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    Enabling or Empowering in Weight Loss: Know the Difference, Michelle Edmonds

    in Weight Loss

    An enlightening, often overlooked topic. This tough love conversation about enabling , (a term more often used in addictions and substance abuse counseling)  and how the term applies to the relationship between a participant and their weight loss program.  In essence, the  weight loss program becomes the  enabler; as long as it is  there AND it WORKS, I can eat what I want and just start again!. The game is this: The clinician thinks the person is motivated to release weight; the disconnect in communication is that the client is really just testing their safety net, before  returning  to their old habits. This cycle needs to stop and  is physically dangerous, hence the reason for this broadcast

    The program director and author of the program is Michelle Edmonds, M.A., M.Ed. Ms. Edmonds is affectionately  known as "The Godmother" of Wellness,  A/K/A  the "drill sergeant".A trained counseling psychologist, she is a dynamic  speaker in the area of  wellness and personal development. Ms. Edmonds is also the CEO and Station Manager of Serenity Radio Network (SRN), an empowerment  station that focuses on MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT


    To get started with the Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification program. click here:        



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    SRN Live Remote at IGNITE Campaign Launch

    in Self Help

    SRN Live Remote at IGNITE Campaign Launch

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    BLACK MAN in CRISIS: Part I : Biblical Historical Perspective, Dr. Terry Dixon

    in Religion

    This broadcast lays the  foundation for a month long series on understanding issues and challenges facing the today's Black Man from a biblical perspective, that includes a discussion from Noah to HAM and the Cushites

    A key point that I am sure will resonate with all of you  is that the history of the Black man did NOT start with slavery. This broadcast, rooted in the Christian religion,  is a must listen for ALL  races, creeds and religions. 



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    Marital Peace, Dr. Laura Louis, Ph.D

    in Family

    Dr. Louis shares the foundation of her doctoral research, which formed the basis for her book: Marital Peace. She discusses John Gottman's Model for predicting marital success known as the Four Horsemen. . Contact Dr. Louis and learn more information @ http://www.giftedcounseling.com/


    Serenity Radio Network (SRN) is sponsored by The Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program, Michelle Edmonds, M.A., M.ED.CEO|Author @ Serenity. More information: https://www.serenityradiochallenge.eventbrite.com?




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    Romance without Finance?.....Is a Nuisance! with Jenyfer Rogers and Tarence Hill

    in Finance

     Romance without Finance is a Nuisance is an new weekly series about wealth building strategies. The host is Jenyfer Rogers, an economic coach and realtor. Along with her own expertise, she will introduce to you the very best experts in financial education as co-host and guest speakers on future broadcasts. This program provides financial education broken down in plain language, without the hype. 


    Commentary by Michelle Edmonds, Life and Wellness Coach and Serenity Radio Network (SRN) owner:

    It's amazing how often we say, "Love conquers all, yet when the money gets funny, the first thing to go is the love! To be honest and to talk real, even sex goes, when the money is not right. Then why do so many of us leave our finances to chance and not make it our business to get even basic financial information? 

    According to the list attached  to the following link, Finances is the # 7 reason for Divorce. http://www.top10stop.com/lifestyle/top-10-reasons-for-divorce-and-marriage-breakdowns-stats-from-the-us A quick Google search, however, will list Finances as the #1 reason, followed by infidelity and poor communication. 

    In my practice as a counseling psychologist, Life, and Wellness coach,   I see Finances, Infidelity, and communication, in that order. Does not matter who's stats you use, there is no question that too many of us have raggedy finances and basic financial education is needed. 


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    On The Bench With Mike B.

    in Sports

    A Pop The Trunk On The Bench" Production 

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    Everything with Kathy B Power Over Tomorrow, SRN World News, The Great Griot

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation!! Tune in as our Resident Financial Advisor Tyrone S. Mitchell shares tips to help us gain POWER over our finances. Tonight Tyrone will discuss, CREDIT ALERT: A review of recent changes and how it can affect you.Be sure to tune in as Tyrone shares tips in keeping your Credit in good standing


    In the second hour, join Host Ami Smith for SRN World News as she welcomes Jeff Robinson Founder of IMAC Conferences.

    I.M.A.C., a subsidiary of Jet Foundation was started in 1999 by Jeff Robinson as a ‘faith-based’ institution that provides a platform for academic, artistic, professional and spiritual development. I.M.A.C. is a non-denominational/multi-cultural institution! I.M.A.C. is open to ALL individuals involved in ‘faith-based’ arts and ministries. I.M.A.C. is also open to secular organizations/entities that are looking for an institution that provides educational and networking opportunities! This includes but not limited to: Pastors, Entrepreneurs, Singers/Speakers, Music Industry Personalities, Professional/Independent Recording Artists, Songwriters, Ministers, Laymen, Youth/Teen-Agers, Church Leaders/Members, and more!


    In the third hour, join Host K. LaShea for The Great Grio as she welcomes Aminota Umoja into the studio.

    Aminata, is the founder of Kilombo Academic and Cultural Institute. Kilombo is an academically rigorous, culturally relevant, spiritually grounded independent school committed to social justice. Kilombo educates children from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Aminata’s areas of focus include developing Data Coaches and high-performing Data Teams, helping struggling readers achieve success, equity, culturally relevant curriculum and pedagogy, differentiated instruction, transforming schools into professional learning communities, and inquiry science for elementary and middle school students.  

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    SRN Live Remote at the Wills McGahee Celebrity Golf Invitational

    in Self Help

    SRN Live Remote at the Wills McGahee Celebrity Golf Invitational

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    Robert Powell, MUFON's Top 10 UFO Cases of 2014

    in Paranormal

    Robert Powell is the Director of Research for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and the head of MUFON's Scientific Review Board (SRB). For the past several years, the SRB has been putting together a top 10 list that they release at the MUFON Symposiums every summer. The 2014 list just came out a few weeks ago at the 2015 MUFON Symposium in September. Although months have passed, Powell explains that the board needs that time to be sure the investigation of each case in 2014 is completed, and to have time for the SRN to review and do their own analysis.

    In this interview we go over how the top 10 list is created, and review some of the top cases.

    For more about the MUFON SRB, visit: www.mufon.com/science-review-board.html

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    Everything with Kathy B Power Over Tomorrow & SRN Wednesday Night News

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation! Join us tonight for a Dynamic Show!

    At 6 pm we have Power Over Tomorrow with our Resident Financial Advisor, Tyrone S. Mitchell.  Tyrone continues his show from last week asking the question, What Are We To Do? (In reference to the verdicts of the  police who took Michael Brown & Eric Garner's lives). Listen in as Tyrone shares a video from about 10 years ago of an interview with the Late, Mr. Linwood Alfred Moore who grew up in the Jim Crow South and was active in making a difference.

    At 7 pm Host K.LaShea welcomes back, Activist, Producer, Director, Writer, Talk Show Host, Student, & President/Owner of Pitchvine Entertainment, Mr Larry Syid Wright. Join them as they discuss Larry's upcoming film about one of the backbones for the civil rights movement behind MLK , Malcolm X and others, Ms. Ella Baker.

    And at 8 pm K. LaShea welcomes, Producer, Songwriter and Broadway Veteran, Stepp Stewart into the studio to talk about his Musical Production, "A Soulful Christmas" and his other upcoming projects.  You don't want to miss this show.  You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.