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    SRN Live Remote at IGNITE Campaign Launch

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    SRN Live Remote at IGNITE Campaign Launch

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    Everything with Kathy B Power Over Tomorrow, SRN World News, The Great Griot

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    Source Nation!! Tune in as our Resident Financial Advisor Tyrone S. Mitchell shares tips to help us gain POWER over our finances. Tonight Tyrone will discuss, CREDIT ALERT: A review of recent changes and how it can affect you.Be sure to tune in as Tyrone shares tips in keeping your Credit in good standing


    In the second hour, join Host Ami Smith for SRN World News as she welcomes Jeff Robinson Founder of IMAC Conferences.

    I.M.A.C., a subsidiary of Jet Foundation was started in 1999 by Jeff Robinson as a ‘faith-based’ institution that provides a platform for academic, artistic, professional and spiritual development. I.M.A.C. is a non-denominational/multi-cultural institution! I.M.A.C. is open to ALL individuals involved in ‘faith-based’ arts and ministries. I.M.A.C. is also open to secular organizations/entities that are looking for an institution that provides educational and networking opportunities! This includes but not limited to: Pastors, Entrepreneurs, Singers/Speakers, Music Industry Personalities, Professional/Independent Recording Artists, Songwriters, Ministers, Laymen, Youth/Teen-Agers, Church Leaders/Members, and more!


    In the third hour, join Host K. LaShea for The Great Grio as she welcomes Aminota Umoja into the studio.

    Aminata, is the founder of Kilombo Academic and Cultural Institute. Kilombo is an academically rigorous, culturally relevant, spiritually grounded independent school committed to social justice. Kilombo educates children from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Aminata’s areas of focus include developing Data Coaches and high-performing Data Teams, helping struggling readers achieve success, equity, culturally relevant curriculum and pedagogy, differentiated instruction, transforming schools into professional learning communities, and inquiry science for elementary and middle school students.  

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    SRN Live Remote at the Wills McGahee Celebrity Golf Invitational

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    SRN Live Remote at the Wills McGahee Celebrity Golf Invitational

  • Business Blitz with Monique A.J. Smith - Entrepreneur, Leadership Developer

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    Business Blitz is honored to welcome Monique A.J. Smith to the show on Tuesday, August 25! Monique A.J. Smith is a consummate leader. After spending much of her career in various positions within intercollegiate athletics, Smith founded Seeds of Empowerment, LLC, a consulting company that focuses on leadership development. Moreover, Seeds of Empowerment is fixated on helping people bloom and recognize their significance where they are planted. Smith has dedicated her life’s work to the success of others, creating opportunities for those who are, typically, underrepresented and helping decision-makers embrace diversity and inclusion. Her approachable style makes it easy for clients to connect with her.

    In late 2014, Smith joined Survival Radio Network (SRN) as host of the show A Chat in the Garden with Monique A.J. Smith. Why A Chat in the Garden? Her company is all about planting seeds of empowerment and watering the garden where the seeds are planted. The show highlights female higher education and athletic administrators who have blossomed in the garden where they were planted, ultimately leaving seeds of wisdom for listeners who wish to trek the same path. The show airs Tuesdays at 11:30 a.m. ET on SRN. Listen to the show live and review the archived shows by visiting www.chatinthegarden.com. 

    Connect with Monique:

    Twitter: @moniqueajmorgan, #ChatInTheGarden

    Instagram: @SeedsOfEmpowerment

    Facebook: A Chat in the Garden

    Website: www.seedsofempowerment.info

    Email: moniqueajsmith@seedsofempowerment.info

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    Everything with Kathy B Power Over Tomorrow & SRN Wednesday Night News

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    Source Nation! Join us tonight for a Dynamic Show!

    At 6 pm we have Power Over Tomorrow with our Resident Financial Advisor, Tyrone S. Mitchell.  Tyrone continues his show from last week asking the question, What Are We To Do? (In reference to the verdicts of the  police who took Michael Brown & Eric Garner's lives). Listen in as Tyrone shares a video from about 10 years ago of an interview with the Late, Mr. Linwood Alfred Moore who grew up in the Jim Crow South and was active in making a difference.

    At 7 pm Host K.LaShea welcomes back, Activist, Producer, Director, Writer, Talk Show Host, Student, & President/Owner of Pitchvine Entertainment, Mr Larry Syid Wright. Join them as they discuss Larry's upcoming film about one of the backbones for the civil rights movement behind MLK , Malcolm X and others, Ms. Ella Baker.

    And at 8 pm K. LaShea welcomes, Producer, Songwriter and Broadway Veteran, Stepp Stewart into the studio to talk about his Musical Production, "A Soulful Christmas" and his other upcoming projects.  You don't want to miss this show.  You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

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    On The Bench With Mike B.

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    This Week “On The Bench” Mike B. and the Benchwarmers (Dwaine and Jon): With NFL Training Camps opening up this season, the major story coming from the NFL is Tom Brady Suspension. Find out “OTB” take on the situation, and does it cast a shadow on his legacy.   

    During segment 2, the “OTB” Crew discusses a superstar that was gone from the penthouse to the outhouse, back to the penthouse. That superstar is no other then A-Rod. If he continues to have the season he is having, and the Yanks keep winning, does he have a chance to win the MVP? Find out on “OTB”.

    During the course of this summer, the “OTB” Crew has compiled some epic Top 5 lists and this week is no different.  Listen this week as the Fellaz create a list centered on the Best NFL Wide Receiver Duos of All-Time. See who makes the list.    

    Finally, as we do each and every week, Mike B. and The Benchwarmers will give their Weekly G.O.A.T.S and Asses of the Week. 

    Make sure you join them this Saturday at 9AM “On The Bench” on the Survival Radio Network.  You can also be apart of the show at 347-989-8385.

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    Everything with Kathy B Power Over Tomorrow & SRN Wednesday Night News

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    Source Nation!! Join us Wednesday evening as Resident Financial Advisor, Tyrone Mitchell sheds light on this topic: Ask yourself, ARE WE BURNING BRIDGES WHEN WE BURN BUSINESSES? Let's look at the economical impact of how people are being affected by the actions of some. We want to hear from you! Click on FB Page to share your responses. https://www.facebook.com/powerovertomorrow 

    Nial Martin - President/CEO No Jive Productions, Inc. - 7:15pm

    Nial Martin has been consistently recognized for his outstanding work in South Florida communities. In addition to being a successful businessman, Nial is also a very dynamicperformer. He has appeared in television commercials for Nike, Burger King, 163rd street Nial, Wendy’s to name a few. He has also hosted live pledges for PBS and spoke at the Miami Area for Black Achievers Celebration. Nial Martin’s past achievements have positioned him for great success in the future. His passion for his work, concern for the youth, adults and commitment to his own education as a former student at the Arts Institute of Fort Lauderdale, have made him one of South Florida rising stars. 

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    Everything with Kathy B Power Over Tomorrow & SRN Wednesday Night News

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    James Shadd - Lawyer 6:15pm

    After practicing law for six years with a prominent firm, James Shadd launched his own practice, the Shadd Law Firm, LLC. James, a solo practitioner, handles a variety of cases in several practice areas and aggressively pursues all forms of justice for his individual and institutional clients. The firm is a statewide, general practice that provides a personal touch as we care about the client's welfare. Our clients are treated with respect and dignity that they deserve. We look forward to assisting you in your legal needs through difficult challenges in your life.


    Stacy Rose - Flimmaker - 7:15pm

    THE PERCEPTIONS PROJECT - “It’s a matter of perception.”
    I find it fascinating when people talk about words or ideas as if their meaning is universal. For example, “Freedom”. Freedom is a word/concept that’s often plagued with idealisms and xenophobic rhetoric when actuality, it may look vastly different for any two people from the exact same background and upbringing much less people from different countries. With this in mind I’ve written five short films simply titled: Peace, Love, Hate, Fun, and Freedom.

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    Everything with Kathy B Power Over Tomorrow SRN Wednesday News- Q Whitehead

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    Source Nation!  Join us tonight for a dynamic show.

    Up first for Power Over Tomorrow, our Resident Financial Advisor, Tyrone S. Mitchell will discuss the FAKE post that has been circulating around Face Book that says, Congress Eliminates Child Tax Credit, Mortgage Deduction and E.I.T.C. Tax Code. Join us as Tyrone shares, "What If" and How You Can Protect Yourself Financially. 

    At 7:15,  We want you to get your youth & young adults and listen in as Youth Motivational Speaker/Expert & Author (also known as  The Possibility Coach), Quentin Whitehead stops by the studio to talk with Host K. LaShea about empowering and equipping our youth to have more, be more, and achieve more. Don't miss this show! Call in with your questions @ 619-924-0933.  You've heard it here, from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

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    On The Bench With Mike B.

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    This Week “On The Bench” Mike B. and the Benchwarmers (Dwaine and Jon) welcomes “OTB” regular Julius Smith? to the bench, as the group will go Coast to Coast covering the NBA Playoffs.

    During segment 2, the Fellaz give their take on Tom Brady. Does the recent scandal affect his Hall of Fame status? What they think of the Patriots Organization, and does the punishment fix the crime?

    With the recent back and forth feuding between former Fab Five members Jalen Rose and Chris Webber, “OTB” crew gives their Top 5 Team mate Beef/Feuding of all time.

    And as we do each and every week, final part of the show, Mike B. and Benchwarmers will give their Weekly G.O.A.T.S and Asses of the Week.  
    Make sure you join them or you can be apart of the show at 347-989-8385 this Saturday at 9AM “On The Bench” on the Survival Radio Network.