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    LaSalle Hockey vs Alter Knight Hockey

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    LaSalle Lancer Hockey looks to exact an equalizer on the Knights of Alter as they go at it on the ice of the South Metro Sports Complex in Dayton Ohio.  Catch all the action on WLSN with host Joe Siefert LaSalle class of '89 with the call live.  The Lancers are again led this year by head coach Ken Handley and seniors Alex Smith and Quinten Miller.  Johnny David is the man between the pipes for LaSalle in this, his Junior Season with the hockey team.

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    Eyes Wide Open: DemBlogTalk

    in Politics Progressive

     Eyes Wide Open: DemBlogTalk on #BlogTalkUSA (and visit DemBlogNews) for current events in the news and politics as well as updates and analysis on both sides of the political isle as we journey along the campaign trail to Election 2016!  Join Michael Handley and Rheana Piegols tonight for a political roundtable on the Iowa results, what they mean, and what should we expect now that the candidates have moved onward to New Hampshire!  We will also find out just how much heat the Sanders Campaign is feeling after the big Iowa return on our #FeelTheBernReport

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    LaSalle Lancer hockey vs Sycamore Av's hockey

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    The Lancers from LaSalle High School take on the Aviators from Sycamore High School in a matchup at Historic Cincinnati Gardens.  This will be the 2nd of 3 games in three days for the Lancers.  Catch all the action on WLSN and the LaSalle Broadcasting Network with host Joe Siefert, LaSalle grad from the class of 1989.  LaSalle is led by coach Ken Handley and seniors Quinten Miller and Alex Smith.

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    LaSalle Lancer Hockey vs Alter Knights

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    The Lancers  of LaSalle high school take on the Alter Knights from Dayton at the Cincinnati Gardens.  This will be the first of two matchups against the Knights for the Lancers, who are again led by coach Ken Handley.  Catch all the action on WLSN The LaSalle Broadcasting Network with host Joe Siefert.  LaSalle is led by seniors Quinten Miller and Alex Smith.  Game time is 7pm.

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    LaSalle Lancer Hockey vs Troy Hockey

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    Coach Ken Handley takes his boys north of Dayton to take on the Troy Trojans for a Sunday afternoon matchup.  LaSalle lost to Troy 8-2 in their first meeting of the season, and the Lancers hope to put forth a better effort during this go around.  Joe Siefert LaSalle class of 89 will have the call on your home for Lancer Hockey, WLSN and the LaSalle Broadcasting Network.

    The Lancers are led by seniors Quinten Miller and Alex Smith.

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    Turning Up The Gospel With Lady T. Lorraine Stancil, Johnny B & Trudy Robicheaux

    in Religion

    This evening's broadcast boasts two outstanding Gospel recording artists, 
    Lorraine Stancil who is also an evangelist, and
    Johnny B, who is a Gospel recording artist, writer and producer,

    And, last but not least, we will talk to 
    Trudy Robicheaux about her book entitled "Two Hot Mamas". 

    Invite your family and friends to join us this evening! I'm sure they'll have a good time.

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    Eyes Wide Open: DemBlogTalk

    in Politics Progressive

    Mike Collier, the 2014 Democratic candidate for Texas State Comptroller, joins us to talk about Texas' budget on BlogTalkUSA "Eyes Wide Open: DemBlogTalk" with Michael Handley (DemBlogNews) and Rheana Nevitt Piegols LIVE, December 8th @8:30pm cst.

    Among the topics we'll talk about is Texas State Auditor John Keel’s sudden resignation. His resignation will take effect just before the state’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is issued. His departure may seem inconsequential, but it is worth taking notice of what might be behind his usually timed resignation, mid-audit.

    If the auditor of a major corporation were to resign abruptly mid-audit, the story would make headlines. Shareholders would want to know urgently whether the resignation had anything to do with bad accounting, fraud, or corruption inside the company. Join us for our discussion with Mike Collier on Eyes Wide Open: DemBlogTalk!  Call (347) 855-8118 to listen LIVE on BlogTalkUSA!

    #FeelTheBern Report: The Facebook page Texas For Bernie is up and running!  Check it out here! Like it, share it, and #FeelTheBern

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    Eyes Wide Open: Democratic Blog Talk

    in Politics

    You may have heard U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is running for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, last week hired Jacob Limon to serve as his Texas state campaign director.
    Jacob will join Michael Handley and Rheana Piegols on "Eyes Wide Open" as our special guest this coming Tuesday evening, November 10th, at 8:30 PM cst.
    Jacob will manage the Sanders campaign's operation to organize Sanders' Texas supporters, who have already started informally organizing themselves. Over the next week, campaign staffers will begin listening stops in Dallas, Houston, Corpus Christi, Austin, San Antonio, Brownsville and Fort Worth, as the campaign begins to dispatch staff to Texas to meet with supporters. The campaign is also expected to open a number of offices in the state over the coming weeks.
    Sanders made a campaign swing through Texas in July, drawing 5,200 and 8,000 people to rallies in Houston and Dallas, respectively. Sanders urged Democrats not to write off Texas in his strategy to win the White House and take back control of congress.
    Jacob Limon has most recently been chief of staff to state Rep. Nicole Collier of Fort Worth, and previously served as the deputy executive director for the Texas Democratic Party. We look forward to having him join us for "Eyes Wide Open" on BlogTalk USA this Tuesday night, November 10th at 8:30PM cst/9:30 est!

    If you want to know how YOU can help Texas Feel The Bern, email Jacob at Jacob.Limon@BernieSanders.com

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    Eyes Wide Open: Democratic Blog Talk

    in Politics Progressive

    Eyes Wide Open: Democratic Blog Talk
    with Michael Handley and Rheana Nevitt-Piegols!  The latest in politics and news from the left of center, every Tuesday night on BlogTalk USA! Hillary Clinton is set to testify in Congress before the politically motivated "Benghazi Select Committee" as the right is in the midst of a full blown melt down. The wheels are coming off the clown car as the damage seems to be beyond repair after all the years of lying to voters, chasing nonsense and phony scandals which turn up nothing, obstructing at all cost, shutting down the government instead of paying the bills, and the various other self-inflicted wounds the republicans in Congress have chosen to suffer out of sheer spite for President Obama.  We will discuss the chaos on the right, the polls after the first Democratic Debate, and much more in the world of politics on Eyes Wide Open: Democratic Blog Talk! 

    Include DemBlogNews in your daily or weekly news gathering routine!  Stay informed with us!  Tune in to BlogTalkUSA for Eyes Wide Open: DemBlogTalk and visit DemBlogNews online!

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    Eyes Wide Open

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    From threatening another government shutdown over women's health funding and talking smack about the Pope after a visit to our country to letting the Benghazi which hunt cat out of the bag and insulting fellow citizens while pandering for votes on the campaign trail, the current state of the republican party is a never ending source of entertainment, befuddlement, comic relief and often, fear for the future. Last week Congressman McCarthy, presumed successor to John Boehner's position as Speaker of the House, spoke the truth on Fox "News" and confirmed what we already knew about the Benghazi which hunt. Now, we have learned that tea party Congressman Jason Chaffetz will challenge Rep. McCarthy for Boehner's gavel.  You may remember him from his starring role as liar who presented anti-choice propaganda as facts during the bogus Planned Parenthood hearing late last month.That should be fun to watch!  We also have more than a dozen Republicans on the march right now, throwing red meat out to their rabbid base.  Ted Cruz stated to a crowd in Kalamazoo, Michigan last week that it would be "crazy" for us to accept "Muslim, Syrians into our country."  Of course, he was referring to the 10,000 refugees we are preparing to accept as they have had to flee their war torn country.  Tune in to Eyes Wide Open for discussion on all this GOP madness and much more!   

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    Eyes Wide Open

    in Entertainment

    On this episode of Eyes Wide Open we are joined by special guest and Texas Democratic Party Chair, Gilberto Hinojosa to discuss how the Texas Democratic Party is building and preparing for the 2016 election cycle and much more!  

    Tueday Night Topics:  5th Circuit Affirms Texas Voter ID Violates Voting Rights Act Section 2. A unanimous panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has issued an opinion which is a great (but not complete) victory for those challenging Texas’s strict voter id law. The court affirms that the law violates Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, but rejects the claim of discriminatory purpose and that the law constitutes a poll tax. The court remands for more findings on discriminatory purpose and for a decision on the remedy to the Section 2 violation. 
    http://electionlawblog.org/?p=74972   Tx A.G. Paxton's legal woes, which include a felony indictment, a summons to appear before federal District Judge Garcia for contempt of court, and his refusal to issue birth certificates to babies born in Texas to immigrant mothers. 

    Don't forget to show your support for Dr. Shirley McKellar for US Congress TX01 2016!!!  And visit host Michael Handley's excellent online blog, DemBlog News!