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    STR #227 11/17/15 S8e07 "The Last Seduction" Recap

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    If you asked many a #Castle fan what they wished [the most] for Season 8 during this holiday season, your safe bet would be for them to see Caskett back together again as a couple [united their own unique way] and working together again as a team.  Last night’s episode, “The Last Seduction” made quite a huge leap in that fan-wish direction – especially in the last scene – which the episode can be viewed over on www.abc.go.com/castle  in it’s entirety.  “The Last Seduction” was written by Robert Hanning and directed by John Terlesky.

    #PCA2016 voting is still going!  Please vote often and repeatedly, YOUR votes will make the difference in winning! *Voting ends December 3rd at 11:59PM ET.

    Stana ?http://vote.peopleschoice.com/#!/home/all/80/2 …

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    Nathan ?http://vote.peopleschoice.com/#!/home/all/79/2 …

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    STR #226 11/10/15 S8e06 "Cool Boys" Recap

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    Tonight, we are back!  We missed you guys! After a bit of news, a few updates, and a SFF2016 reminder... we'll be catching up with what's happening in your part of this BIG world.  If you haven't watched last night's episode of #Castle, "Cool Boys", written by show runner Alexi Hawley and directed by Paul Holahan - we hope you take the time before tonight's show to watch it.

    We sincerely hope you are PCA voting repeatedly [whenever you can] so we, as fans, can demonstrate loudly our love for this show and it's entire cast and crew:

    Stana: http://vote.peopleschoice.com/#!/home/all/80/2

    Castle: http://vote.peopleschoice.com/#!/home/all/35/2

    Nathan: http://vote.peopleschoice.com/#!/home/all/79/2

    Earlier this month, STR Host Elena delivered her beautiful baby boy!  So for obvious reasons, she won't be with us tonight. We all hope she is getting some well deserved rest and is sleeping while her sweet baby sleeps. We're certain she's enjoying her OWN "Cool Boys" tonight!

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    STR #218 08/11/15 Summer News

    in Television

    Summer Stana News and the latest on SFF2016.

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    STR #212 04/26/15 It's Party Time!! Celebrating Stana Katic's Birthday!

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    *** PLEASE NOTE: This show has been edited from it's original ***

    Happy Birthday Stana!!

    Thank you to each person who joined us tonight for this LIVE birthday celebration in honor of Stana Katic. 

    Stana has fans around the world that have demonstrated in so many wonderful ways their love today and we are just adding to the heart-felt love.

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    #096 Castle 07 x 19 : Bones 10 x 11 Discussions

    in Television

    Castle Bones Radio (CBR)

    Wednesday, April 1, 2015

    9 PM ET/ 6 PM PT


    Bones Season 10 #11” The Psychic in the Soup” panel discussion.

    Castle Season 7 #19” Habeas Corpse” panel discussion.

     Castle and Bones news, ratings and spoilers.


    Call in to speak with the host


    Come chat with us and join in the fun.

      Photos used on this broadcast copyright ABC and FOX.

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    #094 Celebrating Castle's 6th Anniversary Pilot " Flowers for your Grave"

    in Television

    Castle Bones Radio (CBR)

    Monday, March 9, 2015

    9 PM ET/ 6 PM PT


      A Special broadcast

     Celebrating Castle’s 6th Anniversary

     Highlighting the pilot episode “Flowers for your Grave” with panel discussion

     Fun excerpts read of the pilot script and Castle trivia from the pilot episode.

     Castle and Bones news, ratings and spoilers.

    Call in to speak with the host


    Come chat with us and join in the fun.

    All photos and video clips used on this broadcast are copyright of ABC

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    STR #204 02/17/15 S7e15 "Reckoning, Part 2" Recap

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    Beckett is SAFE!!! Now we can finally breathe once again. If you haven’t watched #Castle Season 7 Part2 entitled “Reckoning”, please don’t read any further and go watch it right now. You'll will be on the edge of your seat 40 of the 42 minutes.  THEN, please join us to talk all about it. Tonight’s discussion should be incredible, here are Elena’s discussion questions so you'll have some time to think about what you want to say:


    The “Alternative Travel Project” [ATP] initiative Stana created is having an auction! If you can, please participate and tell all of your friends and family about these awesome valuable “treasures” being made available through ATPauction on eBay:


    "Reckoning" was directed by Rob Bowman and written by Andrew W. Marlowe.

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    STR #205 02/24/15 S7e16 "The Wrong Stuff" Recap

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    Did you think last night's episode of #Castle was "out of this world"?! It sure was a unique opportunity for the "Castle's" and their "boys" to delve into for a murder case to be solved.  "The Wrong Stuff" was directed by Paul Holahan and written by Terri Edda Miller.

    Hope you enjoyed this fun episode and perhaps even want to talk about some of the surprises embedded within the storyline. Here are Elena's questions for tonight's STR Round Table, hope you can join us to discuss:


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    #092 Castle 07x15 discussion CBR Radio Spotlights Margaret

    in Television

    Castle Bones Radio (CBR)

    Wednesday, February 18, 2015

    9 PM ET/ 6 PM PT



    CBR Radio Spotlight- a Conversation with long time CBR Radio listener Margaret (NYMargaret)

    CBR Radio spotlight is a conversation segment that profiles the lives of listeners and guests of CBR.


    Castle Season 7 Episode #15 “Reckoning .” panel Discussion.

    “Reckoning” Part 2 – In the second installment of the Castle two-parter, stakes rise as the 12th Precinct matches wits with serial killers Jerry Tyson (3XK) and Dr. Kelly Nieman. With the clock ticking, Castle and the team must crack the case before the killers claim their next victim.

    Castle and Bones news, ratings and spoilers.

    Call in to speak with the host


    Come chat with us and join in the fun.

    Some photos and audio clips used on this broadcast copyright ABC. Some photos used on this broadcast copyright PamfromCali (CBR Radio)f and Margaret (NYMargaret)

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    STR #203 02/10/15 S7e14 "Resurrection, Part 1" Recap

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    Most Castle fans are still blown away by last night's episode, "Resurrection" - which was directed by Bill Roe and written by David Amann. This "PART 1" of the Season 7 two-parter was intense from the very first scene.  No matter if you are a first time Castle viewer or have been watching from the very first episode, Dr. Nieman and Jerry Tyson are definitely two of the creepiest villans ever, some have even ventured down the "Hannibal" path of comparisons.

    Here are Elena's STR Round Table discussion questions for tonight:


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    STR #202 02/03/15 S7e13 "I, Witness" Recap

    in Television

    FONTS and now NAPS! #Castle has created a whole new set of "double meaning" words to go along with watching this FUN Dramatic television show.  IF you watched last night's episode, you'll likely smile when you hear someone say "Caskett is napping". If you haven't, stop what you're doing right now and watch it now ~ you won't regret it.  "I, Witness" was directed by Tom Wright and written by Terence Paul Winter and Amanda Johns.  If you are on twitter, be sure to send them tweets of continued encouragement.

    Here are tonight's questions by Elena for our STR Round Table Discussion:


    Photo credit/copyright[above in BTR random order]: ABC Studios/Network