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    The Holy Spirit has entrusted each Believer with "stewardship" (care taking) of the Gospel of the KOG (Kingdom of God) (1 Cor. 9:17). We are to DEFEND the Gospel (by becoming astute readers of the Word of God so that we have the ability to RECOGNIZE and CORRECT ERROR in the administration, dispensation or teaching of the Perfect Law of Liberty (Gal. 2:7) (Acts 15:1-21).

    Today on P2T we will discuss STEWARDSHIP indepth and in detail!

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    Fully Persuaded about Body Stewardship w/ Jackie Dixon

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    Jackie Dixon is the head of VLX, a media and coaching organization focused on delivering information about body, beauty and relationships to women around the world. Jackie is a model, writer, and women’s coach, and she frequently speaks at women’s conferences and young adult events. She has a passion for seeing women flourish in the lifestyle of health and vitality they were made for, and a knack for handling these topics in a way that is both edgy and accessible. Jackie graduated with highest honors (Phi Beta Kappa) from Johns Hopkins University – earning a dual degree in Scientific and Medical Writing, and French Literature. She holds her Masters degree in Communication, Culture and Technology from Georgetown University. She and her husband David, an active duty pilot in the military, are based in New Orleans

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    The PRF Table: The 3 As of Stewardship

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    Episode 65:   What are some pratical things you can do to show that you are a good steward?  Let's explore this central question together as we look at the three A's of Stewardship.

    Host: Rev. N. Dunlap, Jr. with return guest Christoper J. McWhite

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    The PRF Table: Church Stewardship

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    Episode 66:   Join the discussion about stewardship and what are our actions as church members AND minister/pastors should be.  Who's responsibility is it for managing the church's finances?  Is it the pastor ... the deacons .. whoever gives the most money?  Just a few questions we'll explore.

    Hosts: Rev. N. Dunlap, Jr. and Rev. Warren Feaster and Adia Sanders

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    Profitable Stewardship. Proving God in 2015.

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    Malachi 3:10 "Bring the full amount of your tithes to the Temple, so that there will be plenty of food there. Put me to the test and you will see that I will open the windows of heaven and pour out on you in abundance all kinds of good things." (GNT)  

    This challenge is ONLY for the faithful. This is NOT easy to do. Test God in this.

    JOIN the challenge.    Get support and encouragement to stay the course. Report prayer requests and praise reports. I will do weekly Prayer Hangouts for anyone who has posted or wants to join in. 

    Whether you believe being a Christian entitles you to prosperity or not, being a Christian is profitable for your bottom line.  So, how do I make the claim that being a Christian is profitable for our bottom line? Simple  *The Bible is the ultimate playbook for life.* It is a practical and relevant guide to life, including our career, success, and financial health. If you live according to the word of God your life will improve, while at the same time, it may also put you in line for persecution. Even if you end up being persecuted for your faith, your reward is that much greater, so no matter how you cut this cake, it is profitable to be a Christian. 

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    The Stewardship of Giving

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    Ecclesiastes 5:10-15I have a question for each of us to ponder. As we honestly look at God's Word and how the Lord has revealed His desires about our stewardship of our money – what should be our response to Him? Specifically, as we look at the Old Testament record, “God do You really expect less of me – who has Your Holy Spirit within and lives in the wealthiest society in human history – than You demanded of the poorest Israelite?”

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    Jon Hanson Offers Stewardship for Life

    in Current Events

    How can you give a hand up to someone who struggles financially yet has enormous potential? Our guest Jon Hanson decided to start a charity to do just that.

    Jon Hanson, Stewardship for Life

    Jon Hanson is Executive Director of Stewardship for Life, which aims to make a difference by helping one family at a time.

    Their mission is to distribute financial literacy education for low to moderate income and middle class citizens. This is meant to alleviate “Generational Poverty” through education, counseling, and shepherding participants through four core areas.

    They aim to develop a community and engage that community to help at least one of those members to move up the social economic status ladder.

    Their 2014 Life Capital Award Winner is a young single mom named Melissa, who is now working toward successful completion of the Life Capital program. That will include college, a higher income and home ownership... a hand up to help her get back on her feet.

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    Financial Stewardship Part 3

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    I really hope that you have been Blessed by this 7 Part Series on Financial Stewardship. If this is your first time joining, this is a Dynamic teaching that will change your life forever and we really hope that you catch up with the whole series. Today Craig is continuing this series and starting Part 3. This is a teaching that you do not want to miss!!

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    Financial Stewardship Part 4

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    This week Craig DeMo continues his Life Changing Teaching on Finanial Stewardship. We hope that you have been Blessed so far by this Teaching, but we still have a lot to cover. You do not want to miss out!!

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    Sacred Stewardship Round Table

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    Wednesday, September 17, 6pm EDT: Mitchell's guests are Founder & President of Presence International, Doug King and Integral Thinker par excellence, Nomi Naeem, both of whom were participants in Mitchell's Sacred Stewardship Round Table this past weekend at the Spiritual Summit for Social Change.

    Doug King worked with his father, author Max King in developing Presence International, which is a leading this growing network to engage emergent, integral, and inter-spiritual organizations and idea leaders in shared goals for the common good. It weaves together the work of Spiraldynamics and Integral Thinking & Theology into its framework. Doug also serves on the Advisory Board for Forum 21, a United Nations NGO, and is on the Board of Directors for The Reciprocity Foundation, an NYC nonprofit working with inner city youth.

    Nomi Naeem is Senior Librarian at Brooklyn Public Library, where he has been facilitating a philosophy discussion group for more than 10 years. With bachelor's in mechanical engineering, and master's in information studies, he is currently writing his final thesis for master's in liberal studies program at the Graduate Center. He also completed the Integral Mentoring program (Sep 2010 to Jan 2013) from One Spirit Learning Alliance, New York.

    Tune in to this Round Table on Meaning & Integral Thinking, pointing a finger at a new interpretation of the Abrahamic religions and how people communicate and attribute meaning to messages.

    Listen on-line at www.abetterworld.tv or by phone! 602 753-1860

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    Financial Stewardship Part 3

    in Religion

    You do not want to miss this amazing series on Financial Stewardship, where Craig DeMo teaches from the Bible about what Financial Stewardship is and what it means to Christians.

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