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    Stand your ground in Marriage

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    When you marry, you inherit your spouse family. This includes all the dynamics that comes along with inlaws. Some inlaws are hands off but then there are some inlaws that fully involved in their child marriage. How do you handle meddling inlaws, friends, and extended family?

    Where/how do you draw the line between being committed to the "team" (your marriage) and being considerate of others involved? Or once you get married is how THEY feel irrelevant?


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    Stand Your Ground, Unless You're Black

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    In Florida alone, 26 children and teens have been killed in Stand Your Ground cases. Most notably, the cases of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis have caused an uproar across the nation, with their killers using the Stand Your Ground law successfully in defeating murder convictions. While Marissa Alexander, a victim of domestic violence, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot. Marissa is now facing 60 years in prison after her appeal was granted and she was offered a retrial. Is the Stand Your Ground law racially bias? Does it give people a license to kill? Could your son be next? Let's discuss...

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    When the (Already Defeated) enemy bombards and forces his way in like a flood, GOD THE ALL-MIGHTY, ABBA FATHER LIFTS UP A BARACADE AGAINST the enemy, who is ALREADY DEFEATED!


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    As the country reels from the outcome of the Jordan Davis case and national conversations abound on the need to repeal Stand Your Ground laws, the Florida Legislature is steadily working to expand the law. We are left stunned and bewildered as we see ill-conceived bills on the threatened use of force hurtle towards passage with bipartisan support. Over the past two weeks, both houses of the Legislature have voted overwhelmingly to expand Stand Your Ground by approving CS/CS/HB 89 and SB 448, the so-called “Warning Shot Bills.” http://rattlernews.tallahassee.com/article/20140312/OPINION05/303120003/My-View-Don-t-make-bad-Stand-Your-Ground-law-worsehttp://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/criminal-justice/is-there-racial-bias-in-stand-your-ground-laws/  The talk where facts matters



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                    THIS LAW?

  • Will the Real Me Please Stand Up by Terri L. Moore

    in Motivation


    Have you experienced deep disappointment, hurt or betrayal in an important relationship?
    Do you continue to suffer from a conflict or trauma that occurred long ago?
    Are unresolved issues affecting your health, finances or relationships?


    Negative focus – Includes the initial hurtful situation.  I am looking at my negative chart I use for by breakthrough coaching, unforgiveness can be negative emotions such as fear, pain, anger, refusal to accept what really happened, you are in denial or how about vengeance.

    Not forgiving is bad for your health, even dangerous.  Holding onto an old resentment or grudge is like holding onto a cancer.  It eats away at you from the inside.

    Let’s talk about the Healing Power of Forgiveness

    Forgiveness is an incredible healing path for releasing those whom you believe to have wronged you, not for their sake—but for your own health and well-being.

    Forgiveness can heal your life. Without forgiveness, we remain locked in the past.  We continue to give attention and energy to past conflicts and to experience the negative emotions associated with those situations, including anger, fear, resentment and shame. By forgiving, we can heal past emotional hurts and focus our lives on the positive.

    Forgiveness is a choice. And the choice is yours.  Forgiveness does not depend on what anyone else does or does not do.  It’s a decision to let go of the past.  

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    Stand Your Ground!

    in Goals

      In today’s show, Arthur will inspire you with ways to stand your ground when "you know who" is attacking you and putting you down. He will empower you with strategies to use when you say things like "he's mean to me" or "he treats me like a door mat".  Arthur's insights will help you to think differently and create a response that will make you feel more self-confident and successful.

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    in Politics

    Join your host, Susan Knowles, as I welcome Cheryl K. Chumley to the show. Cheryl is a professional journalist with more than 15 years of experience covering a wide range of topics, from politics, policy and presidential elections to small-town courts, cops and country government. Cheryl is also an Army Veteran.

    We will be talking about her new book "Police State USA: How Orwell's Nightmare Is Becoming Our Reality." Cheryl is also a contributor to TheBlaze.

    Chumley is a Robert Novak Journalism Fellow, for which she spent a year (2008-2009) researching the impact of National Heritage Areas on private property rights, with findings published in the Washington Examiner, Capital Research Center and several other outlets.

    Chumley serves in her spare time as a Court-Appointed Special Advocate to help judges make the difficult decision of where abused and neglected children should live.

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    Important announcements for Stand Up for Christ!

    in Christianity

    Children of God, today I am making a few announcements. There are some exciting things going on within the Stand Up for Christ community! Please checkout and Like our facebook page Stand Up for Christ as well as Wonderfully Made nail colors page on Facebook. This are two pages that I have created to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Wonderfully Made nail colors is my own personal brand of nail polish that's safe for kids and pregnant women! Please support me and purchase these fabulous scripture based nail colors. Also, shop directly through facebook or at www.wmnailcolors.storenvy.com 

    Soon we will also have a special guest, debut novelist Faith Simone and I will be tag teaming on air! We will discuss a lot of heavy topics that affect people within the church today.Please connect with Faith at FaithSimone.com and purchase her Christ based novel, "When the real thing comes along." Available at amazon.com Barnes & Noble.

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    Join your host, Susan Knowles as I welcome Timothy R. Furnish, PhD, U.S. Army Veteran and Islamic World Expert to the show. We will be talking about Iran, ISIS, End of Times Beliefs, Mahdism and so much more.

    Timothy R. Furnish holds a PhD in Islamic, African and World history and works as a consultant to US Special Operations Command, lecturer and writer.  His areas of specialization are Islamic eschatology (end of time beliefs), Mahdism (Islamic messianism) and Islamic sects.

    He has appeared on Fox News Channel, NewsmaxTV, al-Jazeera, BBC radio, the Alan Colmes show, Bill Bennett's "Morning in America" and local radio in Atlanta, Denver, Dallas, St. Louis and Tampa. He is a US Army veteran (both enlisted and commissioned).  He has two new books coming out on Islam, as well as one on Tolkien. His website is www.mahdiwatch.org.

    Stand for Truth Podcasts are now also available on Spreaker at:


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    Stand By Your Man...Or Not?

    in Relationships

    Hello Singles! This week's topic is to stand or NOT stand by your man?  

    What if the man you are dating is arrested for something?  Should you continue seeing him?  With the very public situation with Phaedra Parks & her soon to be ex-husband Apollo Nida (Housewives of Atlanta), women are talking about whether or not to stand by your man when the going gets rough.

    When do you stay and when do you leave?  
    Infidelity - Hilary stood by Bill; Gabrielle Union stood by DeWayne Wade - WOULD YOU?
    Financial Issues - what if he lost his job?  Or made a bad investment and all his money was gone?  Would you stay?
    Illness/Injury - what if he was diagnosed with cancer or PTSD
    Criminal actions or legal problems 

    Join Matchmaker & Dating Coach Kiki Strickland as she explores this topic!

    "One of the Top Matchmakers in the Country" - Ebony Magazine

    Kiki Strickland is a matchmaker and Dating Coach who is passionate about helping smart, successful, singles who have a difficult time finding and keeping love. Her private coaching sessions and dating seminars are all about providing love life solutions to singles who desire to be married. Professionals who have succeeded in their careers are often frustrated by not finding the same success in relationships. Through her "Married in 2-Years or Less" program and "Meeting Mr. Right" group, as well as her eBook "How Divas Date", Ms. Strickland is helping singles find love and the relationship they have dreamed of. 

    Visit www.kikistrickland.com