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    Stepmother Lament: Is My Karma Manifesting in my Stepfamily?

    in Women

    Internationally acclaimed psychologist and best selling author Dr. Carmen Harra and her daughter, life coach, Alexandra Harra  gives us tips on how to deal with an ex after a break up and help to recognize if an attempt at friendship is the best move.There are no perfect relationships, but we can have better experiences by becoming aware of our karma and the people we are allowing into our lives. Dr. Harra’s and Alexandra’s book reveals the secrets of how to transform the karma in all of your relationships—especially our stepfamilies.  You can find their book, The Karma Queens' Guide to Relationships:  The Truth about Karma in Relationships The Evil Stepmother Speaks is a sacred space for stepmothers.   THE BLOG:  The Evil Stepmother Speaks: http://bit.ly/lBKSwP PUBLIC FACEBOOK PAGE:  Like us at The Evil Stepmother Speaks.  ONE ON ONE COACHING:  Email me:  Barb@TheEvilStepmotherSpeaks.com READ THE BOOK:  THE EVIL STEPMOTHER SPEAKS:  The Guide for Stepfamilies Who Want to Love and Laugh.  The Evil Stepmother Speaks and get a free recording of me teaching the first few chapters! ATTEND A STEPMOTHER RETREAT!!   Find all the info at The Stepmom Sanctuary Retreat.

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    A Mentor Says Hello

    in Relationships

         Today we will examine the importance of helping people, in particular we are going to look at mentoring.   Listen in to a long time mentor share his thoughts from a Christian perspective

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    Spirit Journeys Radio Show with Rita Ricks 2 Year Anniversary

    in Motivation

    I launched SPIRIT JOURNEYS radio the first Tuesday in May 2014.  For the last two years, my focus has been to share relevant and substantive information to help you live a healthier, happier, purposeful, fulfilled life.  I love hosting this show and so appreciate you, my listening audience, for your wonderful support and engagement.  My focus for May is talking to guests who have great anniversary stories to share.  Please celebrate with me this month!!

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    Grove's Avenue - Ladies Day On Live with Aroga Chairman & CEO Grove Bennett

    in Health

    Join Aroga Worldwide CEO Grove Bennett and several of the key ladies of the field as we discuss some incredible stories. We will have Blue Diamonds Minh & Julie Ho, and Double Diamond Suzanne Betard from Canada! Who knows who else will stop by and share some stories! We are going to have a great time! Join us and enjoy! 

    - The Accu-Man

    If you want to ask Grove a question, send your questions to TheAccuMan@ArogaWorldwide.com

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    Live Your Music – Margaux Joy and Guest Maria Carbonell 05/04/16

    in Lifestyle

    I am happy to have Maria Carbonell as my guest for 05/04/16.

    Maria Carbonell is founder of Sama Ayurveda, the first and only Green Certified Ayurveda Spa and Healing Studio in Santa Barbara, California. She focuses on the health, healing, and beauty for a woman’s soul.

    In Spring 2015 Maria felt an intuitive calling to close a physical location and begin making the transition to assist women around the world who are struggling to bring harmony to their heart and soul and align with who they truly are as they move through major life transitions.

    Maria acts as a compassionate guide to help women find the root cause of where they may be out of alignment, return to the memory of who they are, redefine their path and purpose, heal from loss, and re-ignite their passion through a self-discovery process guided by the ancient wisdom traditions and specific programs she has created called The Discomfort Cure and 5-Senses Pleasure Healing.
    Maria is an aromatherapist, energy healer, herbalist, Ayurvedic practitioner/educator and Intuitive Life Coach. She has published an e-book called The Art of Retreat, a how-to guide for personal retreats, giving every busy woman permission to pause and connect to their inner wisdom and give their body the renewal and restful state to help rebalance their mind and body.

    She lives in Ojai, California where she maintains her health, healing, and beauty garden, hosts the Lit Up Life Soul Summit, offers personalized Rasayana Nature Retreats and Health, and Life and Soul Coaching for women around the world.

    To connect with Maria Carbonell online, please visit her websites:


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    in Spirituality



    Throughout her life, Joan Frances has continued to develop her natural abilities (Clairvoyant / Clairaudient / Clairsentient / Clairambiant / Claireliant) and loves working with people to help improve their quality of life, both in healing and personal and business guidance sessions. She confidently conducts consultations both for private individuals and within the business sectors, using her remote viewing skills in her role as the Psychic Property Surveyor ,Psychic Readings, Business Projections, Past, Present and Future Readings, Life Path and Past Life Reading, Spirit Guides/Angel Communication and Soul Contracts. 

    Joan Frances is also well renowned for her expertises in intuitive Aura and Chakra Readings, Artistic Aura Drawings and conducting demonstration with the worldwide acknowledged Aura Photography Camera named "Aura in Motion". She has a public, private and corporate clientele.

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    The Brain Fog Solution with Functional Nutritionist Elisa Haggarty

    in Self Help

    Lift your mood, energy, and sharpen focus in 30 days!

    Do You Struggle With…

    Mood swings
    Brain fog (can’t remember appointments & loose car keys too frequently)
    Low sex drive
    Anxiety & depression
    Feeling perpetually drained mentally
    Sluggish metabolism & weight gain
    Frequently making careless mistakes & can’t finish projects

    You get one brain, one body, and one chance to get this thing called “life” right.  Join Functional Nutritionist, Holistic Health Coach, and Natural Foods Chef Elisa Haggarty to explore The Brain Fog Solution, which will help set you up for success so you can lift your mood, energy & sharpen focus. 

    Free webinar on brain health:


    The Brain Fog Solution course:



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    Irate, Tireless Minority - May the 4th Be With You

    in Politics Conservative

    Doing my best to help the Lord set the brushfires of freedom in the hearts of men and to restore America, God willing, to the beacon of freedom she was meant to be.

    Doing a bit of a departure from the usual format. Today we'll be looking at some news of the day courtesy of the DHS daily infrastructure report. Here are the urls for those stories:







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    WATCH & PRAY: Demonic Messengers

    in Education

    LISTEN, DISCERN, and PRAY! We ALL MUST seek God aout greater discernment about the voices speaking to us on every level; especially into our atmosphere! Lord,... HELP Us ALL TODAY!

    Please SHARE. Thanks

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    American Tennis with Chuck Kriese - May 4, 2016 - Managing Match Day Pressure

    in Sports

    American Tennis with Chuck Kriese - May 4, 2016 - Managing Match Day Pressure This is a 3 part instructional series on the Pressure changes of Match Play.  Coach Kriese gives the tool that can be used to help coaches and players put a method to the madness of changing pressures on match day.  Join American Tennis with Coach Chuck Kriese every Wednesday at noon on the UR10S network.

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    Pawsitive Learning Experiences Tom and Mike on Dog Behaviors May 4, 2016 2:00 pm

    in Education

    Discussions surround helping to manage Dog Behaviors with basic reinforcements that help your pet become the best it can be.  Tom and Mike’s objective is to help the listener and viewer understand some useful techniques that will keep everyone happy during this time period.  They will talk and demonstrate positive rewarding ways pet dogs can complement a happy and healthy home.Today’s topic is Muzzles for Dogs and Teaching your dog to feel comfortable wearing one.


    Pawsitive Experiences Training, LLC

    Thomas Heiskell, PhD.

    Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training-Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP), PhD.

    731 5th Street

    Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

    EM:  theiskell@roadrunner.com

    Ph:  740-357-4206


    Mike Thompson,

    EM: MikeT@rio.edu

    Director, Instructional Design and Media Services

    University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College

    IDMS Wood Hall

    Rio Grande, Ohio

    Ph:  740-245-7411