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    Hard Hits: Stern Manning Gate

    in Sports

    Derek Felix returns to host a regular Hard Hits with co-host John "JPG" Giagnorio. If only it were the norm. On Feb. 22, "Peyton Manning" called in and the guys played along. A week later, it turned into a bit for Howard Stern on his Sirius/XM radio show. TMZ covered it. YouTube has it too. What will be discussed in the aftermath?

    BREAKING: Derek and JPG did a special podcast Thursday on Stern/Manning Gate. It already has seen positive returns with 21 archives. Check out the full 34-minutes below:

    Hard Hits Podcast 3-3-2016:  We're Famous

    Show Highlights: Derek flies solo without Curfew G who vanishes. Derek talks why he's so disgusted with the election. Plus more on Stern and Brian calls in and discusses the Stern prank. Plus they talk Knicks.

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    Tom Hopkins, Ruth Ross, Gary Stern

    in Business

    Tom Hopkins carries the standard as a master sales trainer and is recognized as the world’s leading authority on selling techniques and salesmanship. Over 5 million people on five continents have attended Tom’s high-energy live seminars. He is the author of 18 books, including “How to Master the Art of Selling™,” which has sold over 1.6 million copies worldwide. His latest book is titled, “When Buyers Say No” and is receiving phenomenal reviews from sales professionals

    Ruth K. Ross started her own company when the outpouring of requests from C-Suite executives, middle management and service professionals for her thought leadership on engagement validated her belief that disengagement is robbing people of their passions at work and cutting deeply into corporate profitability. Ross wrote “Coming Alive: The Journey To Reengage Your Life And Career” which explores the epidemic of employee disengagement in Corporate America

    Gary Stern collaborated on Minority Rules: Turn Your Ethnicity into a Competitive Edge with Kenneth Arroyo Roldan.  The book is aimed at women, African Americans, Latinos and Asians and provides a step-by-step guide of how to climb the corporate ladder to succeed 

    For more information go to MoneyForLunch.com.
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    Tea Time with Joshua Episode 11: Alysia Stern

    in Entertainment

    Alysia Stern joins me to talk about present day America and where we're headed.

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    Stern Universe Episode 6 - Cristina Palumbo / Ron Johnson / Ed Deveikis and more

    in Comedy

    Tonights guests include Cristina Palumbo from the Jay Thomas Show, Ron "the Belcher" Johnson of Howard Stern Show fame, Gastons FCOTW, artist Ed Deveikis and more!

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    Lets Have a Tea Party! Tracy Stern Creator of Tracy Stern Tea & Co.

    in Pop Culture

    Tracy Stern Tea & Co. is a bespoke, organic tea collection that infuses unique flavors with designer notes especially tailored to provide an opulent experience with the finest quality ingredients.Tracy Stern, Master blender of tea and author of Tea Party and Tea For You, crafted every product of Tea & Co. with a true passion for artful combinations for the ultimate indulgence.Tracy Stern is the author of two books on the art of entertaining. Tea Party & Tea For You.Tracy is the founder of the international tea company SALONTEA which has a flagship store on the fashionable Granville street in Vancouver, British Columbia.Tracy is a recognized society hostess and philanthropist in NYC, Palm Beach, Dubai and Paris. Setting the scene as a luxury trend-setter and interior designer.Tracy is a recognized society hostess and philanthropist in NYC, Palm Beach, Dubai and Tracy is a recognized society hostess and philanthropist in NYC, Palm Beach, Dubai and Paris. Setting the scene as a luxury trend-setter and interior designer. Tracy is featured in monthly column for "TRENDS AHEAD"at HOME ACCENTS TODAY - a national trade publication.. Tracy works with several New York  & palm beach philanthropic  charities giving a substantial donation to various local & national Paris. Setting the scene as a luxury trend-setter and interior designer. http://www.tracysterntea.com/index.html



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    Stern Universe Radio Episode 5

    in Comedy

    Stern Universe Radio Episode 5

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    in Entertainment

    Bonnie Stern, one of Canada’s most popular food personalities, visits with Dan Schlossberg and Helen Hatzis on TRAVEL ITCH RADIO April 27 @ 8p EDT on iTunes and BlogTalkRadio.com. She is the founder of the Toronto-based Bonnie Stern School of Cooking, which she opened and operated from 1973-2011. Bonnie has studied and taught cooking around the world, authored 12 best-selling cookbooks, hosted three national cooking shows, and jas appeared regularly on various television and radio shows across Canada. She writes a weekly column for the National Post and freelance articles for numerous magazines.

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    Tracy Stern & Artist Randy Polumbo, Skateboard Studio!

    in Entertainment


    Skateboard Studio is a collection of artfully designed skateboards inspired by color, art, pop culture, movies, nature and music. Tracy has been fascinated by the artwork and color of skateboards since gradeschool when she became the first female freestyler in her neighborhood. As a successful entrepreneur Tracy has cultivated several brands to international status and has appeared in countless international magazines and TV such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and O, The Oprah Magazine. Tracy writes several national columns on Trends in decor and entertainment pieces. She received an associate degree of the New York School of Design as well as Received BFA in painting at the University of Tampa. Tracy currently resides in New York City. As if Tracy’s designs weren’t unique enough, she’s enlisted the infamous artist Randy Polumbo to create a limited edition series of boards featuring his inspiring work Lovestream. “Randy’s work (sculpture) , his imagination , his mind and his heart, are what made this collabration a must,” says Stern. “I’m inspired by his use of colored glass and beautiful shapes. It’s magical and transports us all to a dierent plane or for me, the garden of Eden. ”Randy’s work has been featured internationally at venues such as Art Basel/Miami Beach and Burning Man, Crocker Art Museum and Museum of Sex, NY. He has been reviewed in the New York Times, New York Magazine, and Art Daily to name a few. Current studio projects include a large penthouse residence turned art installation designed and built from Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory salvage and extensive plants hydroponic gardens, plant walls, a green roof, and a food garden. Randy lives and works in New York City.





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    DRT - EP49 - #1 Howard Stern Wack Packer "Dr." Gary the Retard gving his advice.

    in Sports

    Who needs Dr. Phill when we have the #1 Wack Packer from the Howard Stern Show Dr. Gary the Retard. Giving his advice by answeing emails. Also Psydsho the Clown Killer joining us. This is a crazy and out of control episode that is going in all different directions.

    Hosted by The Beast from the Middle East, Yemeni Maniac, The Modern Day Sheik, Diafullah The Butcher Dobashi. He loves beating his opponents for his own and your entertainment. But now he is entertaining you right here. After all, you do watch sports to get entertained don't you? With special guest and talks on all combative sports and entertainment and a SOAPBOX TO SPEAK ON ANYTHING. If you need to settle a problem, you can do it right here. “CENSORED FREE!" Anything can happen on Dobashi's Radio Takedown. Send emails to: RadioTakedown@gmail.com or go to the website for official links at: www.RadioTakedown.com

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    Remember the things you did to get her? Do you remember the things you used to do to help him get over whatever was troubling him? So what happens when you get so comfortable that you forget to do these things? Call in this Friday at 6PM EST to comment on the HOT TOPIC ~ "WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET TOO COMFORTABLE IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP?" Call 760.283.4647 or click www.eblockradio.com to catch the show LIVE from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Hosted by CoCo J and Hood Howard Stern.


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    "Cooning." So why has it come back? Call 760.283.4647 to comment on the HOT TOPIC - "WHY HAS THE COON SHOWN BACK UP IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY" Call or click www.eblockradio.com to catch the show LIVE from your phone, tablet or laptop! Hosted by Hood Howard Stern and Monk Money.