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    JA Steve Rother

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    Steve Rother, founder of Lightworker.com is internationally accliamed as the channel for The Group. He joins me to discuss his new Vagus Nerve Activation as weill as his plans for 12/12/12.

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    Conversations with Jim Self and Steve Rother

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    The Unlimited Possibilities of the Present Time Moment
    With this rapidly unfolding shift in conscious awareness you are losing your Past as the Past, and Time no longer exists, as you have known it. With no past to create your future and no future time to worry about past successes and failures, the opportunity to create and experience yourself in this next Present Time moment holds unlimited possibilities.
    In this episode, Steve and Jim will talk about the Unlimited Possibilities of the Present Time Moment.
    STEVE ROTHER was a building contractor whose life changed fifteen years ago when he began receiving messages from a group of angels, simply known as "the group." The messages were full of love and empowerment and Steve began to share them on the Internet.
    Since that time Steve has produced five books, which are now available in 16 languages, and he and his wife and partner Barbara, have presented interactive trainings and seminars in 23 countries. They have created the Lightworker Evolution Center where they provide a full schedule of interactive trainings online each month. The Beacons of Light monthly messages, which feature timely re-minders from the group, along with Barbara's Connecting the Heart messages, are distributed internationally each month in 24 languages.
    Steve and Barbara are the hosts of the VirtualLight Broadcast, a three-hour Internet TV show that is broadcast live each month from Las Vegas to a global audience of dedicated lightworkers. The show features news, updates, and guest interviews with leading teachers, authors and lightworkers.
    The Lightworker organization is a non-profit new energy company dedicated to spreading light on planet Earth.  (www.lightworker.com) 

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    Steve Rother- The Light Lounge October 19 2013

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    The Light Lounge is an interactive show designed to provide you with overviews and coverage of current events on our shifting planet earth.Co-hosted by Steve & Barbara Rother and Meg Adamson-Gour, each episode will feature in depth, topical conversations about the latest material from Steve and the group and how to anchor it into your life today and will be filled with personal 2 minute readings, activations, interactive call-in discussions and fun, within a setting of like minded people choosing to Step Up!The Light Lounge is the place to be up close and personal with Steve, Barbara and the group.

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    THE CLEAR VIBRATION...2 Minute Readings with Steve Rother

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    Join Transformational Life Empowerment & Divine Grace Healing Facilitator & Instructor Certified in Spiritual Psychology; Remembering The Divine Human Creator, Facilitator & Instructor; Seminar Author & Facilitator; Awakening Zone Co-founder and General Manager; Channel and Host JOE RUMBOLO www.HealingTheUniverse.com as he !!WELCOMES!! Internationally known Lecturers, Seminar Leaders, Authors, Contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence and Channeler of the group of angels simply known as “the group” STEVE and BARBARA ROTHER www.Lightworker.com
    STEVE ROTHER is an internationally known lecturer, seminar leader and empowerment catalyst. Divinely inspired information from "the group" through STEVE was the origin of the groundbreaking information on the Crystal Children, Transition Teams and Spiritual Psychology. He has published 6 books containing messages from “the group” and he and his wife BARBARA have presented interactive trainings, activations and seminars in 23 countries. They are five time presenters at the United Nations on two continents and as far as we are aware, they are the only people to ever teach a channeling class at the United Nations.
    During the show, STEVE will be doing his famous 2-minute readings so join JOE, STEVE and BARBARA for 90 minutes of education, transformation, inspiration, enlightenment, entertainment and fun as they discuss questions of global & universal significance including the significance of 12-12-12, what is happening energetically NOW, what is in store for us for the remainder of 2012 and much more!

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    Featuring Henrik's Santos Bonacc interview & Steve Rother

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    Hosted by Kimberley Jaeger....Featuring Henrik's interview with Santos Bonacci and Steve Rother channel
    Discover the Holy Science  Henrik Palmgren  of Red Ice Radio interviews Santos Bonacci - Roman Ecclesiastical Law & Sovereignty  August 11, 2011
    Santos Bonacci lives in Melbourne, Australia and is a professional jazz musician. He also runs the universaltruthschool.com website and teaches classes on Astrotheology. In this first hour, we'll talk about Ecclesiastical law. Santos Bonacci explains how over the past two thousand years the Roman cult/empire has set up a system of ownership of all property and souls that exist on this Earth through their Papal bulls and trusts. He'll talk about how enslavement and ownership is their business. Then, he tells us about historical myths and fictional characters that have created deception among the masses. Later, we talk about the priesthood, which is essential for this current system, symbology found in court, common law, mind control and the pope.  


    For more info about Santos :

    youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/MrAstrotheology 



    Steve Rother    http://lightworker.com/VirtualLight/  Presented Live Aug 27, 2011 ~ How Small is Your World  ~

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    Law of Attraction - A conversation with Barbara & Steve Rother

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    Join Anna & Alyssa as we chat with Barbara and Steve Rother of Lightworker.
    Steve and Barbara Rother are international authors and seminar leaders. Connecting spiritual family in more than 19 countries thus far, they are 5 time presenters at the United Nations on two continents. The information from the Group through Steve is a unique view of life from the perspective of spirit. This message is about true empowerment and with practical tools to activate your own abilities to create a life of your own design.

    Steve Rother was working as a General Building Contractor in San Diego when he started receiving divinely inspired messages about human empowerment, which he then began publishing on the Internet. Those messages, known as the Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home, have spanned ten years are now distributed to more than 60,000 people in 146 countries. This information has been presented five times at the United Nations on two continents. With the guidance of ‘the Group’, Steve has authored three books, ‘Re-member’ and ‘Welcome Home’ and ‘Spiritual Psychology’, which are currently available in seven languages.

    For moe information please visit: www.Lightworker.com "A Place to re-member".
    You have heard of the saying, when the student is ready the teacher(s) will come. This is how we feel about these two wonderful humans. There is an incredible amount of information on their website and in their seminars and this information truly feels like "home".
    InJoy and Appreciation!
    Anna and Alyssa

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    Healing With Steve

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    Steve, an etheric healer with over 25 years experience, will work with the callers to help improve their physical and / or emotional well-being.

    Talking with Steve allows him to connect to your etheric body.  He can then scan it to find problem areas and help remove them.  

    Some of the things he has successfully helped others with include: stress relief, sciatica, sinus congestion, migraines, tendinitis, burns, lung congestion, bronchitis, headache, gout, kidney stones, joint pain, muscle pain, breast cancer, pain caused by cancer and its treatment, pain and inflammation reduction after surgery, and much more.  Generally, if Steve can feel it in the etheric, he can help.

    Recently, Steve started doing peak performance meditations with others.  While you meditate he brings the appropriate energies to your chakras.  This not only allows you to operate at peak performance but also initiates you with spirit.

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    Open Book: "The Crucifixion Poem" by Steve Turner

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    Rock journalist Steve Turner turns a serious eye on Holy Week with a poem that's sure to challenge your perception of the crucifixion. How are we complicit in Jesus' death? What significance does this death have for us today? And how are we to cope when we feel abandoned by our loving God? Join Lori and Alice as they discuss all this and more! There's no better way to embrace Holy Week!

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    Answers for Growth & Profit in Your Business and in Your Life with Steve Kidd

    in Entrepreneur

    The host of Thriving Entrepreneur, Steve Kidd has been in business literally all of his life.  Steve began selling door-to-door at age 5, was a sales manager by 19 and has been coaching businesses and business people since 1988.  And today he is here to help YOU!

    The son of a minister and the grandson of a one as well, Steve has travelled the world offering help and insight to people from many different walks of life.  His unique gifting for taking things that are seemingly impossible and framing them in such a way that they become exciting opportunities has made him a favorite person to turn to for answers to question in both life and business.

    Today Steve will take a rare opportunity to answer questions that have come up including things like:

    What should I name my business?
    Why is a “free” website not always so free?
    How can I really be my complete passionate self in all I do?
    I always compliments everyone else but no celebrates me, how do I change this?
    Do I HAVE to sell? No really do I have to?
    What is the best form of marketing for my business?
    How can I grow my company?
    And many more.

    Listen in to get answers to your questions and learn more from this 48 year old man who has been in business for 43 years.  Find out today how you to can be a THRIVING ENTREPRENEUR 

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    Steve Ahnael Nobel: Personal Transitions

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    How can we come to better understand and integrate the dramatic transitions in our lives?  Steve Ahnael Nobel explores insights from his new book Personal Transitions: Beyond the Comfortable into the Real, a fusion of spirituality, myth, story, case studies, practical exercises, visualization and meditation.  The former director of Alternatives in London, a not-for-profit organization with a profoundly powerful impact that he led from 2000-2012, Steve currently coaches and mentors authors, as well as assisting people going through major transitions.  At Alternatives, Steve helped organize over 1300 events in the domains of contemporary spirituality and personal development. 

    Major transitions can include near death experiences, accidents, prison, war, psychological breakdown, and various forms of awakening.  When we follow our hearts and intuition and expand into new adventures, a major transition can result.  Alternatively, through experiencing times of great uncertainty, chaos and crisis, we can usher in a major transition.  Life may make little or no sense when life shifts, but we are invited to gain a new perspective and live from the heart instead od the head.  Transition is part of the growing up process and contains elements of soul and biology. We are here to grow physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And within the greater context of global awakening, personal transitions are becoming increasingly more common.

    Steve's web site:  SteveNobel.com

    Frontier Beyond Fear music copyrighted by Grammy award winner Larry Seyer, www.larryseyer.com, included in this podcast with his permission.

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    The Ghost in the Machine - How Steve Jobs Still Haunts the Computer Industry

    in Technology

    Even though it's been more than 3 years since the death of Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs, his presence is still felt in the industry he helped start. Whether you use a PC, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, there is some of Steve Jobs inside these devices. If you buy music online, Jobs was responsible for revolutionizing the way that music is bought and sold online. He even had a hand in bringing digital animation to fruition with his acquisition of Pixar. When it comes to revolutionizing the technological world in which we live, you'd be hard pressed to find an area in which Steve did not have an impact. In this episode of  Working the Web to Win, we will look at how different the world would be had he not come along, as well as how his legacy is likely to continue for decades to come.

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