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    Halley DeVestern, Steve Dawson, Kyle Henderson & NEW MUSIC from Mark T Small

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    Halley DeVestern has been playing guitar since before her teens and her voice is a powerful instrument.

    She has toured with Big Brother & the Holding Company and the comparisons to Janis have been made.

    Halley will join me and talk about her life and career and we will check out tunes from the new album Fabbo! Boffo! Smasho!

    Steve Dawson does it all.  He writes lyrics and music and performs his works. He is also a successful producer who has worked with folks like Old Man Luedecke, The Sojourners and more.

    His new project is Rattlesnake Cage and it is a collection of 12 originals.

    I will chat with Steve about his career and his working with so many others.

    Kyle Henderson has been around since his band Whiteface was signed to Mercury Records in the late 70's.  Though that effort never panned out, Kyle was a part of The Producer's who signed with Portrait Records and acheived some success during the MTV era.

    That band has recorded an album produced by Tab Benoit due out at some point.

    Kyle has released Brand New Chance with his quartet based out of Madison, Wisconsin and he will take a Seat On the Couch and discuss his career and the new music.

    Finally, "Couch Kid", Mark T Small returns with his new album, Smokin' Blues. a collection of Mark's favorite "guitar grooves played using both fingerpicking and flat picking techniques."




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    Dawson Sports Radio- Boys and Girls Basketball Vs. Lyons 1/30/15

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    Welcome to Dawson Sports Radio! Tonight the Dawson Sports Radio will be broadcasting the boys and girls home basketball games against Lyons! Thank you for listening to the broadcast and enjoy!


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    Steve and Joe

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    football, msfl talk

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    The Steve Silver Show

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    Good morning everyone, and welcome to a very special Saturday, Super Bowl edition of The Steve Silver Show. On today's show, Bo Reed and Steve Silver break down the big game from both ends of the spectrum. We'll tell which team has a difinitive advantage over the other. We'll also get into the coaching aspect as Pete Carroll goes heads us with the "genius" Bill Belicheck. 

    We'll also have some fun this morning with prop bets. 

    Phone lines are open this morning, and you can also hit Steve and Bo up on Twitter @InsiderSteve and @LTRReed. We'll see you at 12pm EST on The Steve Silver Show. 


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    Healing With Steve

    in Spirituality

    Steve, an etheric healer with over 25 years experience, will work with the callers to help improve their physical and / or emotional well-being.

    Talking with Steve allows him to connect to your etheric body.  He can then scan it to find problem areas and help remove them.  

    Some of the things he has successfully helped others with include: stress relief, sciatica, sinus congestion, migraines, tendinitis, burns, lung congestion, bronchitis, headache, gout, kidney stones, joint pain, muscle pain, breast cancer, pain caused by cancer and its treatment, pain and inflammation reduction after surgery, and much more.  Generally, if Steve can feel it in the etheric, he can help.

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    Steve & Dan Tackle the Big Stories (Does Size Really Matter?)

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    You ask, "What are the BIG stories?" ISIS' latest beheading? The Yemeni government calling it quits? The White House snubbing of Netanyahu? Nope! Not even CLOSE!

    Then the guys take a look at the humorously pathetic political goings on for the week. AHHH, political comedy. The gift that keeps on giving!

    And don't forget the headlines - most of which need no explanation. Well, yeah. Maybe they kinda do.

    Welcome to our new night and our new time, with a bit of a tweak in the format. And while we're on that, why don't you call in, ya chicken? Buuuuck, buck, buck! (347) 989-8136 - call it! That is, if YOURS haven't been deflated (hint, hint). And, as always, get your appetizer at TheDefiantJester.com before you dine here!

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    Talking $ALE$ with Steve Tomaszewski & CEO SPACE

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    Gail Brown Presents: Engaging Speaker$ and Earning the Sale @    http://wwwEngagingSpeakers.com

    Berny Dohrmann founded CEO Space International more than 25 years ago. Mr. Dohrmann has embraced his vision for entrepreneurial collaboration by giving prospective business leaders the tools and education they need to succeed.

    Through the values of partnership and cooperation, CEO Space has been working to foster a new generation of enlightened business leaders around the world. Mr. Dohrmann uses his vast knowledge to upgrade CEOs today into educated, skilled leaders with higher global integrity standards.

    As CEO Space continues to grow into a force for future economic innovation, Mr. Dohrmann encourages anyone who is confident in their ideas and ability to grow constructively to discover how CEO Space can give them the tools they need to meet their full potential. Mr. Dohrmann is a radio show host, movie producer, frequent guest on national television and radio shows, and bestselling author.

    Raised as a fifth generation San Franciscan, Berny grew up when the Macy Building on Union Square was the Dohrmann Building dominating “the square” into the 1970’s. The Dohrmann family operated Dohrmann Hotel Supply; the largest global resort-outfitting firm now owned by Holiday Inn. The family also owned the Emporium store chain from the 1800’s, as one of the larger department store chains 

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    Episode 4 ,Part II - Karsay and The Kid-Weekly #Baseball Talk Show #ALWest #MLB

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    Twitter @Solutionsology_

    For Episode 3 Steve and I paid tribute to the great Ernie Banks, who died of a heart attack at the age of 83 (just days before his 84th birthday).  Tom Harding, Colorado Rockies beat writer for MLB.com also joined us as we did a deep analysis of the NL west, graded the moves for each team, and shared our rankings.

    Episode 4 was a deep dive and heavy analysis on the AL west, which has been over-shadowed for most of the off-season, despite Oakland GM Billy Beane going into full blow-up mode once again.  We'll get into Billy's mindset and attempt to predict what his next move(s) will be.  The rest of the division has been active as well as most of the teams have bolstered their lineups, including the forgotten Houston Astros.

    We also introduced Grade 'em and Rank 'em, where we grade the off-season moves (and in some case lack of moves) and rank where we believe each team will fall within the division.

    ***Correction to what I said on Part II, Iwakuma is not a left-handed pitcher

    Episode 1

    Episode 2

    Episode 3

    Episode 4 - Part I


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    Cloverleaf Radio Presents: Wrestling Legend Steve Keirn (Doink/Skinner) !

    in Wrestling

    Cloverleaf Radio's hosts, The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon and Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling's Gremlina welcome Former AWA & WWF Superstar, Wrestling Legend, 1/2 of The Fabulous Ones, Former President of Florida Championship Wrestling, Trainer at the WWE Performance Center, Steve Keirn, AKA Doink The Clown/Skinner! JOIN US!

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    The Doc and Xanman's WrestleMania Rewind

    in Wrestling

    The Doc, host of The Doc Says and Xanman, co-host of The Tuesday Night Titans, team up for just the second time ever to discuss the five WrestleManias that they would each hop in the DeLorean, speed up to 88MPH, and go back in time to see live.  If you want to join in on the conversation, use the #LOPR or tweet us @TheDocLOP and @XanManLOP.  You can also leave a comment and we'll discuss with you. 

    Great Scot!  This is gonna get heavy!

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    Getting Hammered with Steve Hamilton and Stevie J West - Jan 30, 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    It's Friday night, and of course, that means, Live from the AltCon Studios at Casa de Hammy...we are Getting Hammered!!  Tonight, Stevie J West is out sick so Jodi and Di, two of the lovely ladies from The Red Whine Show here on AltConRadio, have agreed, under much duress, to join me as co-hosts for tonight’s show.  Good for you, bad for them (I owe them BIG time for this). 

    So, what we learned this week: The Taliban not terrorists (apparently), Bergdahl not a deserter (apparently), Romney is not gonna be president (apparently), and the Jordanians are (apparently) the only country that actually knows how to "negotiate" with terrorists.  Plus, we'll talk about the 1rst amendment, yeah, the "establishment" clause part, the part everybody screws up? You know the one, should be, um, interesting :)

    So grab a cold one and join us at the bar...it's Friday Night and we are Getting Hammered!


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