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    Psalm 119: Building the House in the Way of the LORD Pt1 on Remnant Battle lines

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    Psalm 119: Building the House in the Way of the LORD Pt1 | rb-082914-psalm-119-build-house-way-lord-pt1

    Psalm 119: Building the House in the Way of the LORD Pt1 finds the staircase in Psalm 119. It is here in this Acrostic Masterpiece, that has 22 stanzas with eight couplets in each stanza. At the beginning of each stanza is a letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. Then the couplets in that stanza all begin with that Hebrew letter.

    It is here we also as believers in Yeshua find ourselves looking at Psalm 119 and bring it to the current day and age. Applying it and understanding that in Christ Jesus; Yeshua ha Massiach; he fulfilled the Law. He also said, "If you love me, keep my commandments"!

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    WIBR/WARN Radio believe that the Bible serves as mankinds main source of all faith and practice which help prepare people for the coming of the Messiach, Yeshua to this earth.

    WIBR/WARN Radio does not necessarily agree with all contributors, information, or sources quoted.  As in all things, including scripture; we recommend fasting, praying, and studying scripture for yourself to verify biblical teachings.

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    in The Bible

    Bible truths are often masked by false religion, this is a major problem for those seeking reliable answers. We will give you those answers right here.

    Where are the dead?

    Who really controls the world?


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    in Religion

    Bible truths are often masked by false religion, this is a major problem for those seeking reliable answers. We will give you those answers right here.

    The Ransom- Gods greatest Gift.

    The Sermon on the mount.

    Songs from the Piano Guys.


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    in Christianity

    Bible truths are often masked by false religion, this is a major problem for those seeking reliable answers. We will give you those answers right here.

    Who is jesus Christ?


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    Stand As 1 enjoys the California Sunshine w/special guest: Laura Breidenthal

    in Poetry

    This Sunday, May 11th @ 8am PST, we stay planted in good 'ol California to show love to our dear PS poet, Laura Breidenthal, on Blog Talk Radio!

    She is one of the most poignant writers I've ever read. Dark, passionate, intense, & unforgiving in her stanzas. I'm all for it!

    I am very excited to have Laura on my show! Please make sure to tune in and join us, as we celebrate the limitless colors of Poetry...with that side of Mothers Day celebrations! :)

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    Bible truths are often masked by false religion, this is a major problem for those seeking reliable answers. We will give you those answers right here.

    Todays show...What is Gods Purpose for the earth?

    Sure hope for the dead.

    A counterfeit Kingdom Arises.


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    Four Prayer Requests that God is Certain to Hear and Answer

    in Christianity

    Praying Through the Bible #68 

    TEXT: Psalm 119:169-176 

    Today, we come to the longest psalm in the book of Psalms. Psalm 119 is also the chapter with the most verses in the Bible. As you may know, this psalm is in the form of an acrostic poem. An acrostic poem is one in which each line or each stanza begins with a letter of the alphabet. Well, each of the stanzas of this psalm include eight couplets that begin with the same letter of the Hebrew alphabet. This is repeated 22 times for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet. 

    This is a very deep and detailed psalm. Charles Spurgeon wrote 400 pages of commentary on this psalm alone. Thomas Manton, a Puritan preacher and writer, wrote a three-volume work on Psalm 119. Each volume is between 500 and 600 pages. Some great people have memorized this whole Psalm and found great blessing in doing so. Among them are: John Ruskin, the 19th century British writer; William Wilberforce, the British politician who led the movement to abolish the slave trade in England; Henry Martyn, the pioneer missionary to India; and David Livingstone, the pioneer missionary to Africa. 

    If we were to look at this entire psalm, we would find that the overall theme of the psalm is God's word or God's law. The author of this psalm deems the Word of God most important. He wants us to understand that God's Word should be the top priority in our lives. 

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    The O.T.A. Returns to Mt. Shasta

    in Radio

    On Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will present a report and discussion on our 16th through the 19th of August's Magical Pilgrimage to Northern California's remote and awesomely beautiful Mt. Shasta. This is not the first time for us. We shot our magical sci-fi adventure "Beyond Lemuria" at Mt. Shasta in 2006, and we have returned several times since. This time Soror Zandria and I had with us Sorores Seer and Sophia Draconia, and Lord Michael -- all together for the "yoga of the long drive;" (12 hours from L.A. to Mt. Shasta.) With only two days on the Mountain we concentrated on the Panther Meadows area where the founder of the "I AM Activity" met the Alchemist St. Germain. For an appropriate Mt. Shasta ritual we recited The Stanzas of Dyzan in Enochian and brought with us a rock from the Temple Vault at Nan Madol (Lemuria). We discovered a powerful vortex and brought back sacred water from the Panther Meadows spring. We each had our own visionary experiences which our team will share with you when they call in -- so, if you want to get first hand reports on America's most magical power spot tune in and and we'll unveil the mysteries of the Holy Mountain.

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    The Return of "Stand As 1" continues w/Drake Eszes!

    in Poetry

    It seems the people want more. I hope I'm right! :)
    Join me for more fun & unpredictable banter from some terrific poets & Spoken Word artists bringing you the wisdom & truth in their stanzas!
    May you stand!

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    Helena Blavatsky -- The East Comes West

    in Radio

    The Hermetic Hour for Thursday June 14th, 2012 will feature a discussion by host Poke Runyon on the influence of Helena Blavatsky and Theosophy on western occultism and magick. This a broad subject because Blavatsky's impact on all areas of western esoteric theory and practiced is vast and pervasive. We will begin with her Egyptian connection with The Brotherhood of Luxor, and French Masonry, her mid-19th century connection with American Spiritualism, her first opus "Isis Unveiled," which was essentially Hermetic. The meeting in England with her future Eastern Master "Mahatma Morya" (Ranbir Singh). Moving her Theosophical Society to India under the secret sponsorship of her "Mahatmas." Her professed Buddhist philosophy and the development of her universal religion featuring spiritual Darwinism and Aryan Solarism. "The Secret Doctrine" and "The Stanzas of Dyzan." Her anti-Biblical, anti-Christian bias. The German offshoots of Theosophy: Rudolph Steiner's Christian Anthroposophy, and the proto-Nazi Ariosophy. The American cults: the Ballard's "I AM," Elizabeth Claire Prophet, The "New Age Movement," and Richard Shaver's "Mystery." We will also discuss the Hermetic reaction to her successes which resulted in Anna Kingsford's Hermetic Society, and The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. So, if you want to glimpse Blavatsky unveiled, tune in and get Theosophized.

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    Daniel Robinson

    in Entertainment

    Daniel Robinson was born. Currently, he is alive. One day, he will be dead.
    Well, Hi there! I’m Danny, a singer and songwriter living in Buffalo, NY and recording out of Toronto, ON. I use the strings of the very organ in my chest to bring my words to all kinds of people in all kinds of places. I believe your voice is like a muscle, the more you work it, the stronger it gets. I have been workingout since I was five years old, singing a long with the likes of Elton John and The Boss, Bruce Springsteen.
    I kept singing to the tune of others, until I was thirteen, when I decided I wanted to sing my own. I wrote my first song, and I've been at it ever since! At first, I struggled to form my complex thoughts into melodic stanzas, but now it's almost effortless. I'm usually in the midst of a raid in world of warcraft, eating a veggie burger, or driving on the QEW when the ideas strike me. The blips and bleeps of my music speak to me, as I mesh them with the words you hear on the final track.