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    SwCA Episode 151: Stereotype Threat does not exist.

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    SITE: http://www.courtneyanderson.com/swca-episode-151-myth-warriors-series-stereotype-threat-does-not-exist.html

    SHOW NOTES: In the MYTH WARRIORS™ series we are targeting ideas to begin to assess whether they are credible or not. We are warriors fighting to establish clarity between what is accurate and what is simply a myth (or falsehood) in life. All of this is in furtherance of our mission to surpass our goals! In this episode we explore, “Stereotype Threat does not exist.”

    What is a Stereotype?

    "Stereotypes are widely held cultural beliefs that are resistant to change." 

    (Block, Koch, Liberman, Merriweather, & Roberson, 2011)

    What is Stereotype Threat?

    “The phenomenon known as “stereotype threat.” Members of groups believed to be academically inferior — African-American and Latino students enrolled in college, or female students in math and science courses — score much lower on tests when reminded beforehand of their race or gender. […] found that black students performed comparably with white students when told that the test they were taking was “a laboratory problem-solving task.” Black students scored much lower, however, when they were instructed that the test was meant to measure their intellectual ability. In effect, the prospect of social evaluation suppressed these students’ intelligence.”

    Minorities aren’t the only ones vulnerable to stereotype threat. We all are. A group of people notably confident about their mathematical abilities — white male math and engineering majors who received high scores on the math portion of the SAT — did worse on a math test when told that the experiment was intended to investigate “why Asians appear to outperform other students on tests of math ability.” (PAUL, 2012)

    Does it exist?

    Other resources - 

    Dr. Kenneth Clark Conducting

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    Women of Color: More Than Just A Trend/Stereotype

    in Culture

    Join Dr. Culbreth and Dr. Jung-Kim for a discussion on how girls and women of color are depicted in media, in print, and in their daily lives.


    Women of color as trends?
    The continued insults (conscious/unconscious and intentional/unintentional)
    Defying negative stereotypes
    So much more than a stereotype (morals, ethics, sexuality, etc.)
    When apologies are not enough
    The reality of it all
    Psychic prisons and breaking free
    One size does not fit all
    Deeper thought processes
    On being bigger, better and bolder
    Keep the faith
    Why we must celebrate, embrace, and empower girls and women of color

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    My Diary...Confessions of a Black Woman...The Stereotype Monologues

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    Host: Shunda Milhouse
    Co-Host: La'Tanja Milhouse
    Admin/Engineer: Gayle Lockett

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    S and M Radio presents: Chivalry isn't DEAD but can a brotha get a Thank you!

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    Often it's said that men don't know how to be gentlemen! We don't have our father's around to teach us how a man should act.We are just a bunch of man boys walking around grabing our crotches and cursing! This stereotype is untrue and just damn HURTFUL! There black men that know how to treat women! We know how to open doors for a lady. We even have been taught to help other women out that aren't our mother's, girlfriend's or wives! The issue that this black man has is women that seem to forget how to say THANK YOU! So Monday at 11 pm join Sasha and myself Max as we  talk about can a brothea get some appreciation!! As always we will have the Sports report by me, Max and Sasha will bring you all the entertainment and news that's happening in the world. So join in our converstation and call in at (929) 477- 1332.

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    Why Is Today's Rap Music So Hood?

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    Rap music is amazing in its influence and popularity. Far ,ore than just a musical style, rap and the sub-genres of rap have created distinct cultures with specific expectations, status symbols and norms. But while some rap artist have worked hard to buck the trend, much of rap music seems to be heading down a scary path of intolerance, self destruction and violence. Therefore most people automatically stereotype rap music...why is that? Has today's hip-hop music gotten so vain and negative to where some people have a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to rap music? Most critics may have some valid points, but today's rappers claim to be so gangster! Let's talk about it....Tune in and GetHeard.

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    PART TWO: Are ALL women really crazy?

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    Join our host as they pick up where they left off on from Sunday's show. Are ALL women crazy? If you missed Sundays show, you will not want to miss tonight. Our host will answer the questions that some are afraid to ask. Always upbeat, always entertaining, and always insightful. Are women crazy simply because they are women? What causes women to lose it in relationships? Do men play a large role in this stereotype and societal epidemic, as labeling women as emotionally unstable? Let's get some answers, don't miss out on this hilarious and heated discussion. Tune in online or call in (347) 677-0626 Join the conversation with Urban Conversation.

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    Decoding Black Reality Shows, Black Stereotypes, The White Family Structure, etc

    in Politics

    On this episode of Field Afrikan Radio we will discuss some of the stereotypes that most of us have heard but from a different perspective. Example; We've all heard the stereotype that Black males who interracially date tend to find unattractive European females as mates while the White males who date Black females tend to find the pretty ones as mates. There's a psychology in this stereotype/scenario that I've never heard posed before that we will share. We will also use stats to "myth bust" some of the stereotypes that many of us believe to be the gospel.

    We will also decode Black reality shows. There's a connection that goes all the way back to the 70's. We have a theory that many of you will find informative.

    We will examine the White family structure. What's the difference between the White family structure and the Black family structure? The media shines a light directly on the Black family structure while ignoring the European family. We will examine and discuss exactly what Europeans don't want us examining about their families.

    We will build on these things and more. Join us.

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    Omega Leadership: Archetype and Stereotype

    in Spirituality

    The Omega Leadership Series is a weekly show that is designed to bring the styles and principles of the Omega Leader to those who lead. Laurie Beth has captured, coined and written about the "Omega Leader" for over a decade. How Jesus recruited, managed and led his team of twelve is our model of Omega Leadership. Taking both the Alpha and Beta styles of management, Jesus added the 'Omega' principles to the mix. He knew that leading others looked and felt different than his present day examples. Laurie Beth continues to capture Jesus' style, teachings, and examples of leadership in her messages, writings and programs. Here in the Omega Leadership series each week we unpack some of those principles so that listeners, leaders, and followers can benefit from the 'Omega Leadership Model.' This week Laurie Beth Jones will be talking about the Omega Leader as Coach using the Balance Principle: 'Know the difference between Archetype and Stereotype as you lead.'

  • American Daily Review: Reaching The Millennial Generation

    in Politics Conservative

    The youngsters are always the ones the political minds are seeking.  The Democrats have always been very good at brainwashing the young skulls full of mush that are the newest voters.  The GOP hasn't done jack crap to reach the younger generation.  And the millennials have noticed, buying into the never-ending mendatious leftwingnut stereotype that Republicans are all old white guys who look like the Monopoly Man who are out of touch and part of the "corporate wall of oppression" that are only barely being held in desperate check by the "knights of fairness" in the Democrat Party.

    Most millennials don't realize that they have been and continue to be flagrantly deceived.  But some of them do, and these twenty-somethings are not happy with what they've had to take from Barack Obama.  The question is how the Grand Old Party can capitalize on the younger generation's disillusionment with the Obamunists.

    In the third hour of the Saturday Afternoon Extravagazna (4PM Eastern/1PM Pacific) on Constitution Radio on KMET 1490-AM, we answer that question.

    But first, an opening monologue on JASmius's week of hell and what it takes to make him disappear from politicalpistachio.com, Hard Starboard Radio, and the 'Net entirely for an entire week.

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    Fruit of the Poisoned Tree : Black Men vs. The "deadbeat dad" Stereotype

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    the revolution of the mind continues....

    The WYMS countdown to Father's Day continues... The war on the Black man as a "deadbeat" father continues to wage psychological damage on our community even in the face of conflicting evidence. 

    Tonight we debate how the mindset changed... Was it feminism? Family court laws and the trap of court ordered child support? Or was it our own actions? Who do we put a case on... But more importantly how do we get back our image and our righteous minds?

    Won't be home? No problem. Text "WYMS" to 63000 and get the listen in number sent to your phone 5 minutes to showtime. 

    Special invited guest : Dr. Umar Johnson


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    MyNDTALK - The ADHD Advantage

    in Psychology

    The ADHD Advantage

    For decades physicians delivered the diagnosis of ADHD to Patients as bad news and warned them about a lifelong struggle of managing symptoms. But The ADHD Advantage explodes this outlook, showing that some of the most highly successful entrepreneurs, leaders, and  entertainers have reached the pinnacle of success not in spite of their ADHD but because of it.

    Although the ADHD stereotype is someone who can't sit still, in reality people with ADHD are endlessly curious, often adventurous, willing to take smart risks, and unusually resilient. They are creative, visionary, and entrepreneurial. Sharing the stories of highly successful people with ADHD, Dr. Archer offers a new way to recognize ADHD traits in oneself or in one's loved ones, and then leverage them to great advantage--without drugs.

    As someone who not only has ADHD himself but also has never used medication to treat it, Dr. Archer understands the condition from a unique standpoint. Armed with new science and research, he hopes to generate public interest and even debate with his positive message as heguides the millions of people with ADHD worldwide toward a whole new appreciation of their many strengths and full innate potential.