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    Talk Jamaica July 12

    in Current Events

    Talk Jamaica comes your way today between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.: Today, The discussion segment commences at 4:30. We zero in on the St. James Police Division which has recorded the most murders in Jamaica since the start of 2015. SSP Steve McGregor, who heads the division, will join us to discuss the challenges and the strategies to address them. Then at 5 P.M., Joan Gordon Webley’s switch from the JLP to the PNP. Is it a big deal? We have representatives from the PNP, JLP and an in house analyst to discuss the issue. 
    Then, later in the broadcast, we take you into our Talk Vault feature, at 5:35 PM where we sit down with the Principal of Padmore Primary School who turned the school around and saved it from closure. Listen live viawww.talkjamaicaradio.com/listen or via the Talk Jamaica Radio mobile app

    Listen live via www.talkjamaicaradio.com/listen or via the Talk Jamaica Radio mobile app

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    SSP Author Anastasia Rabiyah

    in Books

    Join SABRINA LUNA for an interview with SSP author ANASTASIA RABIYAH about her newest ebook, LOST & FOUND, at Sugar and Spice Press!

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    Open Nat'l Champ selection show

    in Sports

    Recap of the pairings selected by draft earlier tonight for the 2012 GSWL Open national Championship.  we are joined by tourney director Danny Lanigan, Sticks Connor Young, and Smooch from SSP.   Live!

  • AAA SSP 95th

    in Automotive

    AAA SSP 95th 

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    Startup Success Podcast: Preshow for DigMyData interview

    in Business

    On October 3, Bob and Patrick will interview Adam Wride ... prior to that interview, you can join Bob and Patrick to learn about DigMyData and relay questions for Adam, as they chat about the week in startups and other happenings.

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    Wrenn & Friends Psychic Talk Radio

    in Spirituality

    Join Psychic/Medium Mary Beth Wrenn Sundays from 9pm - 11pm Eastern Time for the Wrenn & Friends Radio Show. An interactive call-in radio show covering topics pertaining to the paranormal, metaphysical, higher selves consciousness & how it all pertains to current every day events.
    Each week I will feature guests, experts in their field of study. Our format is a table top discussion about the expert and the topic at hand. Near the end of the show we will open it up to you our listeners, for your questions. . You will meet healers, intuitives, medical doctors, alternative health practioners, scientists, life coaches & even skeptics!
    This Sunday I welcome Heather Brock Norton of Southern Scientific Paranormal Group.  Let's talk Ghosts!  Have you experienced a haunting?  What do you do if you feel that your house is haunted?  Can people be haunted too? 
    Meet Heather Brock Norton.  "I became interested in the paranormal as a child when I began experiencing unexplainable activity at my home and following my mother's death. However, my degrees in Biology and Nursing matched with my previous experience as a high school science teacher and registered nurse forces me to use scientific reasoning first at all investigations. This is why I created the motto, "We seek the NORMAL in paraNORMAL." However, I still recognize that science can't explain everything and my goal is to help those that are experiencing activity that defies science! That is why I created SSP in 2010. Being a paranormal investigator has allowed me to answer many questions i had growing up as a child and has given me a whole new outlook on the paranormal world!
    Get ready for fun filled, enlightening and educational 2 hour program! A talk radio show for the body, mind & soul!

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    Mullins Sports Radio Saturday Night Special!

    in Sports

    The first SSP of the new year! Tune in!

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    "Safeguards" Protect Your Privacy Wirelessly

    in Family

    Featured guest Jack McArtney, Manager of Content Standards at Verizon Wireless, has contributed to the introduction of Verizon Safeguards and numerous parental control products and services for Verizon Wireless customers.  He currently oversees consumer policies and industry guidelines relating to wireless and online safety as well as content and advertising standards. He joins us to discuss how Verizon Wireless is empowering families to use wireless technology responsibly.  Verizon Wireless has an educational resource for parents at www.parentalcontrolcenter.com  and works together with law enforcement, schools, parents, other wireless providers and industry leaders to implement safeguards and enact positive change.  Join host Hemanshu Nigam (Hemu), Internet safety expert and CEO/Founder of SSP Blue, www.sspblue.com, to discuss how parents can better manage their child's wireless experience using tools and educational resources. Call in to get your questions answered by Jack throughout the show.

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    Bully Turned Cyber Bully - The Painful Story of "Mary" and Her Daugher "Lisa"

    in Moms and Family

    Featured guest, “Mary” will share the pain and suffering her family and daughter, “Lisa”, suffered at the hands of a bully turned cyberbully. Mary and Lisa’s story is not unlike many other stories – we will learn about how much pain a single bully can inflict and what one family did to stop it. Join host Hemanshu (Hemu) Nigam, Internet safety expert and CEO|Founder of SSP Blue, www.sspblue.com, as he helps Mary tell her story and looks for the call to action to families who are dealing with bullies across America. Call in to share and ask questions.

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    Safety in the Wireless World

    in Family

    Featured guest Brent Olson, Asst. Vice President of Public Policy at AT&T, who oversees online safety public policy issues, will discuss the safety challenges facing the ever-growing wireless industry and what parents can do to help protect their kids in the wireless age. Join host Hemanshu Nigam (Hemu), Internet safety expert and CEO/Founder of SSP Blue, www.sspblue.com, to discuss how to get a handle on all these connected devices the kids are using today. Call in to get your questions answered by Brent throughout the show.

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    Creating a Network of Support

    in Family

    Featured guest Marsali Hancock is President of IKeepSafe, www.ikeepsafe.org, whose goal is to ensure that generations of the world’s children grow up safely using technology and the Internet. Join host Hemanshu Nigam (Hemu), Internet safety expert and CEO/Founder of SSP Blue, www.sspblue.com, to discuss how to create a network of support in today’s digital environment. Parents and educators can learn how to better detect and intervene in critical challenges facing our youth today. Call in to get your questions answered by Marsali throughout the show.