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    Storytelling and Circles of the Spirit

    in Spirituality

    Join Sharon, Sue and Jim as they share some stories from the elders and invite the listeners to do the same. Stories of the circle - the circle of life, growth, evolution and relationships. Stories are fun and entertaining, but all carry teachings as well. Some traditional Native American stories will be shared - but stories from around the globe will be welcomed. And we will talk some about the relationship of stories from around the world with the growth of spiritual circles.

    Storytelling - Ciracle Radio show this Wednesday, 6/4/14 at 1 PM MST, noon PST, 3 PM EST, 8 PM London and 10 PM Israel time.

    All the Ciracle Radio shows are now grouped around the changes in manifesting the New Earth - relationships, teaching of the elders, spirit guides and working with the Earth Mother and Earth’s creatures. Together we grow. Be a part.

    Don't forget to bring an open heart and mind.

    All the Ciracle Radio shows are now grouped around the changes in manifesting the New Earth - relationships, teaching of the elders, spirit guides and working with the Earth Mother and Earth’s creatures. Together we grow. Be a part.

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    How to Use Storytelling to Save the Day

    in Technology

    Do you wish there was a way to build credibility and differentiate your company's products or services from your competition's? Are you looking for ways that share what makes you special? What about hightlighting unique attributes about your products or services? If you've been struggling to come up with an easy, cost-effective way to get your message across, then this show is for you.  Storytelling has been around for hundreds of thousands of years, but it wasn't until recently that technology made it possible for the average person to create their own online storytelling production that is professional and compelling. 

    This episode will cover the many new and innovative way any business can tell their stories online. We'll provide many easy-to-use tools and techniques to help you generate ideas, layout your stories, produce them and -- most importantly -- get your key messages out. If you're ready take your storytelling message to the next level, tune in to this week's episode of "Working The Web to Win," where you'll learn new and innovative ways of "How to Use Storytelling to Save The Day."

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    BeSimply...Dreams {Storytelling}

    in Dreams

    Join 'She' for a segment where she will inspire the mind's eye to imagine and engage in a relationship with mother nature.  Exploring the traditions and revealing new ways of celebrating the winter season. She will engage you in a dream of preservation, conservation, and regeneration of storytelling.

    Shining a LIGHT on Book of Hopi by Frank Waters

    Music by Elizaveta Song Storyteller

    Food Alchemy with 'She'

    Suzanne Toro

    Bare Naked Bliss

    Sessions with 'She'

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    Career Storytelling with Randall Hansen Founder Job Action Day 2014

    in Business

    Job Action Day 2014 is all about empowering job-seekers with the power of storytelling for career and job-search success. It is an annual event (since 2008) for all job-seekers and workers to take stock of their situations and make plans and/or take action steps to improve their careers.

    This years theme is how job-seekers can use storytelling and compelling narratives in numerous situations -- from networking to interviewing, including such tools as the Elevator Speech (Pitch), LinkedIn profile, resumes and cover letters, and much more

    The 7th annual Job Action Day 2014 Founder Randall Hansen of Quintessential Careers joins me to dicuss, career storytelling and the expert and empowering articles, tips, and blog posts that give job-seekers information, ideas, and concrete steps to harness the power of story and create a unique and power narrative that will propel their careers forward.

    Job Action Day was established by Quintessential Careers, the Web's leading career site, as an annual event that brings together career experts and bloggers to provide the most relevant advice to job-seekers and workers.

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    What's YOUR Story? - Storytelling for Healing, Change, and Growth

    in Women

    What's YOUR Story? 

    Certified Transformational Life Coaches Ingrid Sthare and Vicy Wilkinson share an interactive mini-class about one of our favorite things:  Storytelling.

    Goal:  Engage with storytelling from the perspective that it's useful for healing, change, and growth. 

    From Narrative Therapy to Healing stories to storytelling to increase the bonds between ourselves and other human beings, our podcast tonight is a follow-up opportunity to share stories and talk about how stories make up who we are after this week's popular Meetup.   

    We'll talk about some key factors like the effect of stories on our perceptions and perspectives, stories as creative force, understanding our strengths and admired qualities in others, narrating the past and our connections to it, learning, and the "magic" of stories to reveal our metaphorical insides... and how stories can even act as crystal balls that show us or even create our futures.  

    You can learn more about our story at http://www.completelifecoaching.com/. 

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    STORYTELLING with Novelist and Screenwriter Thomas B. Sawyer

    in Moms and Family

    Would you like to learn how to become a captivating storyteller?

    Would you like to compose a story that engages the readers with attitude?

    Novelist, screenwriter, playwright, Thomas B. Sawyer, was Head Writer/Showrunner of the classic CBS series, Murder, She Wrote, for which he wrote 24 episodes. Edgar & Emmy-nominated, Thomas wrote, directed and produced the cult film comedy, Gosh Alice Goodbody. His documentary, Reunion, was honored by the New York Film Festival, the Rochester and Edinburgh Festivals, and received national theatrical release.

    His first novel: the bestselling conspiracy thriller about the JFK assassination, The Sixteenth Man. Tom's second thriller, the bestselling No Place to Run, deals with the conspiracy behind 9/11. 

    Join Thomas B. Sawyer and me on Tuesday, September 16, 10-11 A.M. CT US, as we discuss the art of storytelling and his latest mystery/thriller novel, Cross Purposes.

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    Power of Storytelling

    in Health

    We're big fans of TED Talks. These talks have inspired many interesting conversations among our friends and family. Storytelling is a very powerful and provacative way to inspire the human spirit.
    Last Friday, October 11, 2013, our very own Lori Guth Moffett had the opportunity to speak at TEDx Columbus. She gave the talk of her lifetime called, The Power of Touch. Inspired by one man's story she met while working in hospice.It was a holy moment.
    Lori will share what she learned and how she grew from this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

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    The Impact of Digital Storytelling - It's Ubiquitous!!

    in Education

    Our guest - Jim Jorstad  a leading force in the innovative and effective use of technology and media for over twenty years. He currently is the Director of Academic Technologies at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Jim is responsible for integrating technology into teaching and learning, the creation and strategic dissemination of social and rich media, learning space design, emerging technologies, and involved in diverse innovative technology projects. He is a frequent lecturer and consultant for universities, organizations, and companies worldwide. Jim is a technologist, global journalist and film maker with his work appearing in major news outlets including CNN, MSNBC, Forbes, NPR, and numerous blogs. . His main blog, the Learning Space, is covered by 85 countries.             

    **Art work by: Giselle Chow: Graphic facilitator, graphic recorder, visual thinker. Designing participatory change processes.

    Photos taken @ EDUCAUSE Conference in Orland, FL  - October/2014

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    Masting the Art of Storytelling

    in Motivation

    Today, storytelling is wildly popular. It’s seen as the key to succeeding in business, strengthening organisational culture, and drumming up support for advocacy and campaigns. But why is that? The first reason is obvious: climate change, inequality, violence and other challenges can’t be solved by doing more of the same. We need new narratives that connect with people’s deepest motivations and promote more radical action. Stories engage people at every level – not just in their minds but in their emotions, values and imaginations, which are the drivers of real change. So if we want to transform society, we must learn to tell – and listen to – a new set of stories about the world we want to create.

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    Storytelling in the Digital Age | Brad Lea & Julie Roehm

    in Business

    To remain at the top of their game and boost their companies’ relevancy and sustainability, constant learning has become a necessity for those in executive roles. The C-Suite Network will soon launch a unique, interactive online learning experience exclusive to C-Level leaders. To power this program, the C-Suite Network sought out a company that is top in educational innovation.

    Our first guest, Brad Lea, is the founder and CEO of Lightspeed VT, an interactive online educational system. Brad’s company offers business executives the opportunity to learn from top thought leaders and subject matter experts while utilizing the latest interactive, choose-your-own adventure-style technology. Brad founded his company after spending years traveling the country training others. He took his knowledge and sales expertise to the digital space, embracing other business experts and offering them a platform to share their skills and wisdom with others.

    Alongside this technological interactivity, the C-Suite is quickly learning the value of storytelling in engaging their teams and customers. Our second guest, Julie Roehm, Chief Storyteller and SVP of Marketing at SAP, has firsthand experience understanding the value of a great story in business. Telling stories gives the customer a voice, and it allows C-Suite leaders to understand their unique challenges and problems. Stories illustrate the factors that make organizations and their customers stand out, and it can help leaders provide standout services that benefit the greater good.

    Successful companies always have an intriguing and inspiring story to tell. From Apple to TOMS Shoes, leaders across the world are well-versed in these tales of turning visionary ideas into powerful businesses that have transformed society. It is now the duty of C-Suite leaders to create their own stories and share them with others in our own unique voices.

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    Storytelling, Grandma Spider

    in Self Help

    The theme of this story is unlikley heroes.  According to Crimmens, P. (2006) it is based on a Native American Indian story that was meant to explain the evolving features of animals. I am sharing the story as retold by Crimmens. She changed the names of the animals to those that would be more familiar to broader populations.

    As you listen to the story see if you identify with any of the  charachters.

    Were you able to  relate this story to any of your real life situations?

    If so, did this story help you to decide to do things differently if ever in a relatable situation?

    Please let us know here and at StoryBizCoach.com

    Tell to Attract,


    Crimmens, P. (2006) Drama therapy and story making in special education. Jessica Kingsley Publishers. London, UK. ISBN: 1 84310 391 3

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