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    How to Register Your Vehicle with the DOT (USA) as Hosehold Effects

    in US Government

    As we continue to talk about the return to Natural Law, we're going to talk about what is already in place that most people don't know about.

    Today, we discuss what is found directly on the internet about registering your vehicles with the Department of Travel (DOT) http://www.usadot-gov.org/  in the U.S.A., as a household effect and how this helps you.

    Join us for this discussion and if you have questions, prepare to call in late in the show.

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    FREEDOM TALK RADIO Judge Steve Curry Troy Mathisen Global Sovereign Alliance

    in Legal

    FREEDOM TALK RADIO With Judge Steve Curry Stash @  Troy Mathisen Global Sovereign Alliance


    SHOW PROMO - Judge Steve Curry of www.4cd.org & Troy Mathisen  expose the frauds of legislative laws and discuss remedies for all using natural laws, universal laws and divine laws based on our honour, of honouring us and demanding honour from all public servants - this includes deeming public servants acting outside their oaths (which they must produce upon request) as Treasonous.  Listeners will be able to give a brief summary of their grievance in an email, having exhausted the man-made laws, for a general discussion about the possible remedies available to them within man-made laws and outside.  This is an international platform so listeners from all over the world are welcome to email in.  Email freedomtalkradio2013@gmail.com with your case summary, landline number (anywhere in the world) and Andy Peacher will call you if we cover your case and we require further information from you.  We regret due to time individual cases will not be covered unless serious national or international crimes by Governments acting with mass dishonour.

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    Jordan Reed juice cleanse

    in Sports

    Mind of Mansion Podcast Episode 167: Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion recounts how he missed Jordan's Reed high volume week 1 flashback performance.

    Stash Josh Robinson, because Frank Gore is breaking down before our eyes. 

    Mark Ingram is the NFL's most well-camouflaged bell cow. 

    Stedman Bailey, team No. 1 wide receiver? 

    Do not get cute and try to buy low on Allen Robinson and Sammy Watkins. 

    Terrified by DeMarco Murray opportunity share and utilization pattern. 

    Jordan Reed is a Gronkian tight end target hog. 

    Jordan Reed is a DFS must-play in week 2. 

    Tony Romo was the most efficient quarterback in the NFL in 2014. 

    The Dallas Cowboy's generational offensive line has enabled Tony Romo to play a different game than other NFL quarterbacks. 

    Terrance Williams was sneaky efficient in 2014 is now a must-start operating as Tony Romo's No. 1 wide receiver.

    Operating as Tony Romo's No. 2 wide receiver, Devin Street is now a must-start. 

    Advanced metrics, prospect evaluations, and fantasy football information were provided by PlayerProfiler.com

  • Ask FlyLady: Paper Clutter Can make you feel bad!

    in Family

    Paper Clutter is all over house. Let's check it out. We are scared to death to let go of any paper. We are going to address our addiction to paper. I promise you can do this. We are going to disect our clutter.

    What is in your hotspots, desk drawers, cabinets, china closets, filing cabinets, book cases, kitchen drawers, and your purse.

    Stash and Dash is a big part of the problem.

    I may even have a big confession for you.


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    Dinner Specials...with May Pang and Cynthia Neilson...Live

    in Entertainment

    We're welcoming back one of our favorite interviewees, Rock 'N' Roll Comics cartoonist and San Diego Reader columnist Jay Allen Sanford. Jay's custom art covers for cd's is sought after, and his legendary stash of live concert tapings from 1979-1999 is being called The Great Tape Conversion by music aficionados. His collection contains rare and historic concert moments including Procol Harum, Badfinger, Traffic, Arthur Lee and Love. He's with us, live, to reveal some of his favorites and bring us up to date on his life in a cartoon world. No net...no filter...all fun.

  • PGT Episode #262 It Official-Scientist Debunk Refer Madness

    in Legal

    Planet Green Trees Radio Tonight!

    Listen LIVE 8-10 pm EST at www.planetgreentrees.com or call in 347-326-9626


    Hosted by attorney Michael Komorn from Komorn Law and Chad from Birmingham Compassion


    Contributions from Rick Thompson from The Compassion Chronicles, Jamie Lowell from Third Coast


    Tonight- Nazlee Maghsoudi from Knowledge Translation Manager, ICSDP- International Centre for Science in Drug Policy

    Leading international scientific body reviews thirteen oft-repeated claims on cannabis use and regulation, finds that none are strongly supported by scientific evidence

    Also Joining us from the Secret Stash Adam, DJ Salam Wreck

    Dakota and Josey calling in to discuss MI Legalize.


    Jim Powers- Michigan Parents for Compassion co- founder and board member of the ballot group known as MILegalize.

    And- regular guest and friend of the show attorney David Rudoi of Rudoi Law, Eric Gunnels, Thetford Twp Trustee and T-Pong


    Michael's rant, news, current events and more!

  • January Jones - Love Is Ageless-Susan Haught

    in Books

    Award winning author Susan Haught lives in the mountains of Arizona's Rim Country with her husband and high-maintenance Shih Tzu, Mercedes (Sadie). When she isn't creating captivating characters in quaint settings or wrestling a busy day-job, you'll find her tackling an overgrown garden, engrossed in a movie, or curled up with a good book--her dog and a stash of Australian black licourice nearby. Susan and her husband have one son. 

    Susan writes contemporary women's fiction/romance with the belief that love is ageless and has the power to change lives--one step, one touch, one kiss at a time. You can find out more or read Susan's award winning short story, Vicious Circles, by visiting her blog at:



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    Hiding in Plain Sight: Part 1

    in Social Sciences

    Our program will be very eclectic, but based around subject matter that we feel relates to all of us.  Robert C., as most everyone knows him as "Stash" is my guest-host for this show.  He and I usually have conversations that last for three hours, and we think this is a normal length for our conversations, are inviting you to listen and even call in once we establish the basis for our show.

    We have no idea how this show will develop, but you're welcome to join us.  Whatever we talk about, we will as always, bring it to a point where we do our best to live up to our subtitle, "Your Show for All Things Positive."

    If this show is accepted well, we will host a longer version of this show - Part 2 and more if you, our listening public find this of value.

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    The World of Hacker Guru's

    in Spirituality

    *Our show didn't air here because of internet issues we couldn't overcome.  To listen to this program, visit the K WAVe 6 Radio site at www.kwave6radio.tk, then choose the podcast player of your choice to listen.  We're sorry about this inconvenience, and hopefully we won't have any other problems in the future.

    Have you ever found yourself following someone just because they're popular?  How about because they've written a book or fourteen?  Maybe because your friend(s) suggested the person?  Have you ever stopped to wonder where that person got their knowledge?  Is it all knowledge, or is it wisdom?  And yes, there is a difference.

    Today, my co-host Melanie Beres, our close friend Robert C. (a.k.a. Stash) and I will be discussing our experiences with such people.  The self-same people that live VERY comfortable from just giving speeches and writing books while living in a tax-bracket that none of us will probably never experience.

    If you're looking for ways to make your life better, there are genuine people available to help you, without charging for everything, if anything at all.  So now, how do you find these wonderful people?

    Join us today for our discussion... and who knows?  We may open the phone lines later in the show!

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    Wolfpack Takeover Radio: Wolfpack Monday

    in Radio

    Come chop it up with the pack. We discussing these upcoming cards and the latest few battles that dropped. C-Ash vs 40 Barrs, Hitman Holla and Aye Verb vs DNA and K Shine, our wolf Hazey Willams vs Young Stash, Ill Will vs Show Off, URL West, and alot more. Call up or tune in! EAT WIT US OR STARVE ALONE!!

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    OITNB - "Empathy Is a Boner Killer" - Season 3 EP 3 Discussion

    in Entertainment

    Join hosts Kristin (@kristin0409) and Keisha (@keelime_) as they discuss the latest episode of Orange Is the New Black on Sundays at 2 pm EST.

    Empathy Is a Boner Killer:

    Nicky's stash situation gets complicated. Alex and Crazy Eyes try a new drama class. Red assists Healy with a personal matter.

    To listen to more episodes, head on over to Variety Radio Online, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.