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    #19: Your Young Living Business: The numbers & statistics you want to track

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    What numbers and statistics do you want to track to analyze the health of your business and where you should be focusing your attention?

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    Statistics Resources and Big Data

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    This show will highlight my Subject Tracer titled Statistics Resources and Big Data. This Subject Tracer gives you the latest resources for statistics on the Internet as well as the latest apps and sites for Big Data .. the new "buzz" word for cyberspace!  We will also be reviewing the latest happenings from my blog during the last week. We will be also discussing my latest freely available Awareness Watch Newsletter V11N8  August 2013  featuring Student Research Resources as well as my freely available August 2013  Zillman Column titled Auction Resources On the Internet.

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    Lurleen Hilliard authored Survivors Not Statistics. She knows about abuse, because she lived this life for over 20 years. She is not a Journalist or regular Author, just a mom who simply had enough of her life of abuse, and watching her sons grow up with Child Abuse. In speaking out she is helping so many victims of all forms of abuse. Most of her work is within the USA however she is now recognized globally for her work.

    Lurleen is a nightly Panelist and Guest Coordinator on the Stop Child Abuse Now Radio show, brought to you by National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (NAASCA.org). It is better to offer help and it not be needed, than to need help and have nobody there to offer it.

    Working with Human Trafficking & victims of Child Abuse caught in its web, is a huge part of Lurleen's life. She is working with an Organization in Arizona to support and help to prevent the Pandemic Level of Trafficking there. Now also an Ambassador of Hope for Shared Hope International, she intends to do as much as possible to curb this abuse.

    Lurleen doesn't regret her life of abuse, in fact she is grateful for it. As it has allowed her to find her path in life,to discover her real self, and to dedicate the remainder of her life to helping all victims of abuse. Irrespective of your gender, abuse is abuse and not acceptable.

    So the life that could have killed her many times, is actually the life experience that has also made her who she is. A strong,determined, very vocal Advocate on Child Abuse, Human Trafficking, Prostitution,Domestic Violence, Corruption of Systems to help Victims, Legislation,Fundraising.

    Life is for living, and not simply existing as a statistic. This book is her reality…


    Book:  Survivors Not Statistics

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    #19: Your YL Business: The numbers & statistics you want to track: Part II

    in Business

    What numbers and statistics do you want to track to analyze the health of your business and where you should be focusing your attention?

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    Real Estate Statistics for the Modern Human

    in Real Estate

    Santa Clarita real estate statistics.  We have those reviewed and re-posted each week.

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    What's Wrong in Ferguson, MO? Voters, Voting Statistics, or Redistricting

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    Ferguson is a city of 21,000 residents. This little city is 67% black 28% white, and others. On August 9, 2014 a young man, preparing to enter college on Monday August 12, never made it past August 9. This young man was killed by a police officer. The account given by the officer is that the young man was ordered to not walk in the street. It is said by the officer the young man refused to move to the sidewalk; words were exchanged, the young many reached into the patrol car to grap the officer and the office shot to protect himself. Based on the officers statement via police chief, the young man proceeded to run away, and the officer chased the boy and shot him several more times. The young man then lay dead, for 4 hours in the very street the officer attempted to prevent him from walking in. The reason for the now body of the young man to lay in the hot August street for 4 hours is known only to the police officers of the small town of 21,000 residents. The officer, Darren Wilson, has not been arrested, and no other person has been arrested. A person walking in the middle of a street is killed while running away from an officer, and the officer remains free, on paid leave. What does the death of a person mean to a city so small? To the majority of the people, the death is a tramatic experience and they want justice for the death of the young man. Mike Brown, who is not longer with us. To a few choice people the death of the young man, a black man, means peace has been disturbed in their small city and the few does not want the eyes of the world on their small city watching angry demonstrators.

    I find something strange going on in Ferguson Missiouri. I will talk about some concerns in todays shows. Any listeners from Ferguson who know something about the voting there, please call in and let's talk about voting statistics in Ferguson Missiouri.

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    Statistics Resources

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    This show will be featuring my Statistics Resources Subject Tracer. These resources are all part of the Internet and big data and give us the ability to determine the underlying infrastructure for todays new economy events and happenings.   We will also be reviewing the latest happenings from my blog during the last week. We will also be discussing my latest freely available Awareness Watch Newsletter V10N2 for February 2012  featuring Tutorial Online Resources 2012 as well as my freely available February 2012  Zillman Columns covering Data Mining and Web Data Extractors 2012.

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    INNERSIGHT - Because the statistics are not available, the disabled are in danger.

    in Lifestyle

    INNERSIGHT - Because the statistics are not available, the disabled are in danger.



    Advocates for the Disabled!

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    Friday Jan. 3 2014 8:00 pm EST BarnacleBob on the truth of statistics

    in Finance

    BarnacleBob is our guest tonight, and he is loaded for bear. The question is : Whether the statistics support the legislation & regulations in our daily lives? Using only published data, we will dig into those facts to find out if there is any 'truth' to the figures being presented to the consumer of those 'facts'. What is the power of these published figures, and to what ends are these bits of figures used for?


    Give us a call and join in on the conversation.

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    What You Don't Know About Male Sexual Abuse with Donald Jeffries Mens Advocate

    in Self Help

    As a society, when we think of rape or sexual abuse we are likely to assume that the victims are female and the perpretrators are male. That is a gross misconception. There are many more female perpretrators and male victims than most of us are aware of. 

    Today's special guest Donald B. Jeffries, President/Executive Director and founder of Mariposa Men’s Wellness Institute, a nonprofit focused on the promotion of men's emotional wellness through education and training, is here to discuss the cultural blindness that exists concerning the prevalence of male sexual abuse and the profound negative effects this abuse has on male victims.  

    Researchers have found that 1 in 6 men (a modest estimate) have been sexually abused before the age of 18. And alarming statistics show that women can and do sexually abuse and assault adult men, though it rarely gets reported. The unfortunate truth is that because males simply aren’t allowed to be victims (or at least not allowed to be seen as such), they are are often more emotionally damaged than females by society’s refusal or reluctance to accept their victimization.

    The goal of this show is to raise awareness of the prevalence of male sexual abuse, thereby raising the level of help, compassion, and healing that is available to these victims. 

    This will be a very powerful show. Be sure to save the date and tune in .

    For more information about Donald B. Jeffries of the Mariposa Men's Wellness Institute, please visit https://www.linkedin.com/pub/donald-b-jeffries/6/776/24b

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