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    Page Readers talks with Graham Storrs author of "Time Splash"

    in Books

    Join me when I talk with author Graham Storrs about his latest release, "Time Splash". Learn more about Graham at http://www.grahamstorrs.cantalibre.com

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    Under The Hoodies

    in Sports

    Join Mike Pesesky, Bill Keagle, and Brian Shipley every Wednesday night "Under the Hoodies" for their most unbiased, truthful and oftentimes colorful take on the sports world's hottest topics. Tonight, the guys take one final look at the national title game, and the improbable run by the UConn Huskies. The guys will examine the tournament seeding process; did the committee get it right? The guys will also examine pace of play in baseball and give their late predictions for the 2014 season.

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    Fastforward Radio with J. Storrs Hall

    in Science

    Accelerating technological development promises to impact every aspect of our lives -- how we work, how we play, how we interact with each other, how we view our lives and what they mean. We welcome futurist and technology visionary Dr. J. Storrs Hall back to FastForward Radio to discuss these issues. Recently selected to be the new president of the Foresight Institute, Dr. Hall is a scientist, entrepreneur, and prolific writer on nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, machine ethics, and other social impacts of technology.

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    Aquarium News - March 2013

    in Pets

    This month the Aquarium News is broadcast live from the Farmers Frag Market sponsored by the E.O. Smith Coral Project in Storrs, Connecticut.  Bill and Steve will also highlight upcoming events like the Tropical Fish Society of Rhode Island's Spring Auction and the 38th Annual NEC Convention, And the Ocean State Reef Conference.

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    Secular Sunday

    in Lifestyle

    Lectures, music and readings of classical literature designed to escape the bread and circus of spectator sport extravaganzas tjhat dominate American popular media.

    Note: There is a ten minute gap between the book discussion and the Libris Vox readings. I apologize for this delay.

    From the program summary by New Books Network host Marshall Poe:

    "Most people who listen to this podcast will have heard of Joseph McCarthy and HUAC (The House Committee on Un-American Activities). His activities and those of HUAC were, however, only the tip of a very large iceberg. In the 1940s and 1950s, the U.S. government conducted something like a “purge” of federal employees with leftist pasts. Thousands of federal workers were invested and hundreds (at least) were terminated. In The Second Red Scare and the Unmaking of the New Deal Left (Princeton UP, 2012), Landon Storrs tells this untold (and very disturbing) story. Listen in.

    The climactic section of Winston Churchill's The River War detailing the Battle of Omduran will be read by a Libris Vox volunteer today.  From a pertinent part of the books summary: 

    " ... The young Churchill was hot to gain war experience to aid his career, and so he wangled a transfer to the 21st Lancers and participated in the last successful cavalry charge the world ever saw, in the climactic battle of Omdurman. ... "

    Harpsichord music is provided by the kind permission of Joyce Har Lindorff.

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    Aquarium News February 2013

    in Pets

    Entering Ferbruary the Aquarium Hobby is in full swing with reports on several major events coming up in the Northeast.  Bill and Steve will recap various auctions, frag swaps, hobby events and recent store visits attended by the Aquarium news.  We will also talk about the launch of our new website at AquariumNews.net and some of the new features we will be rolling out there.   We will be discussing the details of the  3rd stage of the Tri-State Show in Chicopee, MA. on Feb. 17th.   Rich Peirce from the NEC will join us to discuss plans for the upcoming Tropical Fish Show at the NEC Convention in April. Rich will also be conducting a DIY  workshop at the convention.  The show will also feature an in-depth interview with Jon Swanson, MS. discussion the E.O. Smith Coral Project, an education based conservation project. Jon will also be talking about the project's upcoming Farmers Frag Market, in Storrs CT..  In it's sixth year the Farmers Frag Market has grown to become New England's biggest frag swap.

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    FastForward Radio with Guest J. Storrs Hall

    in Science

    Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon will talk live with nanotechnology visionary J. Storrs Hall about the future of nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, and how the concept of autogeny applies to both. Plus, you can bet there will be some talk of utility fog.

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    THIS IS IYANNA JONES w/Professor Roger N. Buckley

    in Entertainment

    Roger N. Buckley is Professor of History  and the founding director of the Asian American Studies Institute at the University of Connecticut, at its main campus at Storrs. He was born in New York City to immigrant parents from the Caribbean. He earned a Ph.D. in British Empire History from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.
    He began his professional career exploring the question of war and society in the British colonial empire of the 19th century. That work has involved extensive archival research. For example, the archival material for his major book, The British Army in the West Indies, was mined in thirty-nine different public archives spread over ten countries in North America, Europe and the Caribbean.
    His writing has entered a new phase in recent years. In an effort to bring his work to a larger more general audience, he has turned his attention to literary historical fiction and popular fiction. These works (which also include motion picture screen plays and eposodic  drama treatments for television) are all informed by his academic research.

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    The Award Winning Batchelor Pad show May 7th 2012

    in Sports

    Welcome to The Batchelor Pad where we give you "REAL TALK" about topics that affect ALL PEOPLE from a social, economical and racial standpoint! Big East Commissioner John Marinatto resigns.Vilma appeals suspension in Saints bounty.NBA/NHL Playoff recapsPlus breaking news, politics and music in between!Sports Trivia to win a prize!Guest: 7:15-Tom Donelson, Boxing Author, analyst and columnist for Black Athlete Sports Network and other media outlets-Topics: A look back at the Mayweather/Cotto fight this past weekend and other boxing news and notes.Listen live at: 646-929-0130.Interested in sponsoring the show, for employmet opportunites, internships or any oyher info, hit us up at labatchelor40@gmail.com  

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    WT2: The Material World Transformed

    in Technology

    The digital age has fundamentally transformed humanity's relationship with information. Through the advent of personal computer, Internet, smart phone, and social media technology, we have access to knowledge, to transactions, and to interpersonal communication that far transcends what was possible a few decades ago. The digitization of information has radically transformed almost every aspect of society -- from education to careers, from entertainment to personal relationships, rom child rearing to high finance.

    And yet the truly radical digital transformation has yet to come. Information was made digital through systems that arrange and precisely order patterns of electrons. What are the implications of coming systems that can can arrange and precisely order patterns of molecules?

    Nanotechnology promises to migrate the benefits of the digital age from information to material goods. The possibilities raised by this migration are enormous -- both the benefits and risks. The Center for Responsible Nanotechnology says:
    The next Industrial Revolution is right around the corner. Fourth generation nanotechnology — molecular manufacturing — will radically transform the world, and the people, of the early 21st century. Although nanotechnology carries great promise, unwise or malicious use could seriously threaten the survival of the human race.

    A panel of nanotechnology experts outline the opportunities, benefits, and risks that nanotechnology represents.

    Our panel:

    Christine Peterson
    J. Storrs Hall

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    ConferenceCast 36: 6/23/2011

    in Prayer

    The Rev. Susan Tarolli experienced the "reward of the prophet" last week, when she participated in the service of covenanting between the Storrs Korean Church and the Windham Association, welcoming that congregation into the United Church of Christ. As she reflects this week, that cannot be the end, but only the beginning, of a never-ending welcome for the people of that church and, indeed, all those who enter our churches. Conferees will soon be arriving at Silver Lake Conference Center, and you can hear just a few (this week; more coming!) of the voices that will be warmly welcoming them as they begin their week-long adventures of community, faith, and fun. General Synod starts next week, considering a number of important issues, and even rocking away to support new and renewing congregations.

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