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    What is the proper steps to take to become Bishop or Apostle?

    in Spirituality

    Greetings people of God, I want to bring out this topic because we have some many Bishop's/Apostles popping up all over the place......Is there a age limit on these titles and should I be Apostle/Bishop when I have not shown myself faithful as a Elder/Minister........God has set order in the church but a lot of us fail to fallow this order.......People of God you must know that God does not work in mess and so if it is not right from the beginning God will not jump on bord in the middle of it........Let us come together and talk about this so that we may bring understanding to the body of Christ.........

    Your Servant,

    Real Talk With Derian A. House

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    Steps to Take Before Starting a Job Search

    in News

    How Pulse Surveys can improve worker morale and what steps you should take before starting a new job search. WSJ's Mathew Passy reports

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    7 Steps to Take Before Your Bank Gets Hacked

    in Finance

    Have you ever wondered what you would do if all the money in your bank account just disappeared? This MoneySmarts4u show will go over the 7 simple and effective steps to take to prepare for the eventuality that your bank is hacked. 

    Barbie O'Connor, your host for the MoneySmarts4u show, has over twenty years of experience in the financial services industry, where she advised individuals on how to save, preserve, and grow their assets. Recently she authored the book, MoneySmarts4U: The Basics, which covers topics such as cash and credit management, renting an apartment, buying a car, getting a job, buying a house, getting engaged and married, as well as charitable giving. 

    If you have any questions about these topics you would like discussed in a future show, please email them to info@moneysmarts4U.com.  For more go to www.moneysmarts4u.com. 

    For more MoneySmarts4U, go to the website: www.moneysmarts4u.com, subscribe to the podcast.  Click here to buy the book, Moneysmarts4u: The Basics, on Amazon.   


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    The Madness: Busted!

    in Entertainment

    The "Love Talk" Madness in March concludes with the concept of being busted! What do you do when you find your spouse/mate cheating? There is more to it than just leaving. We will discuss the steps to take based on the status of your relationship. Call 347-850-1228 to voice your opinion on how to handle your cheating mate/spouse.

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    Take Notice Return Ish

    in Music

    Welcome Back Fans! To another episode of Take Notice! It has been a while, so We hope you enjoy the show! We have lots to talk about today, from One Direction to the New Fast & Furious movie set to be released in a week! Stay Tuned and definitely TAKE NOTICE :)! 

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    Take a Walk Through the WORD 'Prophetic Perspectives with Prophet K.J. Dumpson

    in Religion

    This is a show that will appeal to the masses of people who desire to 'Take a Walk Through the WORD', learning in detail how to apply the Word of God into their daily lives. We have individualized shows that explore all of the facets of our lives as disciples and followers of Christ. This is a complete A - Z walk using God's Word as a guide to a fulfilling life and the ability to live abundantly above and beyond with Christ as the foundation. We have in our line-up of programs, Marriage Monday’s “Marriage: When 1+1=1” with Ministers Kevin & Lynette Harrison of Washington, D.C. Tuesday we have “Prophetic Perspectives with Prophet K. J. Dumpson”, Thursday’s show is “Real Talk 4 Real People” with Minister Kevin Harrison of Washington, D. C.. Fridays show is “Conned, Hoodwinked, and Lied To” with Minister Dwight Lewis Sr., and Come hear the fantastic lessons from our variety of teachers then enjoy and participate in a show that allows you to be a co-moderator, as you "Take a Walk Through The WORD". Contact us at 770-873-2622. E-mail us at dwightelewis@gmail.com. Amen.

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    My Take Radio-Episode 284

    in Entertainment

    A new serving of gaming and entertainment heads your way courtesy of My Take Radio. 

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    Radiant self-care: 3 steps to Radiant Self-Love with Lorilei

    in Self Help

    Inner Radiance of family life starts with one person, one parent, one family at a time.  I know all too well how the many complex layers that make up our "family life" demand our time, attention, and energy.  We want to be fully present for our kids because we love to share in those experiences. This how we create connections and memories that will live on in our hearts. Filling the well of Self-care for ourself as mom's is something we know is vital. The practice and engagment of that in our daily life actions can be completely another story.  Frankly, we put off the things we most need to fill the need of another family member. But, when do we go back and reframe that balance?

    3 steps to "push the reset button" ensuring the cleansing, maintaining, and creating our most Radiant Day. 

    Creating a simple 3 step plan to keep Radiant self-care at the center of our being, to Radiate Self-love.

    facebook: Radiant family life radio and pod cast and Inner Radiance of family life dynamic parenting community.


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    9 Minutes to Completing Something Dramatic

    in Self Help

    You want to finish a marathon. Or an ultra.

    Or write a book.

    Or start a new job online.  Or_____________

    In this 9 minute show, we can show you the steps to take to create this dream.

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    Fearless Generations 12 Steps to Freedom: Step 6 Present Moment: Integration

    in Self Help

    We are wrapping up step 6 to freedom: Present Moment. Listening to your intuition will support you to become clear. As you only focus on the here and now, you let go of the clutter in your mind. You let go of the worry of the future, and the guilt of the past, allowing the present to be clear, so you can embrace it more fully. As you continue to take this step forward, your focus will increase. The next steps of action will present themselves to you. As you go for these risks and opportunities, fear may appear and want you to avoid them. Don't give in to fear. Avoiding future joy will not decrease future pain.  Go for your dreams and live your life to the fullest. Take nothing and no one for granted. Love yourself and everything that comes your way. Accept fully the present in the present moment.

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    Take Action Get Profits with Getting All the Facts and Answers

    in Business

    Take Action Get Profits with Michele Scism and her guest Dr. Donna Thomas Rodgers & Angela Sloan:

    Dr. Donna Thomas Rodgers has over 20 years of leadership experience. Dr. Donna has served as a Private-First-Class to a Commissioned Officer in the military. After performing her military duties Dr. Donna worked her way up the ranks to C-level suites. Those experiences have allowed her to strategically solve problems at all levels in an organization. As a Commissioned Military Police Officer she managed millions of dollars of assets and equipment and led over 2,500 soldiers without any casualties. After transitioning to a management role at Frito-Lay Dr. Donna continued to perform at a high level. She personally supervised over 500 employees, managed 20 million dollars in company assets, and trained corporate team members at the national level in safety, continuous improvement and performance-based training.

    For 30 years Angela Sloan, CEO and founder of Sloan Financial Group, has dedicated herself to helping her clients secure their financial affairs. Unfortunately at a young age, she was swindled out of her life savings by her “trusted” advisor. This misfortune motivated Angela to make it her life’s work to keep bad things from happening to good people. Angela’s list of accomplishments include earning the Pioneer Service Excellence Award, the AMS Inventor of the Year Award, winning the Richard M. Metcalfe Memorial Award as well as sitting on the York Technical College Entrepreneur Panel and guest speaker appearances for Clemson University’s Professional Development for Women Conferences held throughout the United States. She has been featured in Financial Advisor Magazine, Greater Charlotte Biz Magazine, and ProActive Advisor Magazine.

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