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    Profile:Steve Lumley/Layout Supervisor/Animator/Emmy Nom/The Iron Giant

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    Steve Lumley animation career in Sydney at Hanna-Barbera Australia as a layout artist moving quickly to layout supervisor.Bill Hanna (Hanna-Barbera) was very involved in the Sydney studio nurturing the crew making his cartoons for the Saturday Morning slate in the US and after a few seasons and with Bill’s blessing he was made Creative Director and set up a division within the studio to develop and produce long form ‘Specials’ for the US market working parallel with the Saturday Morning crew. He produced and directed several long form programs for the ABC and CBS networks earning a Daytime Emmy nomination. Realizing the needs of the local Corporate and Advertising industries he left H-B and partnered in a studio Moving Ideas to produce Storyboards and Animatics for TV commercials both animation and live action as well as documentaries. After several years in the fast paced Advertising world he was approached and hired to set up Southern Star Animation Studio to produce pre-production material for the US market. During this time he was also instrumental in restructuring studios in Manila, China and Hong Kong. Also, contributing to art/animation curriculums at 2 major colleges in Australia. He was worked extensively at Warner Brothers, Dreamworks and with George Lucas at LucasFilm. You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.Follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    To Your Journey-"It's what you make of it"

    in Lifestyle

    Writer/producer - Krystle Hickman - www.imdb.com/name/nm4479410/
    Krystle is originally from Omaha, NE. She moved to Los Angeles for the diversity and to expand her creative horizons. Currently, she is dividing her time between writing, video editing and one of her most significant gifts of creating artwork through storyboard drawings. Unique pencil art based on film characters throughout film and entertainment. Examples: www.youtube.com/user/kcrazziii

    Director - Ruth N. West - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4706900/
    Ruth studied directing and graduated as valedictorian from the Los Angeles Film School. She has since then directed three short films: “Typical”, a comedy about a dog sitter’s day; “Moth”, a horror drama about a man losing his sanity; “You’ve Got Mail”, a blond joke about a young lady trying to check her mail. Ruth is always bursting with new film ideas. Many of which she has prepared in booklets, containing character breakdowns, storyboards, concept pictures, and blocking diagrams. For whenever the opportunity arises, she is already prepared to begin production on her next adventure.

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    39 - Clone Wars Artist Vaughn Ross Talks Lucas Animation With Us!!

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    We're all super excited about the new Star Wars Rebels TV series ... and none more excited than Danimator's old buddy! See, Vaughn missed out on all the hype for Clone Wars, because he was involved in it as a storyboard artist before anyone could even guess what it was gonna be about! But not this time, man. We're ALL about the hype and it's gonna be a blast hangin' out and imagining what the heck is gonna go down ... on "REBELS!!" "Rebels!" Yeah, Rebels!" "Haha ... rebels"

    We'll also re-visit his Clone Wars experience, get retro about the old college and Wild Brain days. Plus, talk about a certain commercial he worked on that Biff will ... "Go Lion" over ... I mean crazy. BIff is crazy. 

    More on V check out his website ... vaughnross.com/

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    Learn basics of filmmaking with storyboard artist Mark Simon! INTERVIEW

    in Pop Culture

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    Do you want to be a writer?

    in Entertainment

    Join Candi and Teresa as they continue their series on becoming a published author. This fantastic duo will share the writing process with you. No matter what genre you are writing in, you can use the same basic guidelines to start your next great novel.   This week we talk about story boarding and the importance of visualizing your book. While this process can be time consuming and intricate, many large studios use this technique to develop films.

    Storyboards are also used for books, businesses, ineractive media, and more. Most novelist write their books in scenes rather than chapters. Storyboarding is a creative way to define the scene before it is written.

    The exclusive story written by Candi and Teresa will continue to be told in this episode.

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    Guest:John Coven/Storyboard Artist/Jurassic World

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    Over the past twenty-three years John Coven has storyboarded more than sixty featurefilms including, The Wolverine, The Muppets, The Green Hornet, 3:10 To Yuma, XMen,
    Walk the Line, The Usual Suspects, and Reality Bites. He’s created storyboards for visionary directors such as Bryan Singer, Michel Gondry, James Mangold, Ben Stiller, Wim Wenders, and Bruce Beresford. Upcoming films he’s storyboarded include,Godzilla, Dracula and The Muppets Most Wanted. He’s currently storybording ananimated film for Warner Brothers’ new animated feature division.
    For ten years John taught storyboarding, entertainment design, illustration, and digital
    filmmaking in Los Angeles at the Art Center College of Design, The Otis College of Art
    and Design, and the Gnomen School of Visual Effects. After graduating from the College of William and Mary in Virginia, John attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and graduated with a degree in illustration from the Ecole National des Arts Decoratifs in Strasbourg, France.You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com Link: www.123FilmEasy.com. Follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    Dearly Departed: The Near Death Experience: Darryl Anka

    in Spirituality

    Darryl Anka -CEO of Zia Films, talks about his newest award winning film - Dearly Departed.
    Well known in major hollywood motion pictures with over 30 years of experience In miniature effects, storyboards, sets and designs on three Star Trek films, Iron Man, The Aviator, Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End, I Robot, Live Free Or Die Hard among others.
    Dearly Departed is a Fictional documentary, but the characters and dialogue are based on reports of actual near-death experiences, providing a possible glimpse of what may await us in the afterlife.
    "Powerful. Moving." Barnet Bain - Producer: What Dreams May Come "Sublimely elegant. A light but firm directorial hand."  Marty Hornstein - Executive Producer: Star Trek: First Contact
    Zia Films' mission is to create movies that excite, engage and inspire the heart, mind and spirit.
    Visit   http://ziafilms.com  
    Connect with Deb on:  Twitter @GreenSkyDeb & Website

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    Masterclass:Craig Gilmore/Illustrator/Prisoner/Hugh Jackman

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    Craig Gilmore is a veteran live action storyboard and conceptual illustrator. He started his professional career in 1989 after college, working in the comic book field as an illustrator, inker and painter for Marvel and DC Comics on major publications such as "Morbius, the living vampire", "Justice League international", "Aquaman" and many others. He transitioned into the 2d animation industry doing storyboards, in-between, and key animation as well as direction for various spots for Cartoon Network. He then transitioned again into a successful career for many years in the video game industry doing cinemati storyboards, concept illustration, and 3d character animation for major publishers Sony Computer Entertainment, Ubisoft and THQ Publishing among others. During his time in video games, Craig started freelancing producing storyboards and concept illustration for the motion picture and television industry and has since focused solely on that work, which is the industry he feels most at home and the place he can contribute the most creatively. It is the culmination of all of his experience and talents honed and focused into a lifelong love of pure visual storytelling. You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com Link: www.123FilmEasy.com. Follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    Guest:Mitch Glaser /Visual Effects Editor/Prometheus

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    As a first-­-class Visual Effects Editor, Mitch Glaser is proud to have helped countless filmmakers bring their vision to life as creative storyteller and all-­-round technical expert. Mitch’s extensive experience assembling complex visual-­-effects scenes from storyboards, animatics and pre-­-vis to finessing the final cut sequences has earned a place for him as a key member of both the Editorial and Visual Effects creative teams. Mitch’s visual-­-effects editing career took off and he has since had the opportunity to work on many great projects at Digital Domain and ScanLine VFX, as well as Relativity Media, HBO and 20th Century Fox. His time at Digital Domain included the projects “Flags of Our Fathers” and “Letters from Iwo Jima” that provided the opportunity to work with Clint Eastwood and his team. This introduction led to another of Clint’s films and an opportunity to work with his creative team and Mitch’s colleagues at Scanline on the massive tsunami sequence of "Hereafter.” Mitch played a key role in cutting the final sequence.Among other outstanding moments is HBO's "The Pacific,” developed by Tony To. The 10-­-Part Series had approximately 1,200 shots with plenty of VFX scene development, shot turnovers and final note contributions. Ridley Scott’s "Prometheus," Mitch’s latest achievement where he worked with Ridley Scott and Aand worked on over  1,300 shots and several sequences. You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com Link: www.123FilmEasy.com. Follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    Joy Keys chats with Film Illustrator David Russell

    in Art

    Exhibiting the sensitivity which guided him throughout the lengthy process of developing Red Tails, George Lucas invited illustrator David Russell in 2008 to design key action sequences in the film, including the powerful opening attack scene.  Russell, whose father James C. Russell was a decorated Tuskegee Airman, was understandably thrilled to work on the production.  In designing these sequences Russell wanted to make the viewers feel they were “in the cockpit”, and brought his considerable storytelling abilities to bear, enhanced by his father’s exciting wartime experiences.  And the Seattle Post Intelligencer critic Tim Hall writes: “What does work for Red Tails is the intense action sequences. Each dogfight puts you right in the cockpit with the pilots.”The Variety senior film critic Peter Debruge described these airborne scenes as “dazzling.”  
    Lucas gave David Russell his first industry break on Return of the Jedi.  Russell went on to become one of top Hollywood concept and storyboard illustrators.  A master of visual storytelling, his remarkable list of credits includes Paradise Lost, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Voyage of the Dawn Treader, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Moulin Rouge, Master and Commander, The Thin Red Line, Tombstone, Terminator2: Judgement Day, Batman and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.  
    In 1985, Russell became the first African-American to be admitted to the Illustrator’s and Matte Artist’s Union, courtesy of Lucas’ good friend Steven Spielberg, who hired the artist on The Color Purple, another groundbreaking film.

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    Paul Sherman @PJSherman on UX & Product Management

    in Business

    Paul Sherman of ShermanUX Discusses The Role Of Personas, Design Briefs, Stories, Storyboards, And Wireframes In The Product Management Lifecycle Process 
    Paul says, "I’m excited to participate in the Global Product Management Talk because the disciplines of UX and PM need each other! Together they can guide Engineering and ensure that what is conceptualized is actually what is built.” 
    Background resources: http://bit.ly/JMpCew  Curated Content: http://bit.ly/xHe37N  Participate! http://bit.ly/eC3D09