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    Grilliant Ideas Radio-Food News & Commentary From Around The Globe

    in Food

    Welcome to Another Episode of Grilliant Ideas Radio

    Twice a Month we span the globe to find you new and exciting news about the Food World! Listen in and you may learn a few things and hopefully get some laughs along the way! Laury, Brian, and Grill put their own style of spin and commentary on the food news and current events!

    This week, Brian is back from Austria, and he will be sharing some of his wine and culinary adventures there, along with our normal Food news stories!

    Eat, Drink, and Be Grilliant!

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    Bridgit's Garden: Creating Sacred Space

    in Spirituality

    Bridgit's Garden resides in two places in Eire. These are sacred groves, gardens, wells, and spaces. Peru also holds a sacred garden-the Chakra garden. There are many around the world for purposes of healing, manifestation, and connection. Join your hosts, Grant and Melissa Virtue as they discuss these gardens and how they relate to you. They will offer ideas on creating your own sacred space or garden for your home, healing, abundance, and magic.

    Join in the live chat room or call into the show!

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    Spirited Paranormal - Looks at the Human Aura

    in Paranormal

    The human heart emits electromagnetic fields which changes depending on the emotions that you feel. This electromagnetic field is what is also known as the Human Aura. In this weeks show we will be exploring  the human aura and what can affect it both positively or negatively. We also look into Aura photography,its origns  as well as discussing colours and thier meanings, touching on colour therapy. as well exploring scienticfic concepts and experiments. 

    Following on from this we discuss Crystals and their affect on the human aura. All in all it will be another really interesting show packed full of information and new ideas.


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    Exit Coach Radio

    in Management

    Join Bill Black as he interviews top Advisors, Authors and Thought Leaders for their tips, ideas and precautions so you and your business can be well planned.

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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes The Writing Corner!

    in Entertainment

    Hello Everyone!

    Today join in (The Writing Corner)...as Author CP Bialois gives tips and techniques that can be used by all who takes the craft of writing seriously.The novice gains needed guidance on getting their ideas down on paper and producing a strong first draft.The more experienced writer receives tips on how to polish that manuscript.

    ABOUT AUTHOR CP BIALOIS: CP Bialois completed his first full-length novel, Call of Poseidon, in 2007. Armed with a finished product, Bialois began working on another book, The Sword and the Flame, unsure of what he would ultimately be doing with either.

    As with many others in the later part of the first decade of the 2000’s, he found himself out of work and looking into new options. Over the next two years, he would spend most days at the library, completing an additional half-dozen works..

    CP Bialois is also active in several South Florida writing groups, as well as the online writercommunity.

    Contact: Website http://cpbialois.webs.com/

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    Take an Ax to It!

    in Religion

    Living into the life you want might take some hard work....Spring lends itself to the easy metaphor of planting seeds in our life and watching them grow into beautiful plants. We plants seeds with our ideas all the time--about what's possible and what we can tolerate and who we are. Even the most unproductive of our beliefs can end up having deep roots. How do you get rid of a thought or belief or way of understanding that is so entrenched? Take an ax to it! Let me share lessons learned from the perennial garden on the spiritual practice of uprooting the thoughts that keep us from living into the life we truly desire.

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    It’s the End of the World? Let’s Go to Mars!

    in Education

    Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon discuss why the end may be near. is it time to book passage to Mars?

    How virtual reality can save humanity

    Truc de Ouf's Gentry Lane says society is losing its humanity, but a powerful storytelling tool like VR can help revive it.

    Panarchy 101, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Global Collapse

    Like air moving from one balloon into another, the collapse of an archaic system actively drives the emergence of a new system. 

    How to Solve a Mass Extinction Event

    Human Extinction Isn't That Unlikely
    “A typical person is more than five times as likely to die in an extinction event as in a car crash,” says a new report

    SpaceX may have just changed the world with a tweet.

    It began with a Tweet. On Wednesday, April 27, SpaceX posted two photos on Twitter, announcing plans to send a Red Dragon space capsule to Mars "as soon as 2018."

    Terraforming Mars: Turning the Red Planet Green 

    Join us

    WT 158-464

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    It's #NeverTrump and I'm Going To Tell You Why

    in Politics Conservative

    Trump is a xenophobic cretin whose few consistent ideas are patently absurd and whose rhetoric is part calculated rabble-rousing, part impulsivity. The “he’s better than the others” line of thinking is gaining ground rapidly, as evinced by his ever growing base, particularly among centrist Republicans and far leftists. I think it’s potentially tragically mistaken.


    As Mitt Romney said, Trump’s imagination must not be married to real power. Ted Cruz has a deep understanding of, and respect for, the Constitution. And I trust him as Commander in Chief long before I’d consider trusting someone like Donald Trump.

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    Boundries and the Illusion of Seperation

    in Spirituality

    Why do we st boundaries? Why is it that we experience seperation in most aspects of our lives? Is it possible that these two ideas go hand in hand? What are boundaries in the first place? There are indeed moments when boundaries are suitable and there are times when they are not. Boundaries is what the entire world of today is based on. This is my border and that is yours and you may not coss it with out permission. What ever happened to the idea of a free world of a free person? Could it be bound in the idea of bounderies? To that I am not sure for everyone. As stated boundaries may be useful and just as an example in the work a day world yes but in the personal context I would say no not at all. Boundareies create the illusion of seperation which removes the idea of oneness. Consider this that is that we are all human beings so does that not make us all one family? Indeed it does for we all feel the same things and think the same idea's in some fashion. Due to boundaries we do not trust each other and belive that we all feel differently yet we do not. Is not sadness simply sadness and do we not all feel the same thing? That response is indeed we are all one and we are all in the same experience so why build bounderies. This and way so much more on this show with Liara and Steven join in on the conversation. What do you choose in life? 718-664-9735 is the call in number, Shanti.

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    Shroom Tyme With Ryk & Jake

    in Entertainment

    What an incredible first run of ShroomTyme! Thank you so much to everyone that has called in, been our guest and have supported us by listening and spreading the good word! We are taking a small summer vacation and will return soon with new guests, new segments, and a new format! We want to center the show around you, the listener and we already have some great ideas! We are also working on our web site which will be much more interactive, and have content that deals with the love we all have with Pop Culture!

    On behalf of Jake and myself, Thank you again for all your love, support, and good vibes! We could not have done this show without all of you!

    Don't forget to call in tonight to share your thoughts, and ideas! We go live at 9pm est. and the number to dial is (929) 477-4081!

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