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    11272015 Ask for the Old Paths.

    in Religion

    Join Bro. J.O. Sparks at 11:00 PM(EST) as he preaches a message titled, "Ask for the Old Paths." We all on our journey for Jesus, encounter a crossroads in our life, a point in time where we come to a spiritual fork in the road. We each are given the opportunity to go anyway we so desire, but in Jeremiah 6:16, God tells us to ask Him for the "Old Paths" where is the good way. We are commanded to follow peace with all men and Holiness without the which no man shall see the Lord(Hebrews 12:14). The old path is the right path, the straight gate, the narrow path that leads to life. So many false prophets bewitching people through religious sorcery causing them to be lost. Today as we stand together at the crossroads, may we choose the Old Paths there we will find rest for our souls in the Holy Ghost. 

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    The Purpose of Hell; Invaders of Hell; Where will You Spent Eternity Reboardcast

    in The Bible

     Problem: Many churches have taken out the part about Hell. Why? they have many reasons and all the reason are not of God. Why? Because God wants all to know that there is a price to pay for rejecting Jesus Christ.  There is a penalty for sin, for going your own way. For living unto yourself. He also wants people to know there is a price for disobedient to His commands.    Mat. 7:13.... Enter ye in by the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many are they that enter in thereby.

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    The Trade Rumors Heat Up As The Isles Cool Down: The Sound Off Show

    in Hockey

    Trade rumors are now a fever pitch over Travis Hamonic. Meanwhile the Isles just marked their first losing 10 game increment this season. Fans are not happy. Time to sound off. 

    We open the lines for the first time to fans to sound off on the Hamonic rumors as well as the state of the Isles. 


    Hold onto your hats, ladies and gents!


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    Outa da Park

    in Sports

    Outa da Park / November 23rd

    Jerry Chiles discuss Major League Baseball topics at 9pm ET / 6pm PT


    * Leonys Martin joining Mariners in trade

    * Willie Mays and Yogi Berra among 17 named to receive Medal of Freedom

    * Carlos Correa wins AL Rookie of the Year

    * Kris Bryant named NL Rookie of the Year

    * Phillies acquire Jeremy Hellickson from Diamondbacks for prospect

    * Padres trade Craig Kimbrel to Red Sox for prospects

    * Dodgers narrow managerial search

    * Marco Estrada sign deal with Blue Jays

    * Cubs season-ticket prices rise by average of 10.4%

    * Joe Maddon named NLs Manager of the Year

    * Jeff Banister named AL Manager of the Year

    * Tigers trade for Francisco Rodriguez

    * Dallas Keuchel wins AL Cy Young Award

    * Jake Arrieta wins NL Cy Young Award

    * Josh Donaldson wins AL MVP

    * Bryce Harper wins NL MVP

    www.SportzAddix.com 646-378-1303

  • DOUBLE STANDARDS on Gut Level Talk - Radio

    in Entertainment

    In the male female tug of war that's every day life, there double standards. There's stuff that you can get away with cuz you have a , that guys can't get away with. There's stuff that you can get away with as a man that woman can't get away with because they are women. As much as people question and hate double standards they exist now always have and always will. So this Sunday  Kiy Neal is going to be on vacation. So we are going in and talking about all the most narrow minded sexist crazy double standards and talk to people who support them. It's gonna be a party. 

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    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Found Its Tigris in Eugenie Bondurant

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Eugenie Bondurant. 

    Her career began gracing the runways; from New York to Paris and has now landed the fan favorite featured role ‘Tigris’ in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2.


    At 6’-1”, with knife-blade cheekbones, Bondurant, was “discovered” after a bout with cancer left her looking especially exotic and androgynous.  She was soon a working model in the U.S. and Europe. During her career as a model, she was promoted by her agents as androgynous which then followed her into her acting career.  She’s played male transvestites, a bio-mechanical warriors, Dominatrix, to a quirky unemployed rodent lover.  She created a string of bizarre characters in TV and film – including Fight Club (with Ed Norton), Saturday Night Live(with Madonna and Mike Myers). She tossed around comedian Gene Wilder while playing Alice Cooper’s favorite Dominatrix on the TV series Something Wilder. And on HBO’s Arliss, she played a transvestite who lured a strait-laced athlete into a night of sin. In the indie feature, Donald and Dot Clock, her character bonded with a house-full of rodents. 


    She is also a cabaret singer, appearing in the American Songbook Series with Paul Wilborn and Blue Roses and a founder of The Radio Theater Project (www.radiotheater.org).

    A well-known On-Camera and Meisner acting coach, Bondurant, is a staff member at the prestigious Patel Conservatory in Tampa, Fl. 


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    Shredding Metal Beasts

    in Film

    67th intense metal show, which tonight's broadcast is dedicated to the metal fans and bands of both in the city of Paris and other towns in France. Our entire second hour of the show features doom, death, grindcore and black metal. When we heard of the attack, our thoughts go out to all damaged by this hideous action. It is just more of narrow-minded individuals blinded by religion, unable to handle the understanding, that we all have freedoms, to live and be the way we want! We moved the other show we had in place to #68, and design this one immediately. This show is not backing away from being offensive, more of it!

    We are seeking the largest and highest number of listeners and views ever to show the support of the metal community!

    The playlist can be found on Shredding Metal Beasts: https://www.facebook.com/Shredding-Metal-Beasts-675259772549628/

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    "The Answer is Liberty" on "A Muslim and A Catholic Wake Up in 'Merica"

    in Politics

    Whatever the question, the answer is Liberty

    Accomplished author and radio/TV host Dave Champion will join Isa & Common Cal in a discussion of what it is going to take to return Liberty, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness to their true meaning and rightful place in this nation.
    Dave is a published author, having written the complete and definitive work demonstrating (through the law) the very narrow and limited application of the income tax. (Hint: Most Americans don’t owe any!) The book, entitled “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths”
    Dave is also a public speaker and teacher, having given speeches on numerous subjects, including the income tax, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, the 14th Amendment, and the 16th Amendment.
    Dave works tirelessly against the sick and destructive agenda of Leftists and other Statists. He believes that the Leftist/Statist agenda can only prevail where lies are allowed to flourish and are accepted. And the best antiseptic for the infection of lies is the bright warm light of truth. It is this bright warm light of truth that Dave brings to America every week!
    As the discussion enters the second hour, hopefully, Isa and Common Cal can get Dave to stick around, to help tackle the question: Would closing our boarders help or is it already too late? And what ramifications would there be if we did?
    Reclaiming our Nation one truth at a time on A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica. Tuesday night 8:00 PM EST/5:00 PM PST. Broadcast live at wakeupinmerica.com, jrevradio.com and on Coffee Party USA Radio Network.

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    LIVE! with Cathi---The lure of Travel!

    in Fitness


    I love Vivaldi's FOUR SEASONS.  Even though we're into fall it doesn't mean we have to curtail our desire to travel and you just may want to go beyond your bucket list of places and sites you want to discover.

    The world is filled with intriguing cities, beutiful sites and historic places that are a wonder to behold.  But how do you narrow the field when thinking about a special out-of-this world trip?

    How about a trip that's a bit off the beaten track.


    The choice is yours...etc.

    Cambodia, the 12th century...etc.

    Dark Hedges of Northern Ireland...etc.

    Thailand, the Grand Palace...etc.

    Argentina, beautiful waterfalls...etc.

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    in Entertainment

    Brian McMillian
    USAF security forces and medic Level 1 CrossFit Trainer Licensed Nutritional Therapist
    CrossFit Football certified (specialized) strength and conditioning towards the power athlete .ISSA Strength And Conditioning Specialist
    ISSA Personal Fitness Trainer.Certified CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Coach.CrossFit Striker certified (specialized)
    Amateur and Pro Mma coaching experience.10 years experience in coaching and fitness related fields.
    Over 12500 hours coaching and implementing CrossFit.Develops all plans and programming associated with weight loss, restorative health, exeecuse programming and BHRT advisement.
    Plans and programming for personal training studio, wellness consultation, hormone therapy, anti aging. Adheres strictly to protocol and designs educational system to ensure accountability..Responsible for athletic daily programing around self designed strength and Conditioning program. Monitors athlete nutritional intake and micronutrients.

    Ross Delafield was born and raised in New York City, spending the majority of his childhood in the Big Apple before his family relocated to northern Virginia. Ross would attend Loudoun County High School.A walk across the United States was the daunting idea – 2,700 miles from Camp Pendleton, CA to Washington, DC, all to raise awareness for their wounded brothers and sisters in arms.

    Bedlam Boys

    Members: Pennsylvania Mike - Vox / Guitar Ben Souders - Banjo Chris Strait - Lead Guitar Les Beatty - Drums Dylan Miller - Mandolin Preston Lane - Bass Steve Worall - Harmonica Fat Frank - Hound Dog

    Genre: Country, Roots, Blues, Americana, Punk, Rock.

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    CHAMBER OF PRAYER - Abundant Life

    in Spirituality

    Today, my perspective on everything expands.  I am able to see things  from the height of the eagle’s flight and just as clearly.  Light shines so pervasively that I am able to see clearly how everything fits together.  I am no longer stuck with a narrow view of the Universe.  Instead, I perceive the oak in the acorn. I see the wo-man in the infant; I see the completed project in the first glimmer of an idea, and I see the sun in the substances of the earth.  I see each molecule of water as it bonds with others to form the vast oceans. I see purpose in every challenge and Love in the center of any experience of anger and hurt.  Today, Divine Intelligence expands my universe of thought and I see a Universe of Infinite Abundance. Today I realize the Unlimited Supply that is ever unfolding in the Universe of my Life. Prosperity is mine. Abundance is here for each one of us always and in all ways. The whole Universe is here for me now and forever. The Universe with all of Its resources is here for my use -- for the use of everyone of us. The mountains are mine to climb. The oceans are mine to sail. The sky is mine to fly safely in. The ground is mine to walk upon, to dig into for food and gold, and to build upon. The territory of my awareness is now expanded and I see abundnce all around me and it is here for me. It is here for all of us to use. Hallelujah!