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    Checklist for Starting a Business

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    Join us Thursday live at Cielo Ranch Apts - Dallas.  Panelist: Roddrick West, Faye Hill, Tiffany Wingo, Chris Henderson, Crystal Bates, Levester Hughes, Alfred Walker, Ce Ce Moreland and LaShanda Lewis. Visit www.opmconnect.com to register for free VIP reserved seating.

    Discussion: Small Business Start Up, Human Resource, Financing, Direct Sales, Social Media Marketing, Employee Development, Filing Taxes, Compliance, Insurance, Banking, Business Plan, Business Proposal, Non-Profit, Grant Writing and Free Resources.

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    Starting Your Own Business - continued

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    Pastor Tray Smith and Mrs. Cathy Jobe discusses how to start your own business. They will encourage you to change your mindset from a "I'm going to..." mentality to a "I'm doing it" mentality. This will require the visionary and dreamer to let go of fear, procrastination, and even comfort zones. This show and even subsequent shows will clearly present the steps one must take to develop and build effectively. Q&A will be allowed at designated times. Get your answers from the experts on both a spiritual and natural level. 

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    Liz Soria: Starting and Running a Small Business in the USA

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    Liz Soria, CPB, ATP is the founder of Express Tax and Bookkeeping Services in Florida since 2009. She offers professional and affordable virtual QuickBooks Accounting and tax services. She has been working in the accounting and tax field for over 12 years.

    She earned a Bachelors in Business Administration with a major in Accounting. She holds credentials as a Certified Public Bookkeeper (CPB) with NACPB, Accredited Tax Preparer (ATP) with ACAP, and Intuit QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor Desktop/Online (QBA). She has presented live seminars for chambers and networking groups. She also publishes educational blogs and video tutorials. 

    For Info: http://www.etbsfl.com

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    The Process of Starting Your Own Business with Earline Marshall

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    Join Conversations with Deli with your host Verdel Jones as we welcome Earline Marshall, President and CEO of Marshall Management Group.  Earline Marshall is a new business owner dedicated to building lasting relationships with organizations by working diligently to ensure the organization’s success. 

    Marshall Management Group provides exceptional management and administrative services designed to expand clients’ operational capacities to support program implementation, grant management, policy development, events planning and administrative services. Marshall Management works with commercial, non-profits and government agencies.  Earline is the go to person to take your business to the next level. 

    Earline received her B.S. in Management Studies (with a minor in Communications) and her MBA from the University of Maryland University College (UMUC).  She has over 25 years of experience in management that includes grant research and proposal writing, program management, policy development, administration, and strategic planning.

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    10 Steps in Starting Your Business The Right Way

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    10 Steps in Starting Your Business The Right Way is our topic today on The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet. Starting a business involves planning, making key financial decisions and completing a series of legal activities. Here are some easy steps in setting it up the right way and preparing yourself for success. Here are start up resources links to help. There are a number of available programs to assist startups, micro businesses, and underserved or disadvantaged groups. The following resources provide information to help specialized audiences start their own businesses. Check out our website at www.thecorebusinessshow.com or www.applecapitalgroup.com for more details. 

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    Starting Your Own Business - Nonprofit or For profit

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    Pastor Tray Smith and Mrs. Cathy Jobe discusses how to start your own business. They will encourage you to change your mindset from a "I'm going to..." mentality to a "I'm doing it" mentality. This will require the visionary and dreamer to let go of fear, procrastination, and even comfort zones. This show and even subsequent shows will clearly present the steps one must take to develop and build effectively. Q&A will be allowed at designated times. Get your answers from the experts on both a spiritual and natural level. 

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    #1 - Q&A for Starting a Family Business

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    In this episode I share some of the questions I get around the world about starting a family business. I address common questions such as: What if I don't have money? What are my options for starting a family business? Won't working together destroy us? What about entrepreneurship and children? How do you balance it all?

    Learn more on my blog: daphnemallory.blogspot.com. Like me on Facebook:

    Daphne Mallory, Esq. is an Entrepreneur Magazine Contributor, media personality, and international speaker and trainer on Family Business and entrepreneurship.

    Billboard Magazine described Daphne as "Engaging Fans... Forging a New Path." Her work and life has been featured on ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC, The Dr. Oz Show, Self Magazine, Woman's Day, Essence Magazine, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, Brown Alumni Magazine, Black Enterprise and more.

    She is the radio and television talk show host and producer of Family Business with Daphne Mallory on 103.9 FM KDKI and KSAW-ABC. She appears as a guest expert on other television and radio programs. She has written over 1,000 articles for national and web publications.

    She is originally from Liberia, one of the poorest countries in Africa. Her father was sent to Oxford University by his company which paved the way for her to attend school in London after his return, as a child, and alone. She learned to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and leadership skills to survive in three different countries: Liberia, England and the United States.

    She serves on numerous board and is proud to be a member of Rotary International.

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    Minimize Key Risk Factors When Starting a Business with Author D. Anthony Miles

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    It’s a risk, starting a new business. According to the SBA’s Office of Advocacy,  the general rule of thumb is that a new business has a 50% chance of surviving 5 years or more. Increase your odds by being aware of the risk factors. Author D. Anthony Miles, Ph.D. joins guest host Mary McKenna on Smart Companies Radio to discuss his book “Risk Factors and Business Models: Understanding the Five Forces of Entrepreneurial Risk and the Causes of Business Failure”. Learn the patterns that cause failure and how you can minimize and/or prevent them.

    To hear more shows, please visit our archives.

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    Be about Your Business! Starting a Business Over 40 Has Its BonuseS!

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    We always hear about the business wunderkinds. The entrepreneurial phenoms that experience success before the tender age of 30 (and many times even younger). But wait a minute! Starting a business doesn't have to mean starting when you are young. In fact, author and blogger Lynne Strang says there are some benefits of starting a business later in life. Your Second Act can be the perfect time to pursue their entrepreneurial passions.

    Website: https://latebloomingentrepreneurs.wordpress.com/ 

    Book: Late Blooming Entrepreneurs: 8 Principles for Starting a Business After 40 

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    Starting A Virtual Assistant Business with VA Expert Tawnya Sutherland

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    Tawnya Sutherland is a Certified Internet Marketing Specialist and The Market Leader for Virtual Assistant Resources at VAnetworking.com

    Whether you are an aspiring Virtual Assistant, a seasoned veteran, or somewhere in between, VA expert Tawnya Sutherland will provide gold nuggets for everyone. She will be sharing how, and why, she started her own small business as a virtual assistant; where she began to where she is now and how you can do it too! If you have the spirit and passion of an entrepreneur you will want to listen in.

    Here are just a few questions we will be asking Ms. Sutherland.

    1. What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?
    2. Is working from home as fulfilling as it sounds?
    3. What advice would you give to a person just starting their VA practice?
    4. What skills or attributes would a person need to be a successful VA?
    5. How much of a market/need is there for Virtual Assistants?
    6. How much can you charge/earn for this kind of work?
    7. Where do VA’s find their clients?
    8. Why would I hire a VA instead of hiring a secretary to have in my office?
    9. Where would one train to become a VA?

    Grab your friends and collegues and tune in right here on December 2, 2015 at 5:30 PST/6:30 MST/7:30 CST/8:30 EST. You may simply listen in by visiting Administrative Services Direct web page or call in and join the discussion (773) 897-6398.  

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    Starting a Business From the Bottom Up

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    During his 25 year career in insurance, David L. Brown learned firsthand the challenges of running a small business. Including the number one reason businesses fail, which is failure to understand their market and their customers’ buying habits. David became a student of marketing, and knocked it out of the park with his first campaign, which brought in 20% more sales. When fellow agents saw the results, they said, “Hey Dave, you should be teaching this stuff.”  This led him to write his book From the Bottom Up: The Ultimate Guide for Business Planning to Profitability. In 2012 David left the insurance business and started his own consulting business, D Brown & Company, pursuing his passion of marketing and helping others. 

    David is a firm believer in serving his community. He became a member of a volunteer board of directors for a community health center in 1987 and worked his way up the ladder becoming President of the Board of Directors for nearly 20 years. During his tenure the organization grew from a small health center to 4 locations in two counties with a budget over $11 million dollars. He was elected President of the Michigan Primary Care Association for two terms. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Community Health Centers. David’s work has earned him several awards from both the State and National Associations. 

    As his book title says, David knows what it’s like to learn “From the Bottom Up,” from starting a business to being President of a multi-million dollar organization. A consummate professional, David’s marketing skills continue to increase his client’s businesses by 20-25%.

    Be sure to join us in the chat room!