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    Join hosts The Bad Seed and Nadine Michel as they welcome Sticky Fingaz from the legendary group Onyx and new talented up and coming MC, Siya to the show.  Sticky stops by to talk about his new movie, Caught On Tape.

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    Computer America - Speakr.com ; Sticky Password

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    Computer America

    Hour one: Speakr.com.  Providing Influencer Marketing Solutions and Content Creation for Fortune 500 brands since 2010. Speakr has four years of data and campaign experience allowing them to predict performance with a near crystal ball level of accuracy, giving you the most control over the typically uncontrollable medium of social. They’ve won awards, dominated the Superbowl, March Madness, the VMA's, and dozens of opening weekends, all in the name of delivering world-class results and continuing to raise the bar for their clients. They will be joining us for a special how to segment on “how to become a social influence.” Joining us is Marco Hansell, CEO of Speakr.com.

    Hour two: Sticky Password is a robust and reliable password management option that adds one more layer of protection for their clients. Sticky Password is currently used by over 2 million people and companies worldwide. In addition to their many satisfied customers, antivirus vendors like Kaspersky Lab and VIPRE Selected Sticky Password to be integrated into their own security solutions. “Everybody has a passion. Ours is to make you feel protected while surfing and shopping on the Internet.”

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    Happy Gecko Sticky Situation with Rachel BeachGecko

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    Join HTR Sunday as we talk to Rachel of Happy Gecko Sticky Situation about some awesome stickers magnets and other cool herp items she's makes.

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    snowed in mon with sticky fingers onyx

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    The only show u can talk to the stars

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    Story Secrets - How to grip and hold an audience

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    We are wired to tell stories because it is how we make sense of the world around us. Storytelling is an ancient art form that has been around as long as mankind has. Being able to tell a story in a compelling way is a skill that can be developed. It helps an audience understand your message and retain it for longer. In this episode we discuss some of the secrets of storytelling at its finest. Tune in. 

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    In The Gap 'Letting the Holy Ghost into the GAP! ' March 4, 2015

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    General Description:

    'In the GAP', is a weekly hour of powerful global prayer aimed at immersing ourselves in the Spirit and letting God direct our attention to current areas of practical need. Together, we can bridge 'gaps' and build 'hedges' here on earth from the heavenly dimension. Join us in an effort to do more than talk about problems or pretend they don't exist! Jesus is still the answer to the pressing conditions and critical world affairs we all face - so lets 'BE' His Body!  

    Specific Episode:  Letting the Holy Ghost into the GAP!  


    When it comes to prayer we are responsible to God but more importantly, we are reliant on Him!  We are "intercessors" or those that step in between sticky situations with an attitude that says, We may not know how, but we know God will"!  Even more amazing than the fact that God invites us into this position is the fact that He Himself also participates as an Intercessor also.  Prayer really is a 'can't lose' proposition when we learn how to let all the pieces work together.  Find out how both the Lord and the Holy Spirit are positioned around us to take true heartfelt, Bible-based prayers to the highest levels!

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    5 Fingaz from ATL

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    5Fingaz was born on May 19, 1985 in Atlanta, GA. He started writing short stories & poetry at the age of 5, & by 7 was writing unbeknownst semi-serious rhymes. He made his microphone debut at the age of 15 in Tampa Bay, FL, with a group of friends who later called themselves the "Third World Crookz". By 18, he had his own studio in San Antonio, T.X. It was there that he started a label called, "Third World Ent.". Shortly after he had a squad called "Jump Bigg". He has multiple albums n performances, and has recorded with numerous independent artist. His style is unique, and appealing to many. After plenty years of building, he has established himself as a "rapper/producer, with his own Independent label". Recent travels have brought him across the path of the most gifted group of artist yet. Motivation was to the max as the new story began with Mellow Mind Music Group. T.W.E & Triple M-G 4 life. Venturing into the new era, he's started dabbling in videos. Acquiring new artist, yet another chapter has opened up and is in the works. With a whole new perspective, things will only get better from here. Stay tuned in for the journey to the top of the ranks, from a artist who's heart & soul lies in music.. Insane is the new sane

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    10 Things You MUST DoToBeAn Organized Caregiver,byOrganizingExpert,DebbyeCannon

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    In the early 1980’s, I was caring for my 2 children (both under two years old, & in cloth diapers!) and life was absolutely eating me alive! I had the responsibilities of wife, mother, homemaker and I was endeavoring to run a substantial home-based business. I found that although my business was EXPLODING, my home life was IMPLODING! What WAS I thinking?

    By late afternoon, when I needed to be preparing dinner, I’d find myself collapsed in my kitchen from low blood sugar, surrounded by my little ones without a CLUE about what I could assemble for dinner. There would be pasta, but no sauce, meat frozen solid and no side dishes in my pantry. My house felt a mess. Laundry was piled high and the floors were so sticky I feared walking through the kitchen!

    I decided to create some shortcuts. I created a system for more than just surviving my life. Pretty soon I was actually thriving, and my friends noticed. By popular demand, I began teaching local workshop groups. The Butler family encouraged me to publish my system. The first edition was published in September of 1988, a second printing followed in January 1997 and a third edition in 2006.

    Prompted to share my systems and techniques, I have now become the SMARTcut® Expert. I am passionate about helping way past busy entrepreneurs especially Caregivers, who are struggling with the juggling. I hope my work will give you the time and energy to reach more of your personal dreams, serve your family, church and community in ways that really make a difference.
    Click here to listen:

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    CBM With Merlijn and Greg- Trust.

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    What a big hairy word for 5 letters!

    What does it mean to trust?

    Trust others?

    How can you really?

    What if you trusted yourself?

    Oooohhhh! Now that is a sticky one, isn't it?!

    What would it be like? To trust yourself in any and all situations?

    Join Merlijn Wolsink and Greg Dyer as they explore and offer awareness and ideas on trusting yourself!

    Wednesday Feb. 11

    1PM Denver  3PM New York  8PM London  9PM Central Europe


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    A Muslim and a Catholic Wake Up In 'Merica

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    Tonight 7pm CST we will be discussing the legalization of marijuana. Yes you read that right a Muslim and a Catholic will be discussing the sticky icky. Come join in as we dive head first into the purple haze of this controversial drug and discuss its medical,financial, and recreational advantages or disadvantages, Also Common Cal is at it again with another social experiment. Listening tonight as Kelso's to everybody that whether you're religious or nonreligious there is one common thread that we all share and can all agree upon to help towards world peace and everybody getting along. So join us and get high on a spiritual experience as we puff the magic dragon.

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