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    Emotional Intelligence - Interview with Dr. Stephen Oliver on Talk-N-Angels

    in Spirituality

    Emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability to monitor one's own and other people's emotions, to discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior.

    This week on Talk-N-Angels Radio Show, we invite Dr. Stephen Oliver to join us to talk about emotional intelligence, for it is gaining popularity in the business world as a measure of intelligence that can be considered equally important and sometimes more important than IQ.  But what is really intriguing is the idea that the use of "gut instinct" is brought into this conversation, and as we always talk about on this show, listening to your gut is using your intuition.

    Has intuition found its way into mainstream academia?  How do you know your level of emotional intelligence? We'll find out this and more on Wednesday, 7/9/14 at 7 pm right here on Talk-N-Angels Radio Show.

    Dr. Stephen Oliver is one of this area's most respected Human Resources, organizational development and training professionals.  An academic with a broad range of consulting, training and teaching experience, he engages with students and leaders in Corporate America and has earned high praise as an active facilitator, motivating coach and dedicated mentor.  

    Through his management consultancy HRCVision, Stephen works with organizations as a Leadership and training consultant focusing in the areas of critical thinking, strategic planning, leadership development, emotional intelligence, and diversity in the workplace.

    For more information about Stephen and his consultancy, HRCVision, please visit his website at hrcvision.com




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    The 8 Reasons 92% of a All Traders FAIL!

    in Finance

    Oliver Velez has been preaching the gospel of trading for a living, espousing its life altering capabilities, for nearly three decades. He has traveled the globe to speak with and advise countries, exchanges, large trading organizations and various financial expositions and has recruited thousands of traders to form what is now one of the largest proprietary trading firms in the world. However, one of the things he has never shied away from is making market enthusiast know, right up front, that the odd are against everyone making it, and tremendously so. Mr. Velez has earned fame not only via his trading throughout the last three decades, but has gained popularity by constantly reminding and never letting the industry forget that 92% of all market participants fail at this game he calls trading.  That’s right, a whopping 92%. “The restaurant business, one of the hardest businesses to survive in, has slightly better odds than trading,” says Oliver Velez. “But if you manage to become one of the 8% of those who make it…O.M.G.! What a life.”

    So why is this the case? Why is the vast majority doomed for failure in the trading arena? In this live broadcast, Mr. Velez delves into the 8 biggest reasons that produce this failure rate. Knowing what they are and how to circumvent them will greatly enhance your odds of becoming one of the elite 8 percenters.  Don’t miss this anticipated broadcast this upcoming Wednesday, November 25, 2015 at 4:30 pm ET. Interact with one of the most celebrated traders of modern day times. Send questions to radio@ifundtraders.com or call in live with any questions you may have. Be there!

    To take this incredible journey with Oliver Velez by your side, email journey@ifundtraders.com to learn how to get trained and get fully funded. 

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    The Road to Enlightenment, with Kellie Fitzgerald and Stephen Christopher

    in Goals

    From failure and debt to owning award-winning companies, Stephen Christopher is a passionate consumer and teacher of personal development, as well as an influential public speaker. As CEO of Seequs Marketing Technologies in Denver, he loves helping business owners grow companies with digital marketing.

    In almost every city, you’ll find that nearly every household and commercial establishment relies on the Internet for things like social interaction, entertainment and business transactions. People can post information so that other people can see, share and gain value from it. Visibility is perhaps the strongest feature of the Internet, and businesses take advantage of it for that exact reason.  Seeque Marketing Technologies helps companies become more visible in the marketplace.

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    Stephen Caputi discusses I SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN MOROCCO on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Books

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes Stephen Caputi to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss the events in his life that led him to write the book I SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN MOROCCO and what it's been like to share his journey with the world.