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    The SteViE J Show - TEST

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    The SteViE J Show - TEST at 4AM...What's wrong with me!!

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    The SteViE J Show

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    Former Howard Stern / SIRIUS Radio Intern Stevie J talks about what ever comes to mind. We ask all the Creeps and Freaks to Call in at (347) 326-9859 Stevie J all over your grill and all up in your FACIAL!

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    The SteViE J Show

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    This Wednesday should be good, I'll actually prepare and put some thought into the show. Hopefully all goes well. So don't be afraid! Call in and join the disaster that is The SteViE J Show...HIGH STRUNG and ON FlaGO!

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    Stevie J Interview

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    The one-hundred second edition of the Hardway Podcast is online! Join Jon Harder as he chats with Stevie J of AngryMarks.com! A podcaster for seven years, Stevie J has definitely mastered the art of the internet radio show. Working on multiple podcasts, upkeeping a site, and going to press conferences makes Stevie J an inspiration to all aspiring wrestling personalities. Jon and Stevie J talk podcasting, WrestleCrap, MMA, and Jim Ross' influence on wrestling, plus a tad on Gorilla Monsoon. This is definitely a solid listen and most of all, a great lesson for all aspiring social media representatives. Stevie J is a hell of an interview and we thank him for this week's interview.

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    Stevie J. Bio. - Already hailed as the new face of the Delta Blues, Stevie J is well on his way to capturing the crown of Southern Soul as well.

    His guitar skills are nothing short of spectacular. He is a supremely confident vocalist capable of wringing every nuance from any lyric from any genre. Yet Stevie J remains humble and true to his first love. THE BLUES

    Stevie J, the son of pastor and native of Jackson, MS, started his career in the gospel field playing for artist such as the Williams Brothers, The Five Blind Boys of Alabama, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Jackson Southernaires and the great Shirley Caesar.

    Stevie J found his true calling when he teamed up with legends such as Bobby Rush, Pat Brown, Denise LaSalle and Shirley Brown. Stevie J recorded with Bobby Rush on the Folk Funk album and is also featured with the Martin Scorsese blues series live at Ground Zero. Stevie J has toured throughout Switzerland and France performing at the Cognac Blues Festival. His talent has also taken him to Spain, Italy, Norway and Belgium.

    Stevie J is a delight to the eyes and ears. He plays what he feels and has fun doing it. Right now Stevie is enjoying the success of his new album 2 Sides OF a Man with the single “Because Of Me”, which is #1 on the Southern Soul chart.

    There can be little doubt that Stevie J  is the undisputed New Face of The Delta Blues (and goodwill ambassador of American Music), for as long as he lives.

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    Getting Hammered with Steve Hamilton and Stevie J West

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    Stevie J West is BACK...again...having completed her move to the wild west, she will regale us with her stories of fortune and misfortune, the Very Bad Goat, the Very bad Dog, The Evils, and the move.  We Might also jump into her opinion on such things as "libertarians" and, hey, did the Ron Paul folks try to BUY an election???? Say it ain't so!!

    Also...for ONE NIGHT ONLY!!! We are Auctioning off...none other than...GI Jenn of #WarriorTalk herself!!! (@GIJenn4VETERANS).  Yes guys, this is it, your dreams come true, YOU can win a date with GI Jenn at the Wounded Warrior Gala, next Saturday Night, Sept 6th, in Raligh, NC.  During the show, we will be taking bids, the money will go to the NC Wounded Warriors, a GREAT cause!  Simply tweet your bid, or enter it in the chat room #GIJennAuction!! Come on guys, really? A date with GI Jenn and an AWESOME cause!!! 

    So grab a cold one, your wallets, and join us at the bar...it's Friday night and we are Getting Hammered!!! (646) 716-7039

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    Getting Hammered with Steve Hamilton and Stevie J West - Feb 6, 2015

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    It's Friday night and that means it time for Getting Hammered with Steve Hamilton and Stevie J West.  This week: What in the ever loving #$^%@$ Was President Obama thinking? Hey ISIS is killing people all over the place, but he has to choose a Prayer Breakfast to remind all the Christians out there that we're still responsible for the Big Bad Crusades...except...Not so much.  I guess the irony is lost on him a bit.

    Also. Did you know journalist sometimes LIE??? OMG, YES, even MSM big wigs like Brian Williams.  Oh say it ain’t so.  Thankfully, NBC has promised a full investigation, translated, cover your ass witch hunt.  Thank goodness...it’s Friday.

    Sports Illustrated decided to go all "throw a bone to anti-Barbie" crowd and featured a voluptuous, only slight photo shopped, woman almost wearing a skimpy bathing suit.  Saints be praised, big girls made the big time.  Only, not so much, yeah, we'll cover that.
    Finally, whatever strikes us as funny, amusing, of in the case of Hammy, eKnight worthy.  He might take on twitter douchecanoes in this week’s episode of "Damn mom, bring more cheesypoofs to the basement, I gots some girls with guns to hate on". 

    All that, and more. or less. who knows?  So grab a cold one and join us at the bar, it's Friday night and we're Getting Hammered!


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    Getting Hammered with Steve Hamilton and Stevie J West - Jan 30, 2015

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    It's Friday night, and of course, that means, Live from the AltCon Studios at Casa de Hammy...we are Getting Hammered!!  Tonight, Stevie J West is out sick so Jodi and Di, two of the lovely ladies from The Red Whine Show here on AltConRadio, have agreed, under much duress, to join me as co-hosts for tonight’s show.  Good for you, bad for them (I owe them BIG time for this). 

    So, what we learned this week: The Taliban not terrorists (apparently), Bergdahl not a deserter (apparently), Romney is not gonna be president (apparently), and the Jordanians are (apparently) the only country that actually knows how to "negotiate" with terrorists.  Plus, we'll talk about the 1rst amendment, yeah, the "establishment" clause part, the part everybody screws up? You know the one, should be, um, interesting :)

    So grab a cold one and join us at the bar...it's Friday Night and we are Getting Hammered!


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    Getting Hammered with Steve Hamilton and Stevie J West

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    It's Friday night, and LIVE from Casa de Hammy, it's time for Getting Hammered with Stevie J West and Steve Hamilton.  We took last week off for stuffing ourselves with Turkey and all the fixin's, but now we are BACK! WOW, what a couple of weeks. Ferguson went crazy over the Grand Jury not indicting Office Wilson and New York decided to follow suit in the Eric Garner case.  Rolling Stone Magazine broke a major story on rape at University of Virginia fraternities, then just as quickly walked those allegations back. Twitter has become the battleground for armchair lawyers, the feminists are going insane, and Rand Paul admitted that smoking pot isn't good for you (really, he did!).  The whole world has gone crazy.

    But it's not all bad news.  The United Sates is FINALLY back in the Space business with the launch and recovery of the Orion spacecraft today.  Gas prices are the lowest they have been in 6 years (well. that's good AND bad), and on top of all that...Getting Hammered is back on air!

    So grab a cold one and join us at the bar, it's Friday night, and we're Getting Hammered!

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    The Twin Realities of Stevie J [Setting The Tone Radio LIVE]

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    This Sunday's Topic

    Did you know that Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta 's Stevie J has TWIN SISTERS? Meet them both this episode.  Click to RSVP and ask them questions re Mimi Faust, Joseline Hernandez and more.Text 404-590-4STT  #loveandhiphop #loveandhiphopatlanta

    About STT Radio aka "WSTT"

    With thousands of listeners, we aim to discuss just about any and everything under the sun. Our hosts are full of laughter and comedy but we also hit the tough controversial topics. Most importantly, you can always call 646-200-0246 and state your thoughts and opinions.

    Are you interested in appearing on the show or working behind the scenes? Visit our website for management contact information.

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