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  • Meet the Cast of Loves Gonna Get'cha A Stage Play by Ron Jones & Esther Wright

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    Esther Renee Wright, author with Imani Faith Publishing will be talking about her journey to publication. Then, Christian Daigle, Shanna Richards, Hope Penns, Brandon Woodson, Rebekka Bryant, Wendell Vaughn, and playwright Ron Jones  join Cheryl as they talk about the new stage play Loves Gonna Get'cha. Real Life Real Faith Media is a proud sponsor of the play. 


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    Look who's dropping by REAL TALK tonight...

    "My Boyfriend's Wife" The Stage Play from the author of "He Loves Me, He Loves You Not"... Mychea and she's bring the cast with her!!!

    The normal cast will be dropping by Neicy G with What's Goin' On and Our Sports Guy Keith Roberts... is it FOOTBALL SEASON YET?

    Join the conversation (347) 994-2063 or at www.RTWMM.com 


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    The Literary Corner Presents The Stage Play "150 Facing Forward"

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    Hey My Literary Corner Family...We Have Some Great Productions Coming Up For Your Listening Pleasure & Active Involvement! This Show Is For You...Your Talents, Clients, Products & Services! 

    We Are Coming Back Strong by Introducing A New Playwright Ronald Williams & Stage Play "150 Facing Forward" 
    A provocative and timely examination of the African American identity, featuring the selected work of Roberta Flack. 

    Join Us Wednesday 06/10/15 7:00-8:00 PM EST. as we delve into what it takes to Write, Create & Produce an innovative Stage Play focusing on the Modern African American Experience. 

    The Literary Corner Call in 347-884-8924 
    Or By Computer @  http://tobtr.com/s/7683317

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    "He's Not Mine, She's Not Mine"Stage Play /

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    The Charles Sneed Group & Holiday Inn Opryland Airport present "Marriage For All Seasons" (February 13-14, 2015 Day & Evening Sessions) 

    A powerful title with a powerful message. Listen to the show to hear what it's all about. People all over are asking for this conference and you can too! Call-in with your questions and talk with Charles Sneed.

    Mr. Ray Quick, Writer & Producer and Mr. Adiyb Muhammad, Co-Producer partners with the Washington Regional Transplant Community to bring you a powerful Stage Play "He's Not Mine She's Not Mine". The multi-talented Ray Quick, brings family reality to the stage. This heartfelt narrative delivers a riveting performance with a dual story-line highlighting a young child’s battle with severe kidney disease and need for a lifesaving organ transplant, coupled with the challenges and struggles of a blended family. The play is structured to facilitate awareness and communication about the incredible need for lifesaving organs in this country.  

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    Joining us tonight MEET THE CAST of Tamala Coleman's stage play "HE WHO FINDS A WIFE"

    The normal cast will be dropping by... Neicy G with What's Goin' On and Our Sports Guy Keith Roberts.

    Join the conversation (347) 994-2063 or at www.michaelmcfadden.com 


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    "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets their wings"...

    That is THE iconic line of the classic holiday movie, "It's A Wonderful Life"....

    Sunday, December 20, 2015, Brian the Hammer Jackson and myself---Executive Producer, Ellen Johnson, are hosting a special simulcast broadcast of the 7th Annual radio-stage play, being brought to you by the NOLA Voice Talent Foundation and featuring a star-studded cast. You will be able to listen to this special show---no matter where in the world you are.

    The show starts at 5:00 pm Pacific time, but before that at 4:30, I (Ellen Johnson), will be giving you a glimpse of what goes on backstage as I talk to the cast, pre-show; there maybe be other surprises, too....you will want to tune in to find out.

    If you would like to join us in the studio, the number to call is 646-595-3032.

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    CAIN & ABEL The Stage Play

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    "CAIN & ABEL" stage play with Playwright AKIVA McCLAMMcClam Enterprise Productions was founded in 2008 by acclaimed playwright and Air Force veteran Akiva McClam.  A man of many talents he is fondly called “The Renaissance Man.”  Akiva was inspired to write his own plays after attending several of Tyler Perry’s stage plays in the 1990s. His love for writing took off in 2008, when he wrote his first play in seven days, “My Christmas Story.”  Since those humble beginnings he has gone on to write several more plays. Akiva wrote and produced the highly successful play “Cain and Abel” which is based on true events of Akiva’s life between his brother Lamont Wesley and the loss of their mother, the late Dorothy Jean Clark. His current works include Secret Lovers, Deep Cover, and Blessed. Also  Actress/Comedienne CASSANDRA ARCHER who isInspired by other female entertainers such as Whoopi Goldberg, SNL Star Gilda Radner and Tracy Ullman to name a few, Cassandra has brought many characters to life on stage in her act. Cassandra’s sarcastically energetic performance comes from being under the tutelage and guidance of the Fabulous Fat Doctor of Comedy. She has progressed into a hilarious entertaining hostess in her stand up act. hosted by Visionary/Creator /Producer/Director/ "DaOne" with Co-Hosts NAISA Prodigy Producer/SongWriter/Musician/Performer & Featuring our "MyStory" Historian who we at 3EO affectionately call The  "Encyclo-negro-pedia" C. R. GIBBS Connecting Dots - From Generation to Generation" & 3EO  Financial Sportsbeat Writer ANTHONY ADEWUSI  

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    SRWM ~ Stage Play "I Deserve Your Husband" by Snoop Robinson

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    "I Deserve Your Husband" Stage Play Staring Darrin Henson Written by Snoop Robinson

    DALLAS Texas November 21, 2015 

    Be careful who you throw away, because one woman’s trash is another woman’s Husband. An old flame can become a new fire when she is determined to take what She Deserves. Starring Darrin Henson (Soul Food, Stomp the Yard and Chocolate City), Gin Blanton, Porsha Hall, Telvin Griffin, Lakeicha Thomas, Kenny Gardner, Contessah Irene, Raison Thompson, Tasha Harden, and John Okieyi. Written by Aaron Hall and Directed by Snoop Robinson. 

    Get your Tickets ~ Snoop Robinson

    Contact Information: 

    Agent: Heyman Talent-South Central,
    Danette Linicomn, Director Dallas/Agent
    2017 Young Street, Unit 2 Dallas, Texas 75201
    Office: (214) 484-5408 Fax: (214) 484-5534

    Twitter: twitter.com/snooperstar

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/snooprobinson 

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    The cast of the new stage play "Tomcat" post play interviews

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     TomCat is a tale that takes place in 1951 Indianapolis, Indiana and Kincaid County Mississippi; a time of segregation and separation of the races and of an untimely, ill-fated, interracial love triangle. This pre civil rights story echoes many of the same social ills that plague American society today: racism, classism, sexism, police brutality, crime and violence. However, ultimately it is a story of love and not just between men and women but also between fathers and sons on opposite sides of the social spectrum. It is also a story of forgiveness and redemption.

    Please join us the weekend of September 11th for 3 mesmerizing performances at The Arts Station 5384 Manor Drive, Historic Stone Mountain Village, GA 30083  and allow us to transport you back in time to a bustling, hustling, R & B and Jazzed filled Indiana Avenue  and to the defiant, uncompromising Old South of rural Mississippi.


    Neil Carr  plays "Tomcat" 

    Nikki Lashae  plays "Ruby Anne" 

    Jamie Rhodes- Playwriter

    Lateefa Mosley-Director 


    Ticket Information:

    Buy tickets at www.tomcatplay.eventbrite.com

    For group tickets call 678-668-1376

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    The Silence 'Stage Play" with Quinton de'Alexander and Apostle Natalie Young

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    Join host Apostle Natalie Young with  " Breaking the Silence " with 'Clothing Designer/Philanthropist and Executive Producer of " Breaking The Silence " Stage Play Quinton de'Alexander "  expressing the No Better philosophy of the exciting and avant-garde designer Quinton de’Alexander.  Living in New Orleans, an area rich with diversity and culture, Quinton’s curiosity about the clothes and how they were structured was recognized by him and supported by his family at an early age.  At eight years old, he saw a sewing machine at a local garage sale and asked if he could have it.  Thank goodness for the world of fashion and for those of us who benefit from that world, that young Mr. de’ Alexander was not denied. Quinton began by teaching himself, through trial and error, how to make things.  At a rate belying his talent and imagination he saw his first creations within hours of setting up his new “toy” -perfect potholders- an event that sparked the journey of his life’s vocation. Feeding his newfound passion and sit at his Singer sewing machine and recreate garments that he had studied.  Without any patterns or formal education in design, he worked at the concept until he got it right. Now due to that unstoppable spirit and determination he demonstrated as a youth, every design created by Quinton is not only right, it’s breath taking!  Based in Chicago, Illinois, Quinton is the Founder/President of Chez de ‘Alexander.  He has created designs for an impressive range of clientele- from celebrities to small non-profit organizations.  He is a strong believer in giving back to the community and has been doing so throughout his career.


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    Meet the cast member's of upcoming Stage Play "Homes is where the heart is"

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    Tune in to the Mother Spitfire's show FIRE WORKS ON THE SET **** 1 whole hour of entertainment!  Meet the cast member of the upcoming stage play "Homes is where the heart is" Written by Kimberly M. Smith Directed by Dasean "Mizz Mocha" Howell.  You will be first to hear the first release of the "Homes is where the Heart is theme song "Homes"  Written by Kimberly M. Smith Vocals by Mother Spitfire and Mizz Mocha.....details for the stage play will be announced.