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    H.M.E Radio Season 6 ep 36 Presents Stoke

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    Cottage Talk: Extra Time - Fulham vs. Stoke City

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    This is our Post-Match show of the Fulham 4-1 loss to Stoke City. We talked about the match that relegated the club and also talked about what Fulham need to get ready for their season in the Championship

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    Reveling in the Chelsea win and looking forward to Stoke

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    Do you know what was fun? Aston Villa beating Chelsea! Do you know what we can't stop talking about? Aston Villa beating Chelsea! And we know that many of you are feeling the same way, so come join us as we talk about Aston Villa beating Chelsea!

    We've also got talk of Leandro Bacuna and a look at this weekend's match against Stoke City. 

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    Recapping Aston Villa's miserable Stoke loss, preview Manchester United

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    We've got some post-mortem on Aston Villa's miserable 1-4 loss to Stoke last weekend. Then we turn our sights to this weekend's trip to Old Trafford. Can Villa get some surprising points?

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    Fulham vs. Stoke Preview

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    In this episode, we looked back at the 3-1 loss for Fulham against Sunderland at Craven Cottage.
    We also be previewed the upcoming match for Fulham against Stoke. Please do take a listen.

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    Fulham vs. Stoke Preview

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    In this episode, we previewed the match Saturday for Fulham against Stoke City at Craven Cottage. Please take a listen. 

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    Fulham vs Stoke Recap

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    We looked back at the 2-1 victory for Fulham against Stoke. We were joined by Jacob Murtagh who writes about Fulham for Trinity Mirror in the first half hour. In the second half hour we were joined by Tim Gelles who writes for Craven Cottage Newsround. Please do take a listen. 

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    Stoke the Fire

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    Introduction to "Stoke the Fire", a fabulous 6 week  teleseminar program with Australian powerhouse spiritual teacher, Suzy Meszoly, channeling the Master Teachers and respected American astrologer, Pamela Cucinell. For more info see www.stokethefire.info

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    The Ferguson Fallout Went National

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    It’s hard to find an uplifting angle on the events in Ferguson. Conservatives have drawn many familiar morals: that the media is ravenous for manufactured controversy, and will shamelessly exploit any tragedy to that end; that the Left will callously seize any opportunity to stoke racial tensions for political gain; that regrettable numbers of people prefer the satisfaction of rioting to the hard work of self-examination and community improvement.

    Here is the point, in a nutshell. Minorities and impoverished Americans feel screwed by the system. They feel like pawns in the hands of a massive, incomprehensible, frighteningly invasive, and callously unfeeling bureaucratic system. This, surely, is something conservatives can understand. Middle-class conservatives are angry and frustrated because they feel screwed by “the system.” Guess what? The angry residents of Ferguson (and their sympathizers) feel the same way. We may have more common ground than we realize.


    Rachel Lu has a PhD in philosophy from Cornell University and teaches at the University of St Thomas. Her non-academic work can be found in Touchstone Magazine, the Public Discourse and Crisis Magazine.

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    BDSIR Network Presents: No Foul Play

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    On today's edition of BDSIR Network Presents: No Foul Play, the English Premier is heating up on our way to the Christmas fixtures. Chelsea finally drops points in their first loss of the season, as Jose Mourinho since he has managed Chelsea, has been unable to defeat Newcastle United at St. James's Park. At Anfield, once again Liverpool has been stopped by Sunderland, whom have managed a draw against Chelsea last weekend, a loss to Manchester City, but bounced back against a struggling Liverpool. At the Britannia Stadium in Stoke, Arsenal were stunned by inconsistent Stoke City. After a two match winning streak from Arsenal, as well as stunning performances by Alexis Sanchez since joining the club from Barcelona, Arsenal have dropped 3 matches out of 5 by taking only 6 points out of a possible 15 transitioning into the Christmas period. At the Etihad Stadium, Manchester City continue their dominant form after their morale boost in the UEFA Champions League by beating Bayern Munich, and managing four wins out of five against Swansea, Sunderland, Southampton, and now, finally Everton. How will all these results coming into the busiest period is the Barclays Premier League heat up the title race into the New Year? Are Chelsea now really favorites, or can Manchester City or perhaps even Manchester United challenge Chelsea at the end of the season?

    We will also discuss all of the action in the Bundesliga as Borussia Dortmund finally take three points this past weekend, getting the team out of the relegation zone. However, it is still a long way for Dortmund to get back into par, and a dominant force in the Bundesliga. Bayern Munich continue to stride as well in the Bundesliga, and Wolfsburg continue to sum points. We will discuss La Liga, because Cristiano Ronaldo continues his excellent form. Also on the menu Serie A, Ligue 1, and the MLS Cup. All of this and more at 7:00 PM EST/12:00 AM UK. 347-637-3859 or tweet @BDSIRNOFOULPLAY.

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    Master of Puppets: DefCon FUBAR

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    DefCon FUBAR: subjects engage in an orgy of materialism in this season of Hope as the puppet masters stoke the fires of division, denigrate law and order, diplomacy and authentic defense while upholding militarism and economic control.

    Our system is predicated on natural rights, obligatory duties, democratic delegation and republican enumeration and limitation, recognizing the vicious nature of man and pitting power against power to foster liberty. We’ve allowed the push and pull between democratism and power consolidation to smash liberty on the anvil of socialism with the hammer of fascism. We are the puppets in a game rigged by the masters, and we have been conditioned to choose it while directing our angst at the ‘other side.' There is no other side-only liberty or tyranny.

    Corporatism is private oligarchs control over government. Yet, the most useful tool of control is the corporatism of the mind. The oligarchs are the Master of Puppets and we are caught between the hammer and the anvil, but the desire for liberty cannot be smashed without the consent of the governed.  Without puppets, there is no master.

    Tyranny is assured UNLESS liberty-loving people band together right now to restore Constitutional governance from your own neighborhood on up to dismantling the Welfare/Warfare Party. Restoring sound money, free markets, Constitutional Militia of the Several States, religious and civil liberties and a sensible foreign policy of non-interventionism; or watch the statists in both parties push their corporatist agenda to their benefit and our demise. To defeat the lawless hordes of Cultural Marxists, collectivists, oligarchs, useful idiots and fellow travelers especially the Democrat-socialists, first you MUST CRUSH the Neocons. . .for liberty!

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