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    Johnny Watson Show

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    On Last Monday's Show -
    Debuted"Wheel of Misfortune" yet AGAIN! (Technical Difficulties), last week we ended the show with our favorite "Doug White" or "Vanna Dmax" so why not AGAIN. Things were heated up on "Clear The Air" that nearly sent Tina Marie back into depression, but nothing gets to her now, and she threated to sue Facebook Owner. Comedians Chipps Cooney and Joe Carney did a great interview as Steve Irwin and Big Foot. Comedian Natty Bumpercar stopped by the studio. What will we think of next? STAY TUNED. STAY INVOLVED. STAY WATSON.

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    Shattered Lives: WildBlue Press Author Series - STEVE JACKSON

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    WildBlue Press frontman Steve Jackson is the NY Times best selling author giving listeners background on WildBlue Press then delves into his latest book, BOGEYMAN, about child serial killer David Penton told through the eyes of the detectives and their families and showing the toll a case like this has on dedicated law enforcement officers. 

    Colorado based Steve Jackson began his career as a journalist and newspaper writer covering "everything from science to medicine to international and social issues to politics and even a smattering of sports." 

    Jackson is the author of nine true crime books and collaborated with former New York assistant district attorney Robert K. Tanenbaum to write eleven crime thrillers in the Butch Karp fiction series.  

    Host website: DonnaGore.Com


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    LOP Radio Presents... Fan to Fan with Steve

    in Wrestling

    Host of The Late Shift every Monday night on LOP Radio, Steve, sits down with some familiar names from around Lords of Pain to talk about being a wrestling fan. Be they some of your favorite LOP Radio hosts or some of the most prolific columnists in the history of the site, they are no different than you when it comes to having been hooked into pro wrestling.


    How did their fandom get started? What hooked them hard enough to take them from casual to devoted fan? What inspired them to start contributing to Lords of Pain, and how has the internet not only shaped their fandom but influenced the way it has progressed? Aside from all that, who's their favorite wrestler? Their favorite match, PPV, era? What are their thoughts on the current direction of the business?


    Sure to spark plenty of discussion, as well as give you a better understanding of just where the guys you listen to and read on a regular basis are coming from, this Fan to Fan talk is sure to be a great listen. Join us for this first edition with the inaugural guest, LOP Columns Hall of Famer and cohost of LOP Radio's The Right Side of the Pond, "Plan", as we dig behind the screenname to find out what has driven a regular wrestling fan from England towards becoming a future published author.

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    LOP Radio's Official WWE Royal Rumble Recap Show

    in Wrestling

    The Road to WrestleMania has begun and kicking it all off is the always exciting Royal Rumble!


    This year's event promised to be an intriguing one, as months of rumors have built towards lots of questions in the month or two leading up to the show. With the supposed new "favorite son" title up for grabs, as well as the return of a certain bearded Yes Man, the winner of that ticket to the WrestleMania main event was very much in question.


    With the event now in the books, join us here on LOP Radio to hear all about exactly what went down. Your host, the Godfather of LOP Radio, Repo, (@bearforcewon), will be joined by the host of The Late Shift, Steve, (@YourAyatollah), and break down all the matches and exactly what impact they had upon the quickly approaching Showcase of the Immortals. Always one of the best and most discussion sparking events of the year, you won't want to miss our recap of WWE's Royal Rumble!

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    "Between Brothers...How God Feels About People who COMPLAIN"

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    Whether it’s our jobs, financial situation, relationship status or family issues… We’ve ALL been guilty of unnecessary COMPLAINING. Tune into “Between Brothers” on “The Dedan Tolbert Show” tonight at 9:00pm EST where we'll take an in depth look at the Book of Numbers and discuss how God viewed and punished the Israelites for complaining, being ungrateful and unappreciative of their blessings. To hear Minister Oshal High and I dissect what the Word says about the importance of being joyful at all times because things could always be worse, call 646 200 0366 or listen online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... “REAL Radio that Matters for Over 10 Years”.

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    Episode 3,Karsay and the Kid - Tribute to Ernie Banks and Tom Harding of MLB.com

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    Twitter @Solutionsology_

    So far Steve and I have tackled the AL and NL East divisions and a lot of action has continued in the off-season.  One of the dvisions that has seen a flurry of activity is the NL West, which features MLB Champs, the San Francisco Giants.  We dissected all the major and many of the minor moves of each ball club and the changes in the front office.  2015 promises to be a tough year for the entire division, which means great baseball and exciting races.

    Sad news to report as MLB legend Ernie Banks passed away at the age of 33 on Friday from a heart attack.  Banks was not only one of the greatest to ever play the game, but he was widely seen as the ambassador for Major League Baseball.  A man we will all miss.

    Tom Harding, MLB beat writer for the Colorado Rockies joined us to speak about the Colorado Rockies, their off-season moves, and other likely moves to be made.  We also spoke about the rest of the division and how the competition is shaping up.

    We also shared our rankings for the NL West.

    Episode 1

    Episode 2

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    Spiritist Awareness: Optimism, Brain and Destiny... and much more

    in Spirituality

    Wanna learn more about the Spiritist Science and its Practice?
    Listen to SPIRITIST AWARENESS at Kardec Radio every Sunday at 8 pm (EST)!
    These segments and hosts are just phenomenal and they will enlighten your life:
    - Spiritist Moment with Kirsten DeMelo
    - Spiritism in Your Life with Marco and Joyce Magalhaes
    - Youth Education on Spiritism with Bernadete Leal
    - Spirituality and the Brain with Vanessa Anseloni
    - Spiritism and the Gospel with Luis Sergio Marotta
    - Spiritist Songs with James Marotta
    - The Spirits' Book with John De Rosa and Steve Shepard
    - Happy Life with Carla Carvalho
    - and much more...

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    Rays Hyrum Formo, & DBacks Steve McQuail Live On 27outs.

    in Baseball

    Frank and Claudia Sit Down with to 2 more great MiLB prospects. Rays Hyrum Formo and DBacks Steve McQuail talk,about MiLB life on and off the field. Come #MeetTheFuture of the MLB live on TuneIn Radio #27outs..

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    LIVE SHOW! Free Psychic Readings by Steve & Spending the night - Haunted Hotel!

    in Spirituality

    We will be Hunting some Spooks in February over in Daytona Beach Florida!  You'll want to join us if you can.  We will be testing out the new Thermal Camera we have!!!!!!

    Also Psychic Steve is ready to give you a psychic reading.  only call if you want the TRUTH!!!

    Plus more crazy stuff!



    SpookHunter Damon will be running the Chat Room!

    Psychic Steve DeAura will be giving out readings!

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    He knows

    in Religion

    We don't have to compete for Gods blessings. As His children He is well aware of our needs. Spiritually, sexually,naturally and emotional. He has made provision for His creation! Stay tuned.

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    Real Sports Talk Radio - Hornets Head Coach Steve Clifford

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    Real Sports Talk Radio airs at special time on Friday at 11am with host Randy Zellea as we welcome Steve Clifford of the Charlotte Hornets as he discusses the current season, the NBA age Limit, his coaching career, working with Jeff Van Gundy, and growing up with a head coach as a dad. SO much more check out the show starting at 1030am EST #realsportstalkradio #backsportspage #hornets #NB

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