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    Meditating with Dina Proctor

    in Lifestyle

    Dina Proctor, Best-Selling Author, returns to Watch Me Grow Radio to discuss her 3x3 meditation practice. 

    Dina went from being hopelessly depreseed, addicted to alcohol and planning her own suicide to living a miraculously blissful life today. Over a period of time, using 9 minutes a day, Dina transformed her life, through her unique 3x3 meditation practice. 

    Dina's heart and body connection inspires and is affectionately contagious. If you've ever wondered if YOU have what it takes to meditate, this is the show for you. Tune in and discover what you didn't know you were missing!

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    The Art of Manifesting with Jen Mazer

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    Join your host, Star Staubach of Ignite Radiance as she welcomes The Queen of Manifestation, Jen Mazer! Jen has traveled the world, spent time the greatest Spiritual teachers of our time and married the love of her life, an accomplished and celebrated Rock Star! Jen Mazer doesn't mess around when it comes to manifesting.  She is a manifesting Bad A$$! 

    Really?!?  Yes, REALLY!  Jen is the real deal when it comes to manifesting. She will be sharing tips on how she managed to manifest some of her wildest dreams and how you can do the same! Open your heart and mind, grab your favorite warm tea, take a seat in your most comfortable chair and allow yourself to experience the personal expansion that will happen as a result of listening to this show! 

    As always, your host, Star Staubach promises to deliver rich, poweful and transformative content! 


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    Find Freedom, STRIVE Less!

    in Lifestyle

    Join your host Star Staubach of Ignite Radiance as she encourages you to LET GO of working so hard! As a mother of two active young children, radio show host, International motivational speaker and business owner, Star KNOWS the hazards of overwhelm as we STRIVE to work, work, work toward what it is that we seek to create.  Tune in as Star shares her favorite tips of moving through the myths of overworking!

    Visit Ignite Radiance to receive Star's FREE 5 Strategies to Release the Overwhelm and Return to the JOYS of LIFE!


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    The Art of Receiving Part 2

    in Lifestyle

    After launching the initial 21 Day Challenge to Receive and then witnessing a line of people surrounding the perimeter of a large conference room, Star is determined that GIVING is not the issue that most of us struggle with.  In fact, the stuggle is with receiving.  The two go hand-in-hand.  Join the conversation as Star launches a movement to change the way we perceive RECEIVING!
     As an Aliveness Coach, host Star Staubach supports her clients to life fully.  To learn more about the 21 Day Challenge to Receive, visit Ignite Radiance.com. 

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    Perfection is: YOU being YOU

    in Lifestyle

    Your Aliveness Coach and Host, Star Staubach is taking the month of August to dedicate to YOU being ENOUGH, just as you are!  Tune in and connect with the gifts that you have access to, RIGHT NOW! 
    Want to receive your FREE mp3 download of "10 Steps to Raise Your Inner And Outer Radiance"?  Click ---> HERE to get your free gift NOW! 

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    From Grocery Store Vacations to TRUE Self Care

    in Lifestyle

    Join your host, Star Staubach of Ignite Radiance as she welcomes Tiffany Kane of Connected to Your Core.  Are you a mother who has taken a mini vacation to the grocery store?  Do you have feelings of guilt when you're giving yourself time to do things, other than the errands that are necessary for the household?  If so, this conversation is for you.  Tiffany reveals all in this interview, sharing tips of how to release the overwhelm and return to a sense of joy and ease. 

    Tiffany works with proactive parents who desperately want to love the most important job they will ever have.  

    Take a deep breath with us, allow yourself to release the overwhelm and DIVE into this juicy conversation! 

    Visit ConnectedToYourCore.com to receive Tiffany's free mp3 download, "Raising Empowered Children."

    Visit IgniteRadiance.com to receive Star's free mp3 download, "10 Steps to Ignite Your Inner and Outer Radiance."

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    Heavy Hearted to Dancing with the Daisies!

    in Lifestyle

    Join Alivness Coach, Star Staubach as she supports listeners with their heaviest moments, moving them through the transition with grace and ease.  It is never easy when life's challenges present themselves, but the pain of that moment doesn't have to linger.  
    Feeling heavy hearted?  Join the conversation!  

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    Top Star Hip Hop presents #FreeGuwop @Gucci1017 Salute

    in Hip Hop Music

    Show dedicated to the Founder of 1017 Brick Squad & its CEO Gucci Mane. We will be spinning nothing but 1017 squad artist music!

    Call in to chop it up or spit a bar or two! 347-633-9588 Follow the squad on twitter @gucci1017 @youngthrowback @djjunior1017 @1017_records @teambricksquad  #FreeGuwop

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    GEARHEADS: DTV star and Top Networker Dee Moore

    in Automotive

    This week's special guest, Dee Moore, is a  former pageant queen who recently launched an online aggregator January 2014, "DTV Unleashed". It is an internet news and entertainment site providing up to date information on issue that inform, entertain and inspire. She has recently joined forces with a few Dallas based publications to provide automotive reviews.

    - DTV Unleashed
    - Her automotive reviews
    - Her upcoming reality TV show called "The Top Networker"

    In addition, Greg and Duane will be providing news and insights into the latest auto news, trends and reviews. This week, we'll look into:

    - Dodge Challenger earns five star safety rating
    - Cadillac adds stream video to help enhance driver safety
    - Lamborghini announces worldwide 2015 Esperienza and accademia programs
    - Hyundai set to debut display audio at CES

    And much more!

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    STAR TREK AXANAR, Richard Hatch, Alec Peters, Battlestar Galactica

    in Entertainment

    This is a special show, we will be talking about Star Trek Axanar with Executive Producer Alec Peters, who alos plays the role of Captain Garth, and, Richard Hatch, who plays Klingon Commander Kharn,The Undying. This is  the first time that we have had special guests on the show, and, they will be answering your questions.

  • Faerie readings with Star

    in Spirituality

    My show is for us daring evening owls , that like moon light nights instead of the sun, but you wonderful people who like to baste into the sun's gloriouses rays can come down to this mysterious side as well.

    Star will be give be  free general readings to callers today. This will help you understands the elementals more clearly in your life. You can also get a more expand reading by going to paypal. If you want to have that happen on the show. You will need to be set up a head time before the show. You will recieve a confirmed payment and note stating your reading will be expanded online.  So makesure you are ready for walking in the Elemental envirnoments of the Earth..  Blessings from the Stars that are Older than time and Oldest from Mother Giaia that shakes the Earth with such Energy.

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