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    Interview with Tianna Woods

    in Country Music

    Ontario Country artist Tianna Woods has three nominations for the 2016 CMAO Awards - Female Artist of the Year, Single of the Year & Album of the Year.

    She has an EP coming out soon called Bring Your Own Sunshine featuring the title track single and Right Now. You'll hear these songs on this episode.

    This summer she'll release an album called I've Got You Covered which will feature her favourite cover songs (hint: Reba & Merle Haggard may be two artists she'll cover.)

    Tianna is trained in voice, acting, and dance (tap, hip hop, jazz, ballet and modern). She also plays 7 instruments: piano, guitar, saxophone, drums, clarinet, North American flute and fiddle.

    She auditioned for and got the part of Anne for the musical Anne of Green Gables. She performed the show in Canada and then travelled to Japan to perform the show again for ten days in the Budokan Theatre, the same threatre the Beatles performed in. Tianna also toured the schools with her band, meeting and performing for the children of Japan.



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    Desire means knowing exactly what you want to be, do, or have.

    in Entrepreneur

    I Mark Perry belive in the power of Desire backed by Faith, because I have seen this power take other men form humble begining to places of power and wealth. I staged my own comback after having been defeated in a hundred different way over the past twenty years. Napoleon Hill worte out what I and other men are doings. Here are our stories!

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    Gotham Talk Podcast #39 - S 2 Ep 16 PRISONERS

    in Television

    Gordon is adjusting to life in Blackgate Penitentiary. Warden Carlson Grey (Ned Bellamy) announces to Gordon that he will be transferred to a new section, dubbed "the World's End", where the criminals Gordon arrested are sent, which is part of Grey's plan to kill Gordon. He's constantly aided by guard Wilson Bishop (Marc Damon Johnson). Gordon is told by Bullock that Lee has lost their baby and laid low. Later he is defended from attackers by convict Peter "Puck" Davies (Peter Mark Kendall), who is beat and sent to the infirmary. In an attempt to save Gordon, Bullock meets with Falcone. Gordon's death is successfully staged, and he and Puck escape. Puck dies from his bloodletting while Gordon is given a safe house so he can clear his name and find Lee. Meanwhile, Cobblepot reveals to Dahl about his criminal activities, for which Dahl forgives him. Dahl is told by the doctor that his heart defect is infected and given little time to live. Upset that Cobblepot may receive what they perceive to be "their" inheritance, Dahl's wife Grace and her children Sasha and Charles poison a drink for Cobblepot to ingest. However, Dahl drinks from the bottle and dies, after stating to Cobblepot his intentions of changing his will in favor of him.

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    C.D. - Ebony Mag's "Body Brigade": You NO GIRL!

    in Islam


    I thought I'd seen it all. 

    Let me begin with this disclaimer. Under no circumstances do I believe we should belittle people, because they happen to be overweight. There are so many qualities that we should judge people on, besides how much or little they weigh.

    That said, it was my utter shock, to see on Ebony's front cover, 5 black women, part of the "Body Brigade", as icons of a new standard of beauty. 

    Yes, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", but how "beautiful" is being obese? Especially, according to the CDC, 57% of black women fall in that category (though I believe the number is higher). 

    High blood-pressure, heart disease, all of the ailments associated with body fat, that disproportionately affect black women, and Ebony features THIS? The truth be told, this supports my notion, that black lives do NOT matter to black people.

    And trust me, interwoven in this encompassing "fat acceptance" narrative, is feminist ideology and victimology. 

    This has to stop, and now.

    In the meantime, the presidential race heats up, with Bernie Saunders, surprisingly, doing better than expected, against Hillary Clinton. But, my premise stands, he is a prop, to make it appear as if Clinton has some opposition. It is staged.

    These and much more, on Critical Discourse.


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    floyd mayweather jr is delusional I would hurt that guy

    in Sports

    Im 131-0 for real even if his 49-0 is not staged the guy doesnt stand a chance vs Me because I beat heavyweights and I beat deontay wilder if wilder and mayweather were to fight no way in hell does mayweather tko wilder the way I tkod wilder, wilder would put floyd to sleep with 1 Punch 

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    Who Did It To You? Roundtable Discussion with Sis Pamela and Dr James Jones

    in Current Events

    The Case of Wendy Bell

    In 1711, Alexander Pope penned the following statement, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” in his poem An Essay on Criticism.Four centuries later American racial matters has breathed new life into this timeless sentiment Just in case you missed it, Pittsburgh news anchor Wendy Bell was fired from her position with ABC affiliate WTAE after a recent Facebook posting that conveyed many negative stereotypical things about “young black men.

    On Friday, the Chicago Teachers Union staged a strike. Union members picketed schools, held rallies at City Hall, the Cook County Jail and Chicago State University, and protested for higher wages for fast food workers. The president of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, who has been closely involved in Chicago labor politics, joined in on some of the events.

    I watched an African-American military veteran arguing with two high-school-aged Black Lives Matter protesters. Their voices rose to a crescendo when the black Trump supporter took off his jacket and threatened to “beat some manners” and “respect” into the two kids. The high school students ran off. They would not have fared well in a fight with an angry and imposing former Marine.

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    Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast

    in Politics

    Listen to this edition of the Pan-African Journal hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire. The program features our regular PANW reports with dispatches on events surrounding the pledge by South African President Jacob Zuma to pay some of the costs related to upgrades on his residence at Nkandla; there has been another death associated with the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in Liberia months after the West African state was delcared free of the outbreak by the World Health Organization (WHO); the jobless rate in the United States rose by one-tenth of a percent during the month of March; and thousands of members of the Chicago Teachers Union staged a one-day strike along with mass demonstration through downtown demanding equitable salaries and working conditions. In the second and third hours we will commemorate the 48th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4, 1968. During the course of these segments we focus on King's growing opposition to the war of genocide waged by the U.S. government against the people of Vietnam in 1967-68 along with one of his last sermons delivered on March 31, 1968 just five days before his martyrdom.

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    KELLY O'CONNELL AM 1450: Super Tu 2: TRUMP!

    in Politics

    THE PLACE: SUPER TUESDAY FL OH, MO, ILL: THE EVENT: A SUDDEN & BLINDING FLASH OF LIGHTS, A BOOM, AND DARKNESS DESCENDING...AND THEN JUST TWO FIGURES EMERGE FROM THE SMOKY TUMULT… No, it’s not Batman & Robin but Trump & Cruz. In the background, amidst sobs and screams of “Noooooo!!!” A stretcher passes with an unconscious figure, a soiled copy of the Communist Manifesto on his stomach, still grasped in his grimy fingers. Gen Sanders is DOA at the local homeless shelter…

    That’s right, as is the genius of American politics, a great paring away occured last night. In these quintessential evenings in American politics, the poseurs, would-bes and also rans are hustled off the stage, usually with a sad speech, and a few teary goodbyes. And such was the demise last night of Lil Marco Rubio, sacrificed at the hands of his own state!\

    Meanwhile, a titanic struggle, not just for the presidency, and not simply for the head of a major party, but as definer of the very phrases Republican & Conservative is being desperately fought. Already finished is the fate of the old GOP, whose various candidates were cruelly picked off like wall soldiers during an extended siege. The old GOP is finished, and they know it. How else can the 10,000 mistaken prophecies portending the death of Trump be explained?

    And so now, a fascinating battle will be staged, by two figures who wanted the GOP dead, over the corpse their victim. For the right to redefine the party, run against Hillary, and to lead the nation into the promising period that future historians may well call The Post PC Period.


    And who will will the epic struggle to redefine the world from sea to shining sea across these American shores? Stay tuned, sportfans...


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    in Politics

    The assassination of Malcolm X was preceeded by the assasination of all of the associates he had gained in his efforts to unify African Americans and Africans. Patrice Lumumba was the first.  "In early April Brown, one of the mercenaries, was captured by UN forces, at which time he tried to bargain for his freedom by confessing his role in the assassination of Lumumba .   Based upon Brown's confession, Tshombe was placed under house arrest on April 26, pending a UN investigation. 

      The UN COMMISSION, which issued its findings in November the same year, concluded that Lumumba's body would never be found.  Three weeks after Lumumba's death the CIA  agents in the Congo  cabled Langley headquarters to notify Dulles that Lumumba had been  "liquidated."  The February 10 cable from. CIA officers involved the plot stated: Lumumba's fate is best kept secret in Katanga. 

    The assassination of Lumumba wasn’t confirmed in the international press until a month later, on February 16, when the New York Times reported that Tanyug, the official Yugoslavian press agency, had rung an article claiming that the Belgian mercenaries played a role in Lumumba’s assassination.  On February 13, shortly before the story before the story broke, Tshombe told reporters at his home in Katana that he had notified the UN that he would refuse to deal within commission investigating Lumumba’s assassination. 

    The reports confirming the murder evoked worldwide riots against symbols of the United States, France Great Britain, and Belgium.

    Embassies were sacked in Egypt, Poland, France, Great Britain, Ghana, Iran, India, Moscow— practically everywhere.  African Americans threw eggs at Belgian Embassy officials in Washington, and Nigerian students in Chicago staged a demonstration at the Belgian Consulate."  Judas Factor by Karal Evanzz

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    in Politics Conservative

    Trump warned us about losing the Supreme Court. for 100 years. Trump reminds us every town hall that the media sucks and can't be trusted. What happened to the coverage of the 16-1 shootdown of unarmed Lavoy Finicum? A grandpa amddbushed and shot in the face after he was dead. He walked away from his vehicle to protect those inside from being shot also. His hands were in the air.

    Once people realize we are living in a communist controlled country. Everybody closes their eyes and clams up. Do you realize how vulnerable Trump's holdings are to Moslem terrorists. When the first bomb goes off look for Hitlery in a burkha leaving the scene of the crime. Fix news will cover it up.

    How stupid can FIX news be ? They were at the top of the ratings game and had a great base. They threw it all away when they staged the assassination of EL TRUMPO.

    Megyn Behar Stern Kelly showed her true bad taste brown colors when she took on Trump like she was the candidate. It failed and FIX news lost their fair and impartial credibility. This last debate she did it again. For K-sick they had soft ball questions like How how is the corn in Ohio? 

    For Super gringo El Trumpo they had charts, graphs and communion pictures. Is it true Mr Trump that you started your shoe shine business with the two pennies you stole out of a customers loafers. I wonder how many brownie points the staff can pile up in one day just bashing Trump in a very nice way. He was in the Klan, he was in the Mafia,. he filed bankruptcy, let's go to the video tape. Here he is in the second putting gum under his seat.

     If Rubio loses Florida.it is Vaya con Dios time. I LIKE CRUZ but I don't like to lose. We will lose 10% rinos and pick up 30% light bulb democrats who just woke up thanks to Trump. He will pull more blacks and Latinos than anyone. 


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    Trump May Be an Outsider After All, admits Newt Gingrich

    in News

    The Establishment has been waging attacks on Trump and we wonder if this is a staged distraction and dog and pony show for the setting up of legitimate candidates in the race. Now Newt Gingrich admits to Fox News that Trump has not been initiated into the "club" and is in fact an outsider.