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    It's going to Sting!

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    NFL Week 13; Ray Rice back in the NFL; NBA; NHL; Sting in the WWE

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    icon sting wwe debut

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    on 11-23-14 sting finally show up at a wwe event and made his debut will know and heard. he got in the ring had face to face with triple h and sting drop him. people been wondering when icon sting is going show up at a wwe event and he finally did and he went after triple h. now question is did john cena use sting for back up in case something happen. or did vince bring him in and made sure that triple h team lose there match. but call in give your thoughts or tune in.

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    sting in the wwe

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    last night on raw they gave us a huge shock. the icon sting is in the wwe and plus he is in wwe2k15 and in the game u get blond flat top sting and the crow sting. but now he saying he wants a big match with the undertaker at wrestlemania 31 and then he done with wrestling for good. now i am wondering how is this hurting tna impact are they upset they couldn't get him to come back or there going see how he does in the company. but let wait and see on what happens with the icon sting in the wwe and who he going after first.

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    OMG, it's Sting!

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    With those epic words, the WWE finally got to witness a true icon of the business.  Needless to say, Sting's appearance will leave a mark for years to come.  Ringtime recaps HIAC and Survivor Series!

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    The Alex Cardinale Show Episode 8: Wrestler Spotlight The Icon Sting

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    Sting has finally arrived in the WWE! Alex is a life long Wrestling fan and one of his favorite wrestlers is The Icon Sting. When Alex did tune into WCW and TNA it was for one reason and one reason only, to see Sting. Sting is one of Alex's favorite Wrestlers and he is happy Sting joined the big leagues. This is a show all Sting fans will enjoy.

    Alex will discuss his favorite Sting Matches and Moments, he will discuss his reaction to Sting's WWE debut, who he thinks Sting will face, and much more!

    You can call in LIVE to discuss Sting with us! 


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    is the icon sting going to the wwe

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    ok there been talk alot of talk that the icon sting is coming to the wwe. nothing been said or writen yet. he does have a legend contract but not a full wwe contract. which means when don't know when he is coming in or going show up on raw or smackdown. plan was he was going come in take on the undertaker and break his wrestlemania streak. and sting has said he wants to headline on wrestlemania and then hang it up. if he does i want him go after triple h cause that would drawn in big money for that match and have it summerslam or wrestlemania. so i hope vince does bring him in.

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    Csonka Reviews WWE’s Best of Sting DVD Set

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    411’s Larry Csonka is back to review the latest DVD set from the WWE, <I>The Best of Sting</I>. Larry will look at all three discs of the set, discuss each and every match included, break down the positives and negatives of the set, give an overall score, likely tell some stories, explain why he doesn’t care what 1995 Sting thinks in 2014 and much more. How good was the latest DVD set from the WWE? Listen to find out...

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    Dr. Dave Goulson's A Sting In The Tale

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    If you love bumblebees as well as other pollinators, you will love the journey Dr. Dave Goulson takes as he writes about his love of nature Sting In The Tale.

    Tune in to this segment of The Organic View Radio Show as host, June Stoyer talks to world-renowned bumblebee expert, Dr. Dave Goulson about his life-long journey with nature.

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    Year End Review. Best of 2014. Diva of the year AJ Lee. The Icon Sting is here

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    2014 was a great year but i hope 2015 is even better in wrestling. I am going to talk about the success for AJ Styles in New Japan Wrestling. WWE Diva of the year AJ Lee. The arrival of Sting at Survival Series. Bobby Lashly take over of TNA and the World title. Dixie Carter goes through a table. WWEs network and brock lesnar and the great CM Punk.  Lucha Underground takes the world by storm.  And more.

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    WWE, PPV Recap. News on Sting , highlights of Austin Show w/ VinceMcMahon ,onKJR

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    WWE, PPV Recap. News on Sting , highlight of Austin McMahon show

    On this edition the show will look back at some of the good stuff that happened in wrestling in the year 2014, Ultimate Warrior getting inducted into the Hall of Fame, Sting debuting in WWE, we will play highlights of the stone cold show with Vince McMahon we will recap Monday night raw and the TLC pay-per-view plus news on the Royal Rumble,Batista,Batista,Josh Matthews ,Keep up with the Show Twitter , @MrKingJordan

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    TNA New TV Deal!!!, Sting at WrestleMania31?all this and more on KingJordanRadio

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    To update Sting’s current contractual status with WWE, F4WOnline.com is reporting he has yet to sign an actual wrestling deal with the company.

    As of now, Sting has a merchandising contract in place with WWE, and also has the WWE 2k15 deal, but there remains no change in his in-ring WWE status.

    Despite the above, WWE officials remain confident the two sides will work something out and Sting will compete at WrestleMania 31 next year.

    Paglino: I know the value of Sting at WrestleMania 31 has dropped slightly now that The Undertaker’s streak has been broken, but I’d like to see him in a WWE ring just for the sake of seeing Sting in a WWE ring.

    Sting not wrestling with WWE is akin to Shawn Michaels not wrestling with WCW, and it’s just one of those things I would like to see happen for the sheer spectacle of it all.

    But who should Sting face in WWE? Sound off with your opinions in the comment section below!

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