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    Stem Cells and Neurological Diseases: Facts and Fiction

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    Curing vision loss, growing  new skin for burn patients, growing blood vessels, and curing neurological diseases. These are a few of the proposed benefits from stem cell therapy. Embryonic stem cell research has been a source of political debate and controversy, but adult stem cells exist throughout our body after embryonic development and there is some evidence to suggest that they can differentiate to become other cell types. This potential capacity for adult stem cells to be instructed to specialize interests scientists and researchers who hope it will lead to a cure for Parkinson's and other neurological diseases.

    Separating stem cell fact from fiction will be the role of my guest, Dr. Juan R. Sanchez-Ramos,   Movement Disorders Professor and Researcher, Department of Neurology, USF Health, Tampa, Fl.  Dr. Ramos’ Clinical interests include: neurodegenerative diseases with focus on Huntington’s and Parkinson's disease. His research interests include: neurodegeneration, neurotoxicology and adult stem cell biology. Dr. Ramos is the Medical Director for the Parkinson Research Foundation, and provides monthly Ask the Doctor lectures at its community based program, Parkinson Place in Sarasota, Florida.

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    Where Art Thou: Moving From STEM To STEAM

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    Where Art Thou?: Moving from STEM to STEAM

    STEM is all the rage and rightly so. The skills our children need to learn regardless of their profession incorporate the skills that are taught in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics classes. With the emphasis on these studies one has to wonder what has become of a well-rounded liberal arts education. Schools in many cases have squeezed out fine and performing arts in order to make time for all STEM requirements. In the last five years however, many have come to understand, that arts incorporate complimentary processes to those addressed in STEM curricula. Things have started to heat up in moving from STEM to add the arts and move to STEAM.

    In this show, we will explore how the arts are integrated into a STEM centered curriculum and provide a vision of how arts can be better integrated to provide learning opportunities for all students.

    Join Host Michael Jay and ETT Guests ponder the following:

    What are some examples of the process of moving from STEM to STEAM?
    What benefits and trade offs are made in the process of incorporating arts into a STEM curriculum?
    How prepared are educators to engage learners in learning activities that incorporate the arts?
    What can publishers and curriculum developers do to incorporate more STEM into their arts curricula and/or more arts into their STEM curricula?

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    Football, Concussions, CTE discussed with NFL wife Mary Ann Easterling

    in Football

    Ray Easterling played football at the University of Richmond and for the NFL Atlanta Falcons from 1972 until 1980.  His life's journey, and that of his beloved wife Mary Ann is one of the more poignent stories of an NFL player and the tragedy of brain injury, CTE and a death that came too soon in life.  In this episode we continue to learn more about Mary Ann and Ray....and their challenges and some of the challenges Mary Ann had to come to grips with. She is joining us to share, inspire and hopefully give help and hope to our sisters of football who face a life that has no "guide book" or estabilished "solutions".


    Real Football Wives here on blogtalkradio is produced and hosted by Jane Arnett, long time advocate on behalf or retired football players and their families and wife of Jon Arnett, college All American, 10 year NFL vet, All Pro, 5 time pro bowler and member of the College Football Hall of Fame. 

    If you are a retired player's wife, ex-wife, widow or family member and would like to connect with Jane and other retired football players wives please "like" the Real Football Wives page on Facebook where you can private message, You can also find Jane Arnett on twitter or message her through this blogtalkradio page.   


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    in Education



    Dr Morris Leis , the Superintendent and Lisa Hodges, Assistant Superintendent  will be with us to talk about true STEM success at a very unique school. Thanks to Pitsco for helping me find them.


    www.pitsco.com @pitscoed  www.coffee.k12.ga.us

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    STEM EDUCATION:The State of Play in Engineering Education.

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    STEM  EDUCATION:The State of Play in Engineering Education.

    James Brown of The STEM Ed Coalition and his guest Tom Perry, Director of Engineering Education at ASME, The American. Society of Mechanical Engineers .

    Actually they're human. They just design mechanical things.



    Presented by PITSCO EDUCATION

    www.pitsco.com  @pitsco

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    stem cell research, and cloning

    in Radio

    Chat with QB Raine and the hosts about stem cell research and more!!

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    STEM Education Series #1: Non-Techie and Newbie - How to Create an Apps !

    in Technology

    Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur, Sharon L. Simmons has created the ultimate guide for building your OWN App! As the CEO of software company, Trafalgar Solutions, and developer of her own iGot'em App (Available on iTunes), Simmons teaches you, step-by-step, you'll need this tool to build the amazing App that you've always dreamed of having! If you don't code this book will help you get your thoughts organized, help you with research and prepare you for your developer. The iGot'em App is global and yours can be, too!

    We invite you to Join Our Monthly Discussion, we ask you to 1) Purchase the Book 2) Join Our Text Contact List - Text the Word "Launch" to 41411 from your smartphone 3) Dial in for our live Q&A with the Author and TWEET Up with us an hour afterwards #TechXOChat


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    Autism and Stem Cells

    in Self Help

    Tune in LIVE this Sunday September 14th at 4pm PDT as I welcome Marty Kelly to the show Autism & Stem Cells.  You’re encouraged to call into the show with questions for Justine aka Miss ADD, or Marty at (917) 889-7025.


    Marty Kelly’s son, Kenneth, was diagnosed with Autism, and she had exhausted every possible medical treatment in the U.S.  She and her husband eventually traveled to Panama, for Kenneth to receive STEM CELL TREATMENTS and it has made a huge difference in his life.  At age 8 he had an IQ of 55, at 13 he now is in school and has an IQ of 98.  Listen LIVE on Sunday to find out why they attribute this incredible success to stem cell treatments.


    For more info, visit their blog www.KensJourneyToRecovery.Blogspot.com and watch their YouTube videos:

    Ken's Journey To Recovery--Stem Cell Autism Miracle


    Spect Scan - Amen Clinic New York 2013


    Vemma Autism


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    Conversations In Care talks with Stem Cell Expert and Cardiologist Dr. Hare

    in Health

    Care Radio Network's Flagship Show Conversations In Care


    Join host of Conversations In Care, Tami Neumann as she sits down in conversation with Stem Cell Expert and Cardiologist Dr. Joshua Hare.  They will talk about the use of stem cell therapy and repairing damaged hearts.  

    Dr. Hare is the founding director of the Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, chief of the Division of Cardiology, and Louis Lemberg professor of medicine and professor of molecular and cellular pharmacology.

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    Things are OK in Duncan OK

    Don't re-invent the wheel . Duncan Oklahoma has figured it out. My friends at PTSCO Education introduced me to Jeannie Bowden from  Duncan Area Economic Development about how they are working with schools K-12 with  the Duncan Area Youth Engineering Contest


    www.ok-duncan.com  www.pitsco.com  @pitscoed

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    James Brown, President of the STEM Ed Coalition with special guest Jerry Elner,National Director High School Development, for Universal Technical Institute

    Presented by Carolina Biological

    www.carolina.com @carlinabio

    and Mind Research Institute

    www.mindresearch.net   @mind_research

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