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    Dream Catchers - TBI - Starting over and over again - Tai & Les Paul

    in Dreams

    Dream Catchers - TBI - Starting over and over again - Tai & Les Paul

    Isn’t it amazing as we near the end of 2015 and Family Friends and loved ones are still often clueless about just how Brain Injury and related disabilities are effected

    Has anyone ever been irritated when people ask you questions like a

    Song Spreading my Wings

    Over and Over Again

    Lack of understanding

    Why so Angry at

    The Good and the Bad

    They see my weakness and not my strengths

    Devoting your Support System Support

    Stop allowing people to use your disability against us!

    Think positive - With a loud voice - Live life the way you see fit! Not the way others want you too!

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    Maria Allyn: Your Midlife Coach

    in Women

    Unfortunately, many midlife women can and do suffer from bouts of anxiety and depression. Often brought on by shifting hormones, these and other difficult emotions can wreak havoc on the multiple transitions we experience at this time of life. 

    That’s where midlife coach, Maria Allyn, comes in. Maria focuses on helping women 45 – 65 to get clear on what they want, eliminate barriers that are stopping them and provide them with the tools to create the life of their dreams.

    If you want strategies and resources to make the most of this time in your own life, you won’t want to miss this show!

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    Starting Over: Life After NDE

    in Paranormal

    Tonight on Paranormal Kool-Aid join Cara and Belinda as they welcome Steve Barry and Lyn and Jeff Bowling to the show. We'll be discussing their Near Death Experiences: what happened, if there were commonalities, and finally how it effected their lives.  How does such an experience change the person you become? What's it like starting over after seeing the other side? 

    It's going to be a great show! So make sure you tune in and listen!!!

    Take a sip of the Kool-Aid! What's your flavor?

    Discussions on Paranormal Phenomena: Ghost/Spirits, Psychics/Mediums, Hauntings, Demonic Possession, Ufology, Alien Abduction, Time Travel, NDE's, Bigfoot/Sasquatch, Conspiracies & All Things Unexplained.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ParanormalKoolAid

    Twitter: @ParaKoolAid https://twitter.com/ParaKoolAid

    Email us with your Questions & Suggestions: pkaradio@gmail.com

    Listen LIVE or talk to our Hosts & Guests: 1-646-929-2384

    Paranormal Kool Aid Radio is brought to you by #PKA2015  Belinda Clark-Ache, April Abercrombie, Lyn Bowling, and  Cara Davidson

    OHHH YEAHHH!!!!! 

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    Over and Back: NBA's longest playoff droughts

    in Basketball

    The longest playoff droughts in NBA history are discussed on this episode of the Over and Back Classic NBA podcast. Jason Mann and guest host Adam Criblez talk about the 1977-1991 Los Angeles Clippers, 1995-2006 Golden State Warriors, 2005-2015 Golden State Warriors, 1987-1996 Sacramento Kings, 1991-2000 Dallas Mavericks, 1975-1983 Utah Jazz, 2007-2015 Kings, and 1978-1986 Warriors.

    Topics discussed include how the Clippers under Donald Sterling lost out on Charles Barkley, Byron Scott, Terry Cummings, Ricky Pierce and Hersey Hawkins but enjoyed Lancaster Gordon, Benoit Benjamin, and Bo Kimble, how the Warriors fell apart following the Don Nelson and Chris Webber feud, Latrell Sprewell choking P.J. Carlesimo, the Timberwolves trading Kevin Garnett and David Kahn's reign of terror, how Bill Russell helped wreck the Kings, how it didn't work out between Jamal Mashburn, Jason Kidd and Jim Jackson in Dallas, the current mess in Sacramento, how trading everything for Pete Maravich didn't work for the expansion New Orleans Jazz, and the long road for Purvis Short.

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    Over The Wall Racing - NASCAR 2016 Dust Off Ep.1

    in Professional

    Cathy Brown and Cliff Dougherty hosts of Over The Wall Racing are gearing up for the 2016 NASCAR season! Listen in as they work out the kinks in peperation of covering all the news, opinions and race recaps of the 2016 NASCAR season! Call in, send feedback and let's get this thing started! 

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    Be about Your Business! Starting a Business Over 40 Has Its BonuseS!

    in Women

    We always hear about the business wunderkinds. The entrepreneurial phenoms that experience success before the tender age of 30 (and many times even younger). But wait a minute! Starting a business doesn't have to mean starting when you are young. In fact, author and blogger Lynne Strang says there are some benefits of starting a business later in life. Your Second Act can be the perfect time to pursue their entrepreneurial passions.

    Website: https://latebloomingentrepreneurs.wordpress.com/ 

    Book: Late Blooming Entrepreneurs: 8 Principles for Starting a Business After 40 

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    Magic of Midlife with Wendie Berry - Episode 9

    in Motivation

    Bobbi Palmer is The Dating and Relationship Coach for Women over 40 and founder of Date Like a Grownup, She is the trusted adviser, teacher and truth-teller who helps smart, independent women replace their midlife dating drama with the intimacy, passion and partnership of a grownup relationship.

     Fed up with being single, and determined to succeed in her romantic life (like she had in the rest of her life), Bobbi finally figured out ‘the man thing’ and became a first time bride at 47. Now joyfully married, she walks her talk every day as she helps women around the world do what she did: find fantastic, forever love after 40.

     When you work with Bobbi, you receive the compassion of a woman who has first –hand experience of being a single woman at your age. You also get the skill of someone who has had a highly successful career as a professional adult educator. As she says: “There is nothing wrong with you. There are just some things you don't yet know.”

     Bobbi has been a guest on The Today Show, has been interviewed on countless radio programs and is a go-to dating and relationship expert for Huffington Post, Your Tango, Digital Romance TV, Match.com, Women’s World, AARP, eHarmony.com., and many other go-to resources for women who want to bring love into their life.

     Bobbi hosts the highly popular Grownup Girls’ Night Out monthly live webcast where thousands of women come together from all over the world to learn (and, of course talk) about dating, sex and love after 40.

    Learn more about Bobbi at www.DateLikeaGrownup.com.

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    Stars Clap Books over Bullys

    in Education

    Join us each Wendsday  as we bring back the joy of reading a book- Our Current Book is Because of the Moon by C.J. Cutayne

    Obedience is for dogs,” spouts Jay Roberts, a mischievous teen with a wicked sense of humor. Arrested for his involvement in a chop shop, Jay has two choices: go to juvenile detention or move to the impoverished Indian reservation his mother shunned fourteen years ago where his estranged grandfather will oversee Jay’s penance. Either way he won't enjoy the fruits of his latest prank "Rat-Day". 

    Jay doesn’t belong in the run-down village and vows to return to the city when his sentence over, if not sooner. He resents his frequently absent mother for making him move three weeks before school is over. A school where everyone calls him "Apple" for some reason. Jay goes through the motions of his community service while planning his escape. His plan to stop the school bully will either win him the respect of his peers or turn him into "apple sauce". 

    Keeping everyone at arms length, Jay watches with indifference as family by family, the people move away. After thousands of years on their ancestral land the villagers have given up hope of survival. Gradually Jay learns to appreciate his Grampa and the quirky tribe members. When Grampa points to Orion's belt, in the sky, Jay asks "If his belt fell down would we see a full moon?" and the two click. 

    Jay devises a plan to keep the village together protecting the history and tradition he is inherently a part of. When the plan threatens to fall apart can Jay reach out to the unreliable village alcoholic to pull them through?

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    Magic of Midlife with Wendie Berry - Episode 6

    in Motivation

    Lorena Evans joins Wendie for this edition of Magic of Midlife. Lorena is She is a Reiki Practitioner, Akashic Records Consultant, Certified Angel Card Reader and a Spiritual Medium. She will be sharing her inspiring story that led her from the Dominican Republic to the United States and from the Corporate world to the life of a Spiritual Coach. Lorena will discuss her the work she does to transform the lives of her clients

    Lorena will also provide On Air Angel Card readings for the listeners!

     You won’t want to miss this opportunity to listen LIVE and get your personalized angel card reading just in time for Christmas and the new year. 

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    Make Magic with your Mind - Starting with the Small Stuff

    in Spirituality

    We each hold the power to create and witness magic in our lives by using our bodies and minds to activate our simplest/highest/deepest desires. Where the mind goes energy flows therefore our minds play a major role in creating our matter.

    As we're still fresh into a new year and resolutions abound, we'll be sharing what we do to manifest some of our intentions - like magic - into our lives. Starting with the small stuff, creating a strong base for building energy muscle and momentum for manifesting even more.

    So join Seah and Dr. Chan as they share their personal insights and step by step method  for Making Magic with Your Mind. 

    You're invited to give them a try and witness even more Magic in your own lives if you like!


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    Magic of Midlife with Wendie Berry - Episode 8

    in Motivation

    Speaker and Transformational Business and Personal Leadership Mentor Jen Gilchrist joins me on this edition of Magic of Midlife. Jen has been an entrepreneur for 17 years, and a Spiritual Mentor for 6 years, She has has gone from Struggling Single Mom to a 6-figure Business Owner --making money doing what she loves and empowering others to do the same.

    Jen is the creator of the Blissful Bride Program and Enlightened Entrepreneur Program.  She works with “Highly Sensitive” Entrepreneurs on a deep level, supporting them to  reclaim the confidence, trust, and tools needed to harness their intuition, reconnect with their Unique Purpose, and make it a thriving business, without burning out!  Jennifer is deeply inspired and passionate about empowering  others to be the Leader in their life and business.

    Jen Gilchrist is a certified Angel Card reader and currently facilitating a Free online class Angle Activation.  It is not to late to join. Go to www.AngelicActivation.com to sign up.  She will also provide an Angle Card forecast for the next week so be sure to tune in to see what the week will hold for us.

    How to contact and follow Jen Gilchrist