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    Update on Innovations in 2-Stage Cold Press Juicing

    in Health

    The Pure Juicer team continues to perfect the engineering and details of our juicer. By the time yours is shipped, it will be even better than we expected.

    Today, we're discussing a particular change recently made to the pulping grids. One of David's goals is to make cooler pulp, which protects the produce's enzymes. Another is to maximize juice yield, and thus enzyme ingestion, from your produce.

    Listen is as David Feinberg tells us how and why juicing grids required more thinking to help you achieve the most from your cold press juicing.

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    Episode 72: Putting A Spell On You

    in Soccer

    Richard Farley joins Noah and Jon to talk about U.S. Soccer's suit against the women's players, what could be a boring match against Canada, and what could have been with a healthy Stuart Holden.

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    Step One-4 Stage Evolution of Your Powerlessness and Unmanageability

    in Self Help

    Welcome to this year's FREE Conscious Living Series! 

    We are a planet in mourning with no tools to grieve! 



    Cued to engage through social media every minute of our day! ...

    Bombarded by technological advances and environmental toxins  ...

    ... our systems are overloaded and we are in need of relief. 

    Most find it in excessive behaviors which ultimately create the very stress they are trying to eliminate!

    In fact the newest addiction is to stress itself! 

    Collectively and personally, we are getting more and more alienated from our authentic self and from each other. 

    Inspired by what is being called, GLOBAL Post Traumatic Stress,  I have developed my new  Four-Stage-Twelve-Step Spiritual Program.  

    In 2016 I present my expanded view of how to make use of the most successful spiritual program on the planet. Each month I will focus on one of the Twelve Steps of Recovery; interfacing it with my Four-Stage Evolutionary Process; and guiding you through the interactive tapping sequences that enable you to relate and heal! 

    Today we focus on Step One - the surrender to powerlessness and the admission of unmanageability. 

    Call 612-710-7720 For Free Assessment!


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    Ep 72 Grant Wood Regionalist Artist

    in History

    "American Gothic," the frequently parodied painting of the old couple (really father and daughter) standing in front of a white farm house with a gothic style window holding a pitchfork, is one of the most recognizable paintings in the world. You know the painting, but what do you know about the artist? Wood was one of the school of Regionalist painters, but his art ranged from recycle art to murals to stain glass. Wood was born and raised and returned to work in Iowa. Tune in to learn about Wood's life, his art, his Iowa connections, and a new display coming to the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art.

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    That Signature Bikini Stage Look: Tips on Suits, Posing, Hair, Makeup & More

    in Nutrition

    Work that stage ladies! 

    Learn all that goes into creating your signature 'Bikini Stage Look' from the best!

    We will touch on topics of suit design, posing, hair, makeup and much much more. 

    Kristy Leconte has been a working in the fitness industry for 10 years and is an IFPA Bikini Pro. She lives in Maine, loves dogs and all things SNL. Kristy has been competing from 3 years and recently won the 2015 Yorton Cup for Bikini. 

    Tawnya Cline resides currently in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband Vince and my four legged boxer/pitbull, Simba. She has two adult children that no longer live at home. Tawnya and her husband own, Indulgence Head 2 Toe (a full service salon), Bronzing Head 2 Toe (spray tan business), and Nutrition Head 2 Toe where she spends most of her time. They offer customized meal plans and a FREE calendar of fitness activities for all ages, races, and sizes. She holds three Bikini Pro cards and one in Pro Sports Model.  Tawnya has obtained several sponsorships, and also coach a competition team globally called "Smoothies and Blenderz." She has been privileged to have the title of Editor-In-Chief of Natural Bikini Magazine and now promoter of the West Coast for IPL. 

    Pam Wilkie is the owner and sole designer at Muscle Couture Competition Bikinis and Figure Suits. She began her competition career in 2007 and began designing her own suits in 2010. She's married to Michael Wilkie, owner of The Diet Doc Nashua/Team K Nashua and Fit For Life Personal Training. Pam is also a posing instructor and works as a team with her husband in offering competitors a full range of competition prep services. Pam and Michael have 3 children and live in Southern NH. 

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    Was Flint Water Poisoning and Intentional Act of Genocide

    in Radio

    This show will examine whether Flint's water supply was intentionally poisoned as an act of genocide as Councilman Wantwaz Davis and film maker Michael Moore have both stated.

    Back in December, before the crisis became a national news story, Moore tweeted:

    This is a racial killing, Flint is 60% African American. When you knowingly poison a Black city, you are committing a version of genocide. If this were elsewhere, and the white leader blocked a Black city's clean water supply and made them drink poison, we'd call it ethnic cleansing.

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    Horror Night Oasis With Havok And Ian (#72)

    in Movies

    On tonight's show we'll have a review of "The Boy" and the latest Horror news of the week.

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    Has the NBA taken center stage

    in Sports

    It's Wednesday here on Sports Time Radio with The Big Jack and Dan the Man. It's the last night of NHL games before they have their All-Star break. With the NHL off it will give the NBA an even bigger chance to get the better teams front and center. The Super Bowl is still 10 days away and let's face it as bad as the playoffs have been are you really all that interested in it. If it does turn out to be Peyton Manning final game that will add some interest. The blog was new this morning; so check it out at www.SportsTimeRadio.com

    We're on Twitter @SportsTimeRadio

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    The $12 Dollar Radio Show with David Bublitz #72 (12/31/15)

    in Comedy

    The $12 Dollar Radio Show with David Bublitz

    #72     (12/31/15)

    FREE internet radio.

    FREE to yo you the consumer.

    And worth almost every penny.

    LIVE most days.

    Mondau-Friday   10am MST

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    Detroit Public Schools: Our Kids Deserve Better

    in Radio

    Some 88 out of 97 schools in Detroit closed recently after teachers called in sick in protest of rodent and mold problems. There are complaints of an odious smell of mold and mildew that hits you like a ton of bricks when you step through the front doors at Spain Elementary-Middle School in Detroit. Once a school any city would be proud to have in its district. Today, it’s the poster child for neglect and indifference to a quality teaching and learning environment for some 500 students.

    The gym is closed because half of the floor is buckled and the other half suffered so much rainwater damage from the dripping ceiling that it became covered with toxic black mold. Instead of professionally addressing the problem, a black tarp simply was placed over the entire area. That area of the school has since been condemned.

    The once beautiful pool sits empty because no one has come to fix it. The playground is off-limits because a geyser of searing hot steam explodes out of the ground.

    Exposed wires hang from missing ceiling tiles. Watermarks from leaks abound. Kids either sit in freezing classrooms with their coats on or strip off layers because of stifling heat.

    Complaints to Darnell Earley, the emergency manager over the Detroit Public Schools have seemingly fallen on deaf ears.

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    Tonya Kappes takes center Stage on Literary Viewpoints with Fran Lewis

    in Books

    What would you do if you ran a funeral home and before you can bury the person that is dead you had to find out who killed them? Mamie Sus Preston died and her headstone says: I TOLD YO I WAS SICK. She was the richest woman in Sleepy Hollow, Kentucky, and also the biggest complainer of illnesses. But, someone killed her and covered it up and Emma Lee, who owns and runs the Eternal Slumber Funeral HOme, knows that because her ghost told it to her first hand. So, who killed her and why is she offerring big bucks to Emma Lee to find out? A Ghostly Murder: Tonya Kappes reveals the truth. Join me as we talk about her series and meet her wild and zany grandmother who just adds to the fun as Emma Lee and her sheriff boyfriend take on a deadly murderer.