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    Topic:  How do Arts Motivate Our Children?
    Dial-in: 914-803-4571 Monday, February 23,2014 at 11 a.m. East Coast Time   #statebp #bpnow

    Do your children have talent or interest with Music, Film, Stageplays, Photographs, Oil, Water, Paint, Sculptor, Digital, Theatre,  & Books.  Call in engage with this Show.  How does art relate to history, present, and future of art and Our children? What is the response of the Arts in the School? Are there an adequate or secure of after school or weekend programs to serve arts?  Are you an arts instructor, performer or manager?  How does art relate to Education, Economics, & Enterprise of the Alkebulan bloodline?  Do you have a media or stageplay related to 3 E's of the Alekbulan bloodline? 

    Caring is Sharing! 

    "Kickoff NYC 2015" Crowdfund for this Vital Event

    Topics of the Event:  3 E's of the Alkebulan Bloodline

    *Education: How do we fund Our children’s education? This will cover child care, learning centers, preschool, primary, secondary, & post secondary education. We will/possibly address those parents getting arrested for homeschooling their children. Solution: Facts/Resources and how to maintain?

    *Economics: How each economic class can help each other?

    *Enterprise: Does small business solve unemployment?

    Get Your Tickets, Today.  -->        http://www.eventbrite.com/e/kickoff-nyc-2015-state-of-the-black-parent-tickets-14705264843

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    Mind Body & Inspiration with Tara

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    Today's show an interview with Priest Tyaire.Priest Tyaire today announced the release of his latestinspirational, musical stageplay Torn Between 2  Fathersstarring  Emmy award winner Debbi Morgan, American Film Festival award winner Clifton Powell, platinum recording artist Angela Winbush, R&B sensation Keith Washington, Grammy nominated performer Tony Grant, the dynamic songstress Teisha Lott Brown and award winning playwright, director and actor Priest Tyaire. This highly anticipated production - based on a true story - leaves audiences on the edge of their seats captivated by the intense drama, and moved by the emotional impact of destroying the negative influences of absentee fathers, while embracing the positive attributes of men who have real relationships with their sons.

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    Hope Hollinsworth Coaxum-Never Judge A Book By It's Cover

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    I started writing in 2003; my first novel was based on a fictional character called “Juicy”. I found myself writing until all hours of the night and would often write during my lunch hour or whenever possible. I worked for a major beverage firm in Rye Brook as an Administrative Assistant and was later promoted to Coordinator.

    Married, with two children – my son Courtney was a soldier in the U.S. Army and my daughter Nicole a High School student. I remember telling my family about the story I created and my hopes of having it published. At first they didn't take me seriously, but once I began sending my manuscript to publishing companies they realized it truly was my dream.


    I sent my first novel “A Juicy Story” to several publishing companies and was rejected by each one. The reason for the rejections was that I was an "unknown" author. I became discouraged, but would not let my dream die. My son was killed in ‘2007’ and his death made clear to me just how short life truly is

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    Spiritual Midwives (Destined for Greatness)

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    This Episode is called Destined for Greatness. My guest is A female entreprenuer,director,playwright,motivational speaker and book author Vanessa Lynn

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    Diva Dinners.. Hors d'oeuvres with Playwright Prudence Paez!

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    Smooches! Join us for a live CHAT with Diva Dinners creator Prudence Paez as she feeds us a light appetizer aka hors d'oeuvres about her upcoming stage play "DIVA Dinners". The characters are REAL, Funny, and have audiences begging for MORE! VIP tix are available and you can find out details at dreambelive.webs.com. Call in 626-213-5635

    DIVA Dinners OPENING Night May 3 Central High School Newark, NJ

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    TNK interview Stephanie Singleton about Singleology 101 the play

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    Stephanie Singleton, born and raised in Akron Ohio, now currently resides in Burbank, Ca.  She is a hairstylist by profession, however she was granted the gift to become a play  playwright of seven stage plays and recently became a new author of a self help book titled " Single.ology 101 - 8 Basic Steps to Enjoying the Single Life."

    As a spin off from her self - help book Stephanie has written and preparing to present her upcoming stage production titled "Single.ology 101 - The Comedy Stage Play."

    Single.ology 101 - The Comedy Stage play,  is about six close friends who struggle with love. It will take the help of a special individual and the support of each other to  find love all over again . But where they find love will surprise them all. 


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    Rapper Andale', How to Write a great Stageplay

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    The Tamika Hall Radio Show is hosted by Bestselling author, award winning playwright, peformer and publisher of GospelInsiderNews.com, Tamika Hall :-) Visit her online at: www.tamikahall.net
    Gospel Insider Spotlight:
    Tonight's spotlight is on Christian Rapper Andale': www.iamandale.com
    Tonight's Show we are exploring what it takes to craft a great story for the stage! Our Expert Panelists for tonight's show: Pastor Mike Washington, Kingdom Purpose Productions, www.kingdompurposeproductions.com Ronnie J. Johnson, http://ronniejjohnson.com Cheryl A.  Davis, Cheryl Davis Productions http://www.cheryladavisproductions.com Sponsors:
    GospelInsidernews.com: www.gospelinsidernews.com
    Faith A Believer Marketing Firm: www.faithabeliever.com

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    ISTA Entertainment Spotight Presents: The Cast of "The First Lady"

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    The ISTA Entertainment Spotlight radio show is hosted by two aspiring actors: Ashley V. Bagley & Kevin J. Stone. It airs every Thursday from 9-11pm. Call in to listen or speak with them at 347-94347-945-6025.

    They talk about all things entertainment-wise from A-Z, such as current events, celebrity news, movies, interviews and more.

    Tonight they will be shining the spotlight on some of castmembers of the upcoming play, "The First Lady", including radio personality/actress, Melissa Wade, Singer, Terrell Phillips, & Actress, Me-me Cowans. Tune in as they find out all about the play & cast.

    Like the fanpage for the show (Copy & Paste link into browser): www.facebook.com/ISTAEntertainmentSpotlight


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    SPSN Listen LIVE spotlights Daun-Te

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    Add a seed of faith, a dash of gift, a cup of anointing, a plate of God’s word and you will have "Daun-Te". A man of God that is willing to do whatever God has for him to do. Releasing deep intimate worship songs like: "Open and Brand New" not holding back with songs like: "BU and Lord I Worship You" and just allowing the world to experience his true testimony with a song like: ll Do This". This native of Saginaw Michigan who has over 28 years of experience has climbed many high mountains and crossed many low seas to have a relationship with God.  A relationship that reflects holiness, upright living, steadfast, and unmovable kind of faith.  s singers. 

    This training up until now has allowed him to write, produce, sing, and travel with his seven piece band which consists of a drummer, guitar player, bass player, three background singers, himself on keyboards as well as lead vocals.

    Daun-Te was blessed to share the stage with great Recording Artists such as: The Williams Brothers, Jonathan Nelson, Vicki Winans, Lexi, Steven Hurd, Byron Cage, Brent Jones, Kim Burrell, Dottie Peoples, Rance Allen, Commission just to name a few.

    He performs at least 52 shows a year and performs with the Convoy of Hope as way of giving back to the community.  Daun-Te has also partnered with The Boys & Girls Club Of Frederick and has taught ages 3 years and older keyboard lessons, vocal lessons, live performance class, and drum lessons at his music school Keystone School of Artiste.

    Daun-Te will continue to travel and spread The Word Of God on the Te' & Je' Music Label in support of his new CD's I'll Do This, Compilation - Music In The Manger and his Book and Stageplay "I'll Do This". 

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    Love 101: I Don't Know Why You Love Me

    in Culture

    Hear our interview with Dr. Bernard Corbett - an accomplished musical director and song writer - who's worked on a variety of Broadway and Off Broadway productions including Crown, The Oldest Profession, Blind Eye and Screaming Survival, to name a few. He was the musical director for the international tour of Vy Higginsen ground breaking musical, Mama, I Want to Sing. He is a respected praise and worship leader and voice and music teacher at MS 8 in Queens NY.  He premieres his new play I Don't Know Why He Loves Me this Valentine's Day in New York City.


    Set in modern day New York City, I Don't Know Why He Loves Me unveils the lives of four blended, diverse and complex families whose lives are changed by the choices they make in the name of love. Whether it's escaping the pressure of success through addictive behavior; adulteress annex in the pulpit; same sex attraction or teen pregnancy, this two-act play unmasks such hidden secrets and more.

    Tasha Phipps is Miss Love 101, teacher, counselor and life coach extraordinaire. She and her sidekick Andre Harrison, author of From a Fatherless Father to his Sons, dole out Passion Tips of the Week and their frankest advice for lovesick twentysomethings. Need some love advice? Send your letters to tasha@newdmagazine.com

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    Daun te talks Music, Ministry, and Helping Independent Artists

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    Add a seed of faith, a dash of gift, a cup of anointing, a plate of God’s word and you will have "Daun-Te." Daun-Te was blessed to share the stage with great Recording Artists such as: The Williams Brothers, Jonathan Nelson, Vicki Winans, Lexi, Steven Hurd, Byron Cage, Brent Jones, Kim Burrell, Dottie Peoples, Rance Allen, Commission just to name a few.  Daun-Te will continue to travel and spread The Word Of God on the Te' & Je' Music Label in support of his new CD's I'll Do This, Compilation - Music In The Manger and his Book and Stageplay "I'll Do This".

    In this broadcast Daun-te discusses:

    Being signed to a major label at the age of 15
    Personal testimony
    Record Label Te' and Je' Music

    Links Discussed:
    Daun-Te's Website: www.daun-te.com
    Te' and Je' Music Management: www.teandjemusic.com

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