowledgeable. We can be so busy going by what we think we know that we do not truly HEAR   G-d. We can never increase in obedience and grow in understanding if we insist on holding on to what we think we know. 

    Let's talk about, "THE DANGER OF KNOWLEDGE".

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    Danger Of Knowledge - Rebroadcast

    in Prayer

    In response to the feedback to the teaching "The Danger Of Knowledge" this teaching will be rebroadcasted. Enjoy! Your questions and comments are welcomed.

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    One Buffed Up Show with Dr Danger

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we launch Buffed Up Radio to the world. Get ready for a production exlposion of comedy and entertainment. Segments include a call to Rosie O'Donnell to join the show, a movie preview that should have been, genius of the week, song dedication to the brothers, lean and balanced news and special interview with Dr Danger. 

    Dr Danger, star of the History channels American Daredevils has been a central figure in the world of stunts for quite sometime. Hear about Danger's history, the show, new ventures, and have some laughs. 

    Visit www.dangerstunts.com for more news and photos. 

    All of this and more, on a special kick off show of Buffed Up Radio 

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    in Religion

    Join us this Friday @ 8:00 PM for another exciting episode of Kingdom of God Ministries, teaching on Building Godly and Mature Relationships!! Tonight we will be discussing  some of the warning/caution signs that believers should adhere to before entering into a relationship. Our scripture reading will be taken from 1Corinthians 15:33 Do not be mislead:"Bad Company corrupts good character."


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    One Mega Con Experience, Marc Price, Mighty Aphrodite and Dr Danger ALL LIVE

    in Entertainment

    Join for an exciting show with Marc Price, also known as Skippy from Family Ties! Plus, Dr Danger from History Channel's American Daredevils is live with Danger's Angels Nikki “Mighty Aphrodite” McBurnett, one of the original TXRD Roller Girls.

    Danger and Mighty escapes a Mexican Border Town.

    We also discuss the awesome Mega Con Experience in Orlando FL as the creatures of the night came out to play! 

    Here a special message from Ms Buffed Up, Smack yourself like a clown and much more! Live calls, chat and a fun ride to remember. 

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    Nation In Grave Danger -

    in Politics Conservative

    ISIS is not the JV Team

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    Danger Could Be Right At Our Door

    in Politics Conservative

    I am honored to day to have D. S. Edwards, the Author of Collective Retribution, as a guest on The Earl Hall Show.  This book of fiction will open your eyes to dangers that we could face right now!


    About the book:

    The United States of America is a nation on the brink of collapse. With high unemployment, religious extremism, partisan politics, and civil unrest, mixed with the uncertainty of the global financial markets, it’s just a matter of time before it all comes crashing down. Some countries are poised, troops at the ready, waiting for this day and the opportunity to seize it all.
    Levi Nirschell, family man, rancher, patriot, and NSA operative has devoted his life to the service of his country. He has spilled his own blood, for the cause of liberty and the protection of the innocent. Now his nation calls on him yet again for its salvation. This time it’s different, this time it’s not just his life that’s at stake. This time it may cost him everything he holds dear.
    “Collective Retribution” is a prophetic look at the coming fall of The United States, and those who will be the catalyst in bringing about her destruction. Who will survive? Will America be rebuilt and return to her former glory? Or will she turn into something quite different than the Founding Fathers dreamed of? Something ugly-Something evil.

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    The Danger of Passivity

    in Christianity

    How many times have Christians calmly said "What will be will be?" This "que sera sera" attitude breeds the seed of deception by evil spirits. The word says for us to be sober, viligant; because your adversary the devil,  as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. Many believers have given ground to the enemy through passivity thereby enabling evil spirits to deceive and influence any part of his being that has become passive. We should always be seeking Truth and drawing closer to God through His word. This message is a necessary warning to awaken the Church to actively  press into the spiritual laws that govern the Christian life.

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    in Religion