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    Starship Farragut premiered their most recent episode: "Conspiracy of Innocence" this past Monday at FanCentral.us and now we get to go where few have gone before! Join Michael Bednar, Michael Day, cast and crew of our favorite Trek Series as we go deep into "Conspiracy of Innocence." Join the fun and join us live! 




    Title: "Conspiracy Of Innocence"
    Production Number: 004

    Release Dates: 
    Premiered in Kingsland, GA. 05 July 2014
    Premiering at Shore Leave 2014, 01 August 2014.
    Releasing on the web: 04 August 2014, 9:00pm EDT on Fan Central http://fancentral.us

    Stardate: 6594.3

    Mission Summary: While on a mission to a strange new world, Captain Carter and crew face the ultimate challenge as a close friend gives their life to save the others. Trapped in a world below the surface of a dying planet, the inhabitants share a secret which could change the galaxy forever. While Captain Carter and the crew grieve, a threat emerges which could mean the end of the Farragut.

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    Starship Farragut warps in for a chat!

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    John Broughton of Starship: Farragut will be joining us to talk about the latest happenings with Starship: Farragut AND with news on their newest, animated feature release: POWER SOURCE. We'll also been chatting it up regarding the set construction that Starship: Farragut has down in St. Mary's, Georgia! News on JUST PASSING THROUGH as well! Michael Struck of NEO f/x will also be in the house! Additional guests to be confirmed.

    Lots to talk about! Join the party! Join the Admiral and Shadow, Captain John Thomas Carter and the U.S.S. Farragut as we celebrate October 11: Federation Day!

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    MICHAEL BEDNAR AND MICHAEL DAY return to the realm to talk about the lastest happenings in Star Trek and more importantly: STARSHIP FARRGUT!

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    Fandom Access: Helix Special Guest Neil Napier

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    Join us for a special edition of Fandom Access as we welcome returning special guest, Neil Napier, who plays Peter Faragut on Syfy's Helix. Call in with your questions for Neil!


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    Come by and share your rsolutions and Happy New year to you from Captain Smellsogood and The StarShip SmellyPrise!!

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    Saturday Morning Cereal - That One Guy! featuring Michael Ironside

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    Take some time this week to remember your original happy hour: Saturday mornings as a kid, waking up at dawn, jumping on the couch with a bowl of chocolate cereal, turning on the ‘toons, tuning out the outside world, and working your way into a sugar hangover before noon. This week Grim and Mark E devote the whole show to a new theme we call That One Guy!, which honors those actors from your favorite movies and TV shows growing up, whose name you can't quite think of right now but you know who we mean... uh, you know... that one guy!  We break in this new format with the one and only Michael Ironside (you know, he's that one guy from Top Gun, that one guy from Total Recall, that one guy from Splinter Cell, that one guy from V, that one guy from Scanners, that one guy from Terminator Salvation, that one guy from freakin' EVERYTHING!!), featuring Grim's interview with the man himself about everything from his TV days to how he helped shape video games as we now know them, and right up to his latest role in the Vicious Brothers new movie Extraterrestrial  (playing now in select cities and available in your area on VOD). By the end of the show, we guarantee that you will always remember Michael Ironside's name and look really smart whenever people at your work are trying to think of this one particular "That One Guy!"

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    Pure Hope #21 The NEW Cities of LIGHT

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    Join me on the Pure Hope Show, Tuesday November 25th at 7:00 pm LIVE!!!  Rev. Kari Chapman will share her recent Spiritual journey of Peace & Freedom to the Middle East/Saudi Arabia.  We will have a magical interesting talk about her experiences with the New Cities of Light, the Starship Genesis World Servers of Peace that she helped bring through in the Middle East and one in Amsterdam the Consortium.  She will share what exactly a City of Light is and give information about the New Cities of Lights that are now being anchored on Earth.  We will open the lines for Q and A.  Just call 213-559-2974 press the number one and you will be greeted by Hope and Kari with Love and Light.  On this program you will also find out what all the warring energies are and WHY, current earth changes are happening to humanity.  Come listen and learn how you can play a part in helping the Divine Plan at Hand!  Kari will be opening herself to Spirit to allow new messages to come through. www.namaste-wi.com

    Rev. Kari Chapman is a soul interventionist.  Internally known as a Teacher for Teachers.  She is the founder of the Namaste Healing Center in Lake Mills, WI.  Rev. Chapman is also a conscious multidimensional psychic, and a dedicated healer.  Kari conducts Akashic Record Readings with Archangel Michael and many multidimensional, angelic and galactic hierarchies.  She is an author of five published books and is dedicated to helping others with transformation and personal growth.  She gives accurate, compassionate, holy psychic reading.  I invite you all to spread this news to others and listen to this most informative program.   All of our programs are intentionally filled with Love and Light!  Blessings from Hope

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    Jeff Trek: Producer Jerry Stanford of Star Trek Valkyrie talks audio Star Trek

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    Tune into the audio world of Star Trek Fandom with Producer Jerry Stanford with Star Trek Valkyrie and Star Trek Ranger. We are aslo welcoming Michael Daily of Farragut Fest. Beam on up!!!

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    Jeff Trek: Vance Major and Brian Anglin - Star Trek Fan Film Actors

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    Jeff Trek welcomes fan film actors Vance Major and Brian Anglin from the Starship Valiant and the Starship Defiance. Star Trek Fandom...you gotta love it. \\//,

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    Free for All Friday with a Special Guest Host Who is an Atheist

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    Today we are going to look at the news of the week with a special guest host who is a former Christian and now professes to be an atheist.

    Our guest host is Karl Kemerait.  Here's a little bit more about Karl, from Karl :) 

    I grew up in Connecticut, spent 10 years in the Navy. For the geeks out here I spent 1 year on board the USS Enterprise (the Aircraft carrier, NOT the Starship). I attended Gallaudet College in Washington D.C. where I majored in Interpreting (sign language) . I am married with 3 children, my wife is from Colombia and I have been an atheist for roughly the last 20 years. Prior to that I was a born-again Christian for almost 25 years were I spent my time teaching and with apologetics, evangelizing mostly people from various Western cults such as Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons. During my time as a Christian I attended Gathering of Believers in Maryland had an opportunity to meet with Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ, and also Scott Ross who was the DJ on one of the first Christian "Rock" Radio stations in the country.  I am self-employed and work as a computer programmer. For hobbies I enjoy building bird houses, playing tennis, trying to fix-up my '78 Fiat spider convertible and am preparing to take up the cello, even though it terrifies me since I have no sense of timing or rhythm!

    Enjoy the show!

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    Star Trek fan film Producer John Broughton and cast

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    The King of DC Media welcomes John Broughton Excutive Producer of the Star Trek-inspired film, The Crossing, which will begin principal photography in November, and actor\writer Paul Seiber, who wrote the screenplay and plays Security Officer Prescott.

    Read more about John at DC Actors Examiner.

    From the Kickstarter Page:

    The Starship Farragut production is a small, independent operation where every dollar received is plowed into the quality of the production. Given the growth and evolution of this project during the course of the last 10 years, particularly the expenses associated with the Farragut Films Studio (a 10,000 SQ FT facility of free-standing Star Trek sets), the costs to also put forth the films are quite substantial. Starship Farragut's "The Crossing" is a special film that requires financing that can no longer be contemplated without the support of backers’ support.

    The funds from this crowdfunding effort will be used for expenses associated with filming and post-production work with NEO f/x, who has worked with us since inception in providing CGI ship exteriors and other special effects.

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