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    Stock Talk Radio ...and Forex Trading

    in Finance

    Join your host Marcia Johnson with special guest Jay Lakhani from Bindal Forex. Jay is a renowned author and expert on forex. A full time professional trader, and a trading mentor. Jay regularly speaks at Seminars and forex workshops and his style of teaching is with "live" charts. Jay has done live Seminars in UK, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Dubai, and India. Often his live trading seminars produce over 100 pips very easily. Jay also authors artcles, video tutorials, and live Webinars for a number of Forex Companies. Jay has authored 2 ebooks " The Way To Trade Forex" and "Forex Mastery - A Child's Play".

    You are invited to join forexpedia, click on the following link; http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=535769681&ref=profile#/pages/forexpedia/118599038496?ref=mf Members of the forexpedia fan club will be invited to any free webinars and teleseminars, and also entitled to any Bindal FX special offers. Information about the Bindal Forex trading system can be found on our website; http://www.4x4u.net/ The BindalFx trading system is 80% accurate, if you correctly follow it. At Bindal FX live seminars, after a 2 day training, 1 full day is devoted to LIVE TRADING. Probably the only company to do this, we walk the talk. You can watch the Toronto Live Trading Seminar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGAh2ayzb_Y We believe that trading success is largely due to mental fitness and having a trading plan. We have prepared a free trading plan template. To receive this free template, kindly email us on skavitha@4x4u.net

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    Trading Drills That Will Soon Have You Trading Like A Pro!

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    Drills are used as an invaluable training tool by virtually every technical industry in existence. Ever activity that requires precision and pinpoint accuracy without thought is fostered via drills. Every professional area from the military, to airplane pilots, to athletes, to even school children preparing for a fire or earthquake uses drills to make proper action amidst the heat of real life situations automatic. Trading is no different. The developing trader can practice certain, well defined drills that will make him/her sharper, more precise, more exacting and alert when real market moments call for it. In this broadcast, Oliver Velez will divulge a number of the drills he uses to train some of his most elite traders.

    If you are serious about trading, you will not want to miss this broadcast which is scheduled Wednesday, December 23, 2015. Learn precisely what you can practice doing to make you a better, sharper trader, and ultimately a better, sharper everything.

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    Navigating the Trade - rcmMorningCall Trading the Equity Markets

    in Finance

    rcmTradingDesk - Your source for all aspects of trade navigation - From building trading systems to managing risk

    Co-Hosts Bret Rosenthal and Bill Jacobs breakdown in graphic detail actual trades occuring in real time and teachable moments of recent vintage. 

    Today's focus: Learn to trade using the rcmPriceMovementProfiler a propriatary volatility enhanced Fibonnaci and Average True Range trading tool. Listen to our live trading desk Morning Call as we prepare for the day and week ahead.

    After illustrating the key points of control on the 4 major index ETFs we trade (SPY, DIA,QQQ,IWM) we will reveal one of our favorite easy to execute VWAP trading strategies with a review of a SPY trade. Follow us on Twitter or Stocktwits to be aware of trades we post thought the day. 

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    Stock tutorial

    in Entrepreneur

    Continued discussion of stock investment tips and terms.

    Bonds and bond risks. How bonds diversify a portfolio.

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    Jen Stock, Owner of Jen Stock Designs/ Episode 8 Women Entrepreneur Series

    in Spirituality

    Join Tina & Jen Stock at 1pm weds. April 27th.  Phone lines will be open 516-387-1936.

    Jen Stock is a critically acclaimed jewelry designer known for spiritually inspired jewelry, all is handmade and weaves together elements from around the world with symbolic pieces that represent the balance between mind, body & soul.

    Jen’s pieces are inspired by her practice of yoga.  For over 25 years Jen  has taken what she practices on the mat for inspiration to create her pieces.  Each piece of jewelry is a symbol to be mindful in your day-to-day activities and to be aware of others and conscience of what you put out into the universe for your own well-being.

    Jen Stock has been designing jewelry for more than 20 years. 

    She began designing jewelry as an expression of her fashion sense, turning to her passion for yoga and studies in Anthropology for inspiration. Her clientele includes many celebrities, includingRihanna, Heidi Klum, Elaine Irwin, Gabby Bernstein, Swizz Beatz, Elena Brower, k.d. Lang, LL Cool J, Nelly Furtado, Rita Ora, Journey, Mandy Ingber, The Black Crowes and Russell Simmons.

    Jen  uses the finest all-natural materials for all her jewelry designs, from Brazilian wood to rubies from Africa, diamonds from New York’s jewelry district to vintage pieces she discovers!  Each piece is one of a kind.

    Jen Stock’s Designs have been used by top stylists and magazine editors around the world. Her jewelry has been featured or appeared in media such as Oprah, Dr. Oz, Wendy Williams, The View, Queen Latifah, Larry King, TMZ, Extra, Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, CNN, MTV, VH1 and the OWN Network as well as many others. 


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    Debunking The Biggest Myths About Trading & Investing

    in Finance

    in this broadcast, Oliver Velez, debunks many of the beliefs people have regarding trading, investing and the financial markets in general. Erroneous beliefs, false ideas and ineffective systems such as "diversification," the "3-to-1 risk/reward theory," the idea that the markets are complex entities, and the notion that you can study your way to trading success are just a few of the many generalizations that have been holding back traders for many decades, and Oliver Velez will spend an entire hour picking the biggest ones apart for you. You'll likely be amazed at how many of these generally well accepted axioms don't make any sense at all for today's trader. Tune in to Live Trading Talk with Oliver Velez this upcoming Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. ET. 

    To have your questions answered on the air, email them to radio@ifundtraders.com.

    Take the journey into the world of professional trading with Oliver Velez by emailing journey@ifundtraders.com to receive information on how to get started, trained and entirely funded. Put your capital away. 

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    Tools for Stock Trading

    in Education

    Tools for Stock Trading: This Radio Show is part of a series of training for beginners and new investors.  In this discussion, Martha Stokes CMT tells you what tools you need to be a consistently successful investor or trader.  She gives you candid factual advice on choosing an online broker, charting software, and much more.  Martha Stokes CMT frankly dispels common myths and misperceptions about the stock market while giving you information you can use right away.

    Martha Stokes, CMT

    Check out Martha’s Market Blog FREE

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    Interview with Stock Market Expert and Mentor Mark D. Cook (@CookInvestments)

    in Finance


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    Mark Cook's expert status as a trader has been solidified over the past 3+ decades.  His experience is hard to match and today he teaches what he's learned to aspiring/struggling traders.

    His story is amazing !!!!

    Access to 450+ high-quality interviews

    A trader for 34 years, Mark Cook operates from his family’s 1870s farmhouse in East Sparta, Ohio. He manages his own accounts and offers an Advisory Service, Mark D. Cook’s Trader Advisory that gives market timing recommendations on the stock market and bond market that is specifically dedicated to helping people become better traders. His own early trading years were difficult, but as he struggled for success he gained valuable experience and learned what makes and breaks a trader.

    Mark Cook’s success has garnered him acclaim as the featured S&P trader in the bestselling book “Stock Market Wizard” by jack Schwager. Mark has also been in 12 other books profiling his trading style and methodology.  Mark’s goals are to have all his mentoring students become million dollar profitable traders in their careers. His motto is: Work hard and the trading will be profitable. Success is consistency and perseverance.

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    Discover Exactly Where You Are In The Journey Toward Trading Success

    in Finance

    To listen to this broadcast, please go to https://youtu.be/i7OjRahMCd0. In this broadcast, Oliver Velez, helps you discover precisely where you are in your trading journey. The recording here never took on the BlogTalk Radio system, so was posted on his YouTube Channel to ensure that his followers would still be able to benefit from the broadcast. So please go there to make sure you get this episode under your belt. It is truly some of his best work.

    Oliver Velez has always believed that one of the biggest obstacles to progress along the path to trading mastery is that traders have no real clue of where they exactly are along the journey. They don't really know if they are truly still at the beginning or whether they have progressed and have left the realm of the neophyte. They may know that they have not achieved mastery, but don't know if real, true progress has been achieved or is being obtained. Most believe that "time" is the barometer that determines their level of experience and current station in this journey toward trading mastery, but it is not. Time in the game is the least accurate way to know where you are. Some traders have been at the game for decades and have still not left the neophyte zone. Others have just taken up the craft we call trading and are already beyond the beginning. What's the difference? And if time is not a reliable gauge, then what is? find out Today!

    To Journey with Oliver Velez and his traders with complete training as well as complete funding, email journey@ifundtraders.com for more information.

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    Stop Trading your CROWN for a CLOWN!

    in Women

    Too may men and women are trading in their crowns for clowns.  Ladies an insecure man will destroy all you have created just because he is not willing to work towards attaining his own kingdom; he is the male so he is the king of someone elses castle.  Gentlemen you are the king of your kingdom why crown a concubine?  There are those who are not willing to work for what they want so they will take what does not belong to them or they will destroy what they cannot have.  Just like a clown they come painted in interesting colors that appeal to some but as alway sit turns out they are full of games and jokes.  Do not give  your Empire to a Himpire; do not give your kingdom to a concubine.   Enough said

    Just My 2 Cents of Cerebral 

    C. Maria Wall 

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    Audio Blog Series: Megan Hollingsworth's The Trading Post

    in Environment

    Megan Hollingsworth. The Trading Post. Megan writes: A large prairie dog colony was massacred in anticipation of the ‘Nation's Biggest Mall’ at Castle Rock, Colorado. If young children could comprehend the loss of life and exploitation required to fill the shelves in the mall; slave labor, soil lost, homes lost, family members lost ~ they would refuse the items. This has been my response upon waking to what is underneath the peaceful facade. I battle the materially pacified culture every time I enter a general store with my son, who is attracted to things and too young to absorb the immorality and loss of all that is traded for them. Often, my frustration boils over. He then feels through me a pain that I manage through writing; a pain for which his only outlet is rage. 

    Megan isa  writer and creative director at ex·tinc·tion wit·ness, a collaborative art project with primary focus on personal and global peacemaking. meganhollingsworth.com extinctionwitness.org