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    Peach State Politics by Ponytail Patriot

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    Well yippie-ki-yay...Hillary Clinton has announced she's running for President in 2016. I'm just so excited that I don't know what to do...NOT! The question now is...will Elizabeth Warren challenge her or not? There is a major movement among the populist Democcrats to recruit Senator Warren based on they don't think Hillary is "left enough". GA Lawmakers have filed legislation for a pilot industrial hemp program and RFRA is NOT going away in Georgia any time soon. Also, the Paulding County Board of Commissioners will be meeting tomorrow. What's on their agenda? I bet it won't be getting to the bottom of the background checks conducted by Mike Jones on the county credit card. We'll also be discussing the latest in the City of Dallas, Ga. I found it most interesting how Mayor Austin made one of the worst and least interesting 10 minute videos for the city website that is nothing more than a glorified re-election ad.And last, but certainly not least, Pete Grubbs of Toe Jam will be talking to us about the release of their new album because we all need a break from politics on occasion. You will not want to miss my thoughts on Hillary and the Presidential 2016 race or recent developments in Georgia and Paulding County. So make sure to tune in for what is certainly going to be controversial conversation and some really great music from Toe Jam. See you there.

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    Peach State Politics by Ponytail Patriot

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    The Georgia General Assembly (GGA) has ended for 2015 and thank goodness for it. We'll be having our own GGA legislative wrap up and discussing what we will expect from state lawmakers over the next 8 months and in 2016. We'll also be discussing a few national issues such as the national RFRA debate and the 2016 Presidential election cycle. And then, of course, we'll also be discussing local issues such as the ridiculous email one resident got in response to an open records request they submitted to the City of Dallas. $80 an hour because they don't have a "dedicated open records request officer"...really? My aggravation with National, State and Local politicians and their flunkies is reaching a crisis point and I think I'm about to erupt. As usual, we'll have plenty of music by liberty minded artists to keep us upbeat and motivated. You won't want to miss a minute of tonight's show.


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    Peach State Politics by Ponytail Patriot

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    What happens when the Good Old Boys turn a blind eye to constant violations of county and state building codes by their friends and campaign contributors? Find out tonight why Paulding County is all in a tizzy over the latest kerfuffle created by a Facebook posting. We'll give you the ins and outs of what is really happening and who you should truly be upset with. The Georgia General Assembly kicked off the 2015 legislative session today and Governor Deal was officially sworn in for a second term. There are a lot of hot button issues and I'm wondering what Libertarians think of some of them. And what exactly is Spartacus Legal? Find out tonight who started the Spartacus Legal Foundation and why. Also, we'll talk about my humorous adventures over the weekend that kept me from attending the Wild Hog Supper on Sunday. Join us for all of this and much more tonight at 8 p.m.ET. As usual, we'll have plenty of great music by Liberty minded artists to keep us upbeat and motivated. 

    Ponytail Patriot is here to hold any and all public figures accountable on the state and local level in Georgia. Completely unaffiliated and independent, Candi holds nothing back when confronting tyranny and abuse of power. 

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    Peach State Politics by Ponytail Patriot

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    Did the Georgia General Assembly lose their collective minds this year? If you're following HB 170, the Transportation Bill, you probably think they have. Having studied the original bill and now the "Senate Substitute", I am absolutely convinced their is something in the water under the Gold Dome, OR someone needs to open the windows to clear out all the carbon monoxide in the chamber, legislative offices, and committee rooms! HB 1, the Medical Cannabis bill, cleared another hurdle in the Senate on Thursday, now it goes to the full Senate for a vote. Some changes were made to the bill and we'll discuss that. And how can an elected official (or government employee) resign from office under questionable circumstances only to be awarded a "consulting contract" or be hired in another part of the state? What was Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard thinking when he hired former Douglas County DA, David McDade for the Fayette County office? We'll also be giving the latest updates and possible movement regarding any investigations into the background checks conducted by former Paulding County Administrator, Mike Jones. Make sure to tune in as we discuss all of this a more. As usual, we'll have some awesome music by Liberty Minded artists to keep us upbeat and motivated. You won't want to miss a minute.

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    Peach State Politics by Ponytail Patriot

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    Last week was an interesting week in Georgia. From the 2015-2016 Georgia General Assembly kicking off to local drama, it was a very busy week. Join us as we discuss our thoughts on the beginning of what promises to be an interesting year under the Gold Dome in Atlanta and local drama at the Paulding County Board of Commissioners first meeting of 2015. Oh yes, Paulding County is once again in the middle of another kerfuffle. But the Paulding BOC aren't the only ones creating kerfuffles. Oh no, the saga between "Me and Mr. Jones" continues and I'll be giving everyone the latest updates on that particular saga. We'll be discussing all of this and much more, so make sure not to miss a single minute. As usual, we'll have plenty of great music by Liberty minded artists to keep us upbeat and motivated. See you there!

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    Peach State Politics by Ponytail Patriot

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    We are down to just three legislative days in the Georgia General Assembly. Medical Marijuana has passed both chambers and is on its way to the Governor's desk to be signed into law. Criminal Justice Reform also has cleared both chambers. But HB 310 and SB 94 are bad for Liberty and create another level of bureaucracy in the criminal justice system. Meanwhile, RFRA is still being debated in committee and Governor Deal is threatening a "special session" if the Senate and House don't come to an agreement that the Governor can live with regarding the transportation bill. Of course, through all of that, there is still plenty of shenanigans to be found in Douglas County regarding Foxhall and in Paulding County regarding the background checks kerfuffle. Join us as we discuss all of this and more. As usual, we'll have music by Liberty minded artists to keep us upbeat and motivated. See y'all there

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    Peach State Politics by Ponytail Patriot

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    After a brief hiatus due to family issues, we are back! There is plenty to discuss including SB85, the GA Senate Bill that would expand definitions pertaining to Development Authorities, SB130 that would ban smoking in vehicles IF there is a minor under 15 years of age in the car, and HB170 - the transportation bill. We'll also be discussing the GOP county conventions held this past Saturday and of course, I'll be giving the latest update on the Me & Mr. Jones saga. And what is up with the Paulding Board of Education on Twitter? Is it really ok for the person responsible for social media to get rude when asked questions about whether or not schools will be open, as well as other issues? As usual, we'll have plenty of great music by Liberty minded artists during the breaks to keep us upbeat and motivated. You do not want to miss a single moment of what is sure to be a show full of controversy. See you there!



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    The Collision of Faith & Politics! Confederate Flags, Obamacare, & Gay Marriage

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    Confederate Flags, Obamacare, & Gay Marriage RESOLVED!

    It has been a busy week huh? Lots of angst on the part of many in this country. 

    The White House is lighted in LGBT rainbow colors at the command of the Manchurian president and state's rights and individual rights are apparently nullified by the opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States. 

    If you don't support gay marriage being forced upon the states, you are branded a hater. Even though you don't hate homosexuals.

    If you do not view the Confederate Flag as an offense, you are branded a racist.  Even though you don't hate black people.

    If you do not support Obamacare being forced upon you, you are branded a neanderthal.   Even though you studied obamacare and you know the truth.  You are educated.

    If you are a Christian and you disagree with the left you are branded a bigot, racist, religious zealot... But are you?

    What does this have to do with you? What has this to do with "the Church?”  You say you don’t have an opinion on Gay Marriage because it doesn’t affect you?  I will show you why YOU are the one impacted the most by corrupt activist judges on not just gay marriage being forced upon all 50 states, but obamacare…  If you are a gun owner, you want someday to own a gun, guess what?!  This ruling dramatically impacts you!  But you don’t care, so big deal right?  Slow down slam dancer, stuff is beginning to break loose and you aren’t ready.

    In these power packed minutes I will weave the golden and Scarlet thread of Yeshua and Scripture through modern culture to discern what the Bible says, and what I, as a Black Robe Regiment Preacher believe and recommend for "the church”  and for the citizens of this once great country, the United States of America!

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    Episode 1067: Politics & Tactics

    in Training

    Where education meets experience and expertise.  Learn from the decision makers and talk one-on-one with elected leaders.  Being a great firefighter is not good enough!  Politics effect our staffing, budgets and equipment.  Get involved now with Frank Ricci and Chris Pepler.

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    Topic on Much Matters Mondays at 7pm EST/ New York City:
    Healthy Start of Pre- & PostNatal Care Services/ Health Office Staff & Professionals Professionalism/  500 Black Men Brunch/  "Pregnancy" a Qualify Event for Insurance, NY is the 1st State to Do That?

    Transit and parking info:Phone-in: (914)803-4571

    State of the Black Parent BlogTalkRadio w/ Shaunes Richardson

    Our Crowdfund End on the 4th of July,  Contribute, Today <--

    Our Official Site for September NYC Conference which consists of Roundtable & Young Developers Show, Children in Career Apparel  --> www.blackparentsnow.org


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    Let's Talk Politics w. Fred Wilson

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    Tonight, I will debate with author and talk show host, Ben Dixon on the merits of gay marriage.  Secondly, we will have City Councilman Warren Jones to discuss his latest bill that would make it illegal to park backwards in your driveway.  Lastly, we will also talk about the Supreme Court’s ruling to keep Obmacare going.  These topics are sure to be controversial, but hopefully educational and entertaining.  

    We only talk about politics, but everything is political so all subjects are fair game on the show!  Tune in tonight at 7pm EST at www.blogtalkradio.com/survive or 917 932-1078.

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