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    special episode with Tula Stamas revived!

    in Romance

    Due to yesterday's server outage we are picking up where we left off with Tula Stamas! 

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    How to be your own physician

    in Health

    Hi, I'm your Ways to Wellbeing radio host Miriam Henke, health psychologist and life coach, with a passion for integrative medicine and mind-body healing. Ways to Wellbeing is all about exploring ALL the different ways to wellbeing, health and happiness.

    Today's episode I am joined by Ways to Wellbeing founder and director, Gina Stamas, to discuss how we can be our own physician. We often think health and healing is something only a doctor can do, whereas we discuss the possibility that we can both heal ourselves, and find healing solutions beyond the doctor's office.

    Gina started using complementary therapies when natural medicine was still new to Australia more than 20 years ago and was inspired by their ability to heal acute and chronic conditions. She went on to establish Ways to Wellbeing for people to discover natural and holistic therapies for themselves and their families as an effective path to health and wellbeing and as a complementary therapy alongside their existing conventional healthcare.

    Gina's knowledge of natural and alternative therapies became a great asset to her in her treatment for depression. She speaks honesty and with conviction that using natural medicine and therapies to treat depression was not only effective, but provided a life long cure for her. Depression is now a distant memory. Well done, Gina!

    Join us in the discussion, and leave your comments and ideas below!

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    Ways to Wellbeing Launch Show

    in Health

    Today we launch the new Ways to Wellbeing radio show, with host Miriam Henke. In our premier show, we talk with Ways to Wellbeing founder and director, Gina Stamas. Gina shares her vision for Ways to Wellbeing, a bit about her personal story and why she's so passionate about natural therapies.

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