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    Do Black Lives REALLY Matter?

    in Spirituality

    I am absolutely outraged at the fact that a young teen was killed in a high school bathroom and no one is holding any signs outside of the school demanding the victims rights.  Why?  Is it because the accused are also teens?  I bet we will make an excuse that claims that they are under priveledged and going through things at home that caused them to act out.  Why is it that when it is our own people that fight and kill each other we either turn a blind out or make excuses for our ill behavoir?  Who will stand up against us when we all feel some damn sorry for each other?  Who will tell us when we are wrong when we have been done wrong for hundreds of years?  Isn't this what we tell ourselves?  Well someone has to be the voice of reason here...

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    STK HipHop PRINCE Power Hour! Children 6-11 yrs Jailed for not Stopping Fight!

    in Politics

    In Murfreesboro, TN multiple children between 6-11 yrs old were arrested for not stopping a fight that had occured away from their school the previous day.Of course the parents are outraged and the officials offering shady excuses. 

    Tune in to Str8Up RealTalk Radio w/ Queen Daphne for Save The Kids HipHop Power Hour! as I drop some HipHop Jewels and pay homage to the Great Legend PRINCE taking a pause for the cause in between the hits to discuss the continued terrorism being carried out by so called law enforcement, who are arrogant in the opportunities and permissions granted them to brutalize the People. In their ploy to contain and/or destroy, children are no exception.

    Logon www.blogtalkradio.com/str8uprealtalks

    Call in 215-383-3925

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    State of Florida Violates Voting Rights of Miriam E Lancaster and Many More

    in Politics

    Miriam is 100 years young. That should not be an excuse to take away her rights - including her right to vote. Every American should be outraged, ashamed and concerned about how easily the State can take away your rights. Many of us thought the Voting Rights Act of 1965 outlawed any type of literacy test determining who is smart enough or informed enough to vote, but apparently not in Florida.

    Miriam was only 4 years old when women got the right to vote - 19th Amendment - see attached. Miriam has been very active and engaged in her government. Now the State of Florida simply takes away her rights. Just 3-4 months prior to the State of Florida claiming Miriam is/was "totally incapacitated", the same state said she was of sound mind and had the right to give her money to whoever she wanted. There are many unanswered questions about the actions of the State of Florida.

    Please watch the video (link below) and listen to Miriam E. Lancaster. Do you believe this 100 year old American should have the right to vote - not to mention serious questions about the abuse of all of her rights?

    Miriam needs pro-Bono attorney that has the will and courage to challenge the actions of the State of Florida. As it stands today, Miriam E. Lancaster has no rights! The State of Florida has stripped Miriam of her most basic rights as an American. We believe they have violated her rights under both the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Americans with Disabilities Act. We have serious questions about Miriam's case. Now, Miriam's funds are gone. This too causes great concern. This is not the American way!


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    I Love 80s Wrestling Podcast

    in Wrestling

    We are live once again this week. On this weeks show our guest he has been promoting shows since the `70s and runs SICW. He has worked with the whos,whos in wrestling. He is non other than Herb Simmons. The number to call into the show is (855)-voc-radio that is (855)-862-7234 or email ilove80swrestling@gmail.com. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @IL80sWP and go like i love 80s wrestling facebook page. Make sure you go to www.vocnation.com to listen to our archive episodes and while there check out all the other podcasts they have. Thanks for listening to our show!!!!!

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    Prosperity Wrestling Radio Presents PWR SLAM!

    in Wrestling

    OK folks, it's time for your midweek fix, PWR SLAM! is back! Tonight we talk to a bear, a thief and an author, two of which are the same person.

    First up will be our friend Herb Simmons from SICW in the Southern Illinois/St.Louis area. They will have two events this weekend, one in Illinois, one in Missouri. As always, SICW will present a loaded card of action with possibly some more surprises. We'll try and pull what they may be out of Herb. Since he's been in Vegas at Cauliflower Alley maybe we can order him a few drinks and get him to talk.

    After that, we will talk to a man that we have had on before, but he's still a lot of fun to talk to. Barrington Hughes, the big man from Florida is calling himself "MILFs Favorite Wrestler". We'll catch up with what he's been up to, including wrestling and the ladies.

    When people heard "Yo yo yo, yo,pop a 40 and check your Rollies" everyone knew what time it was, CRIME TIME! The tag team that claimed Brooklyn as home had a lot of fans, especially when they would come out into the arena with the contents of some poor unsuspecting wrestler's bag, selling everything to the fans.They actually were also rather successful, spending a total of four years under the WWE banner. Tonight, we talk to one half of that team, JTG. We will discuss his early years, his influences in the business, OVW, RAW, and his book, DAMN! Why Did I Write This Book?. This should be a lot of fun.

    Have a question? We always like to let our listeners talk to the wrestlers, within reason. You can post your questions in our chat, call via Skype or by phone at (347) 850-8033. Katie, Steve and Sean are ready for tonight, do YOU have your valuables locked up?

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    All The Rage - Top News Stories

    in Radio

    New Orleans Saints former defensive end Will Smith is killed and his wife injured in road rage attack after driver rear-ended him then gunned him down during an altercation over the accident 

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3532521/New-Orleans-Saints-defensive-end-Smith-killed-wife-shot-road-rage-attack.html#ixzz45R24JGoA 

    Primary school teacher is sacked after video of her twerking in a bikini in Mexico sweeps the web and is spotted by outraged parents

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3532399/Primary-school-teacher-sacked-video-twerking-bikini-Mexico-sweeps-web-spotted-outraged-parents.html#ixzz45R3wfWNa 
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    Are Children Being Poisoned At Harold Washington Elementary School?

    in Women

    We've heard the stories about Flint, Michigan and its lead poisoned water. But how many other cities are just as guilty of this kind of neglect? Parents are outraged that Harold Washington Elementary School, named for Chicago's first African American Mayor, has refused to correct lead based peeling paint and lead in the pipes that supply drinking water to the children.  Despite urgings by parents and concerned members of the community, the city of Chicago and the State of Illinois continues to ignore its Flint Water Crisis right in its midst. Children are often diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, or are simply punished for being extra hyperactive. But rarely are adults charged with the crime of neglect in allowing the symptoms of lead poisoning to go unaddressed.  Health activist Rasheedah Ali joins us today to discuss an upcoming press conference at the school in which local leaders are being called out for their shameless silence about this critical health hazard on Chicago's South Side. Perhaps the schools in the cities where your children attend have the same malady. What is the resposibility of the government to make sure the school environment is safe and healthy? What should we do when officials ignore pleas for intervention? Is a Federal Class Action lawsuit in order?

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    Underground Wednesday with Special Guest Temperature

    in Radio

    I was raised in blytheville Arkansas born in st.louis mo where I'm located now I'm sign to inyafaceent Carlton barber out of north Carolina have a music group call GOG connected with inyafaceent I have a Mixtape vs my album out you can buy it off my label's page I'm 26 years old born Aug 10 1989 my idol is tupac and aaliyah you can find me on Twitter temperature2100 on Instagram temperature25 SoundCloud Spreaker.Com I have a video to da ticket on YouTube I also do comedy act on YouTube subscribe to Felicia wingo page on YouTube and you will find our Bad ActinTV E.N.T comedy on there

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    KELLY O'CONNELL AM 1450: Illusions of Permanency

    in Politics


    As two parties rage over attitudes, delegates, and whether they have the Right Stuff for the general election, the mass of US voters is entertained, confused, occasionally outraged, and always perplexed. It’s hard to know what is right or wrong anymore. This campaign has had more talk of overweening ambition & treason than a meeting between Aaron Burr & Benedict Arnold. But has it ever occurred to our permanent political class that they were meant to be temporary? Meanwhile,  many hand-wringing souls, breathlessly claim the entire fate of the free world hangs in the balance, while the outcome will be ingested like so many sour grapes. Is it OK to get a candidate to promise to not run a third party and then steal the election from him if he wins? Going state to state to wrangle delegates is the name of that game. And one can hardly blame Bernie Sanders for feeling slighted when states where he won by more than 80% he is losing by the delegate count. On a stranger note, with Glenn Beck as his witness, Ted Cruz cannot state he has not cheated on his wife. This is despite his outrage at the Enquirer 5-GF story. Meanwhile, various celebrities and famous ministers claim Ted was born, bred and anointed for the US Presidency. You know….to save America. Well, maybe the overly-zealous Cruz took a page out of the story of David & Bathsheba, and decided to get some horizontal R&R before he has to knuckle down to the Oval Orifice?!! Of course, I’m sure someone will brandish her magic wand and remove all Teds stains that might keep him from being a Statesman. And, BTW -- this all erupted when Ted’s SuperPac published nude pics of Trump’s wife. And it seems like it was only last year when Beck claimed Mrs Trump did lesbian . Wait, that WAS last year!!! Can America overcome it's 3-ring political circus? Stay tuned sportsfans!

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    The LizyT show with Author Peter Whelan

    in Books

    The LizyT show with Author Peter Whelan

    The Rake is a true story of a boy stepping on a rake and hurting himself.

    He is outraged by this and demands the rake be punished.

    It’s a simple story to discuss a simple truth.

    Sometimes there is #Nothing2Forgive

    Just because you feel hurt or angry doesn’t mean that you have a good reason to seek revenge.

    Every week I read of people being attacked by outragists who feel justified in attacking others due to some small slight.

    It’s my hope that this story will remind you to consider other possibilities when you feel wronged.


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    The BYGP Locker Room Show (Michael Lewis)

    in Football

    Join us as we hear the amazing football testimony, of former NFL Pro Bowler and college football All-American, Michael Lewis! When opportunities are presented, the best take advantage. Tune in, as Michael shares key tips that have helped him succeed on and off-the-field. With over 8 years of NFL experience, Michael has been through the highs and lows of the football industry. He is excited and prepared, to let you know what it takes to achieve your dreams as a student-athlete and a pro.

    Let's go!