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    Yammering Lew with Stiev Stigma: TWISTED JUSTICE!!

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    Lew and Stiev discuss online dating, video games, their crazy vision of "twisted justice" during an imaginary time of lawlessness.  Also, music and tech.  Also, Lew will probably RANT about Facebook, online dating, and why he is sad that chat rooms suck soo bad.

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    Yammering Lew w/Stiev Stigma: Talking about more STUFF

    in Psychology

    Another hour with Stiev rambling about stuff. Check it out.

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    Taking The Fight To A Common Enemy: Depression

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    Its that time of year where we get caught up in all the gatherings, Christmas parties, meeting with family and friends and yes plenty of shopping. We find ourselves moving at a fast pace, with the great temptation to keep up with the Jones. And some how all of these things that were suppose to bring great joy, end up delivering great misery, sadness and depression. US World News reports researched and found that the suicide rate is the highest its been in 25 yrs. And really we just still have a difficult time finding ways to cope with this common enemy. Were afraid to speak to our friends, minister and find ourselve in a pit of despair. For those who have battled depression, they understand how dibilitating it is. The shame and stigma of not having it all together. Lossed loved ones, unexpected divorce, traumatic childhood. How can we fight this enemy and defeat it? Whats a proper response to it? And how can we encourage others rather than casting blame? 

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    Speak Life Radio ~ The Importance of Mental Health CheckUps

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    Speak Life Radio ~ The Importance of Mental Health CheckUps

    Everyone is familiar with the concept of a periodic medical checkup --- some sort of scheduled doctor's visit to check your blood pressure, weight and other physical benchmarks.

    The notion of a regular mental health checkup is less established, perhaps because of the historical stigma about mental illness. But taking periodic stock of your emotional well-being can help identify warning signs of common ailments like depression or anxiety. Such illnesses are highly treatable, especially when they are identified in their early stages, before they get so severe that they precipitate some sort of personal -- and perhaps financial --- crisis.

    "Absolutely, people should have a mental health checkup" our guest tonight is Tish Granville a licensed professional clinical counselor employed  with Emerge Counseling Services in Akron Ohio. She serves many children, adolescents, adult woman, and couples in an outpatient setting; treating various mental health and relationship issues.

    She also is Co/Founder of Center of Holistic and Intergrative Health LLC; a mind - body - spirit wellness organization that focusses on educating individuals in the community on holistic wellness.

    Tish is a newly wed who enjoys reading, nature, art, spending time with loved ones and writing. Please join us!!!!!

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    Yammering Lew w/Stiev Stigma and Epic Seth: Politics, Obamacare, etc.

    in Politics

    Lew welcomes new co-hosts Stiev n Seth in a lively debate on religion, Obamacare, and science.  

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    in The Bible

    Blessed is Our Creator!!! Shalom/Peace and Brocha/Blessing!!! With Hashem's Help on 12/3/14 we will be interviewing International Human Rights Activist Rabbi Dr. Eliezer Goldstock. Rabbi Goldstock will be speaking to us live from Jerusalem, Israel the Capital City of the 12 Tribes of Israel starting at 4:30 PM Holy Land Time while we chime in from Turtle Island=AKA=USA=Unifying Souls Actually starting at 9:30 AM Eastern Standard Time. Meanwhile, we invite you Blessed Soul to check out http://www.hearttoheartamerican.org/jerusalem.html Call in number is 347-838-8669. May the Eternal Creator Bless you and your loved ones peacefully and pleasantly!!!

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    Lymphedema Voices: Sheryl #Project10000000Voices Lymphedema Is No Joke (Part 2)

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    The system hiccupped a bit and we didn't get to talk for the full time; however, we are back on this day with the rest of the story.

    First time I talked to Sherly, she told me that she had once been a teacher but hasn't been able to work FT in decades.  She has had Lymphedema since in the early 90s.  She has difficulty fulfilling her life, difficulty in transportation.  She has no way of getting a compression garment (which can cost $500) without having to choose between a garment or paying rent because her income is just that stressed already.  Complicated by tumors (one removed and another that needs to removed).  She has written her Represenative but hasn't had a response just yet.  Hopefully, he'll get on board with the Lymphedema Treatment Act which will authorize Medicare to pay for the garment that helps to keep the lymphedema from getting worse, which causes so many other dominoing issues (like mobility, possible MS, and other diseases that stem from the damaged lymphatic systerm.  

    In Texas, we have 4 co-sponsors for the Lymphedema Treatment Act in Texas, and we have many more to go.  There are 4 bipartisan leads and 104 co-sponsors of the Lymphedemat Treatment Act across the United States.  We really need about 200 co-sponsors for this bill to be passed in the House.  We need your support to help the many Sheryl's out there with similar stories.  Please go to the http://lymphedematreatmentact.org website to sign up being a Team Member in your State and go to the "How You Can Help" and send your legislators personalize letters.

    Listen to the show that we had on November 20th as well for some other call to actions that you can do to help.


    #LymphedemaTreatmentAct #LymphedemaStory #Project1000000Voice

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    The Church gave me HIV.

    in Lifestyle

    In honor of World AIDS Day myself and co-host Chris Wilson will discuss living with HIV from a real-life perspective. How would the rates of HIV infection differ if the church were more involved and provided well rounded sex education to its youth? Should the church distribute condoms? How many Christians would be HIV negative if they were told more about sex than "Do it before marriage and go to hell"? Join us for a real and raw discussion about sex, stigma, homophobia and the responsibilities of the church.

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    What's in the news today?

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    Today in the news: Janay Rice's interview which I am still confused about why she decided to do any interview. Her attitude has always been that we are all up in their business even though her husband punched her and it was caught on videotape that was made public. I was trying to be compationate as a domestic abuse survivor and be concerned about her safety but she has chose to want to distance herself from a stigma. She doesn't have to be a spokesperson but she does need to acknowledge some things but you can't acknowlege what you don't confront. So I am done with what she has to say. Continued prayers but that's it. The STL Police Dept Association is upset with the Rams players who did the Hands Up Don't Shoot gesture at their games. My take is get over I was upset about the I am Darren Wilson wristband worn by officers while on duty. Their spokesperson isn't interested in a real conversation he is interested in healing and moving on. That is the idea of alot of people just move on but it is not that simple. Darren Wilson resigned and they are trying to portray that as he did it for the better but it was done because he knew what would happen if he stayed. Today is the last day of the Hands Up Don't Spend movement and I feel empowered. I bought necessities but I did not do any of my Christmas Shopping. Even though we have began a new month and only 30 days left in the year the stuggle continues!

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    Soccer Star Robbie Rogers and My Little Pony

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    A speical episode on Robbie Rogers and his new book, Coming Out to Play. Robbie now stands along as the only out professional male athlete, after Jason Collins retired and Michael Sams failed to gain a spot with an NFL team.

    Join Fred, Dave and Dr. Ray on  this special show about a universal story: surviving the stigma that persists for gay people in our culture.

    Robbie Rogers now stands alone as the only out gay professional athlete, following the retirrement of Jason Collins from basketball and the failure of Michael Sams to secure a permanent spot with a football team. 

    Join Dr. Ray, Dave and Fred on this special episode.


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    The Pope to Meet with Autistics

    in Education

    The Pope says he wants to meet with autistics to help end some of the stigma.

    But many advocates are concerned about Autism Speaks' presence at the events.

    Autistic activists have long denounced Autism Speaks as sort of a hate group which has created much of the hurtful stigma.



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