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    Do Women Cheat when He Cheats or when He Shows up Broken?

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    Men have been taught in nearly ALL cultures, that if a woman is #Happy and in good spirits, WHILE the guy she is with is not treating her right and taking her through, most men are taught it means she is seeing someone else.
    All sort of idiotic garbage quotes exist on this. So if a guy is cutting up, he tells himself these untruths and acts a bigger fool.
     So let me squash this myth, once and for all so the games can stop.
    Contrary to this popular idiotic belief that she has to be cheating if you are not her source for happiness...luvs, that is NOT TRUE!
    A content woman,  who KNOWS WHO SHE IS, prior to a guy with BS ending up in her energy space,  can continue to be happy,  loving and aware of who she is, WITHOUT cheating and replacing the guy who is all over the place trying to make sense of his chaos.
    Now, do beware,  she will take an exit if you keep it up.  Of course she will, content women are lovers of peace and remove themselves from those who constantly disrupt it.
    But, sometimes,  she will stick around at a distance for a while,  but not because she is entertaining your chaos, it's usually because she is not allowing it to interrupt her Happiness flow. No, she will not go searching for a man to replace your ignorance. ....
    A Man may come searching for her to replace your foolishness,  and a Happy woman, is also an Honest one, she will tell you and walk away with her new content,  self-aware, and peaceful Man.

    This truth I share may be debated,  however,  it's more of a testimony than advice, so I'm speaking from experience not just rambling on.

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    Grow Your Own Food Summit! on We Grow Ours

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    Grow Your Own Food Summit!
    We Grow Ours
    on American Preppers Radio 
    Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Imagine being able to put a fresh strawberry in your morning smoothie without worrying about all the chemicals it’s been soaked in before you even touched it. Can you already taste the sweet and tangy homegrown tomato that you just added to your salad or made into dinner’s pasta sauce? Or maybe you’re simply looking forward to spending more time outside, teaching the kids about nature and nutritious vegetables, and watching them become excited about eating their salad and squash.

    Read More HERE: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/2015/02/16/grow-food-summit/ 

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    Beliefs and Expectations

    in Education

    We will discuss the power of beliefs and expectations to influence outcomes.

    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be Chicken and Squash Casserole, and the "adventure" recipe will be Fish Stew.

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    in Education

    We will discuss how to determine which goals are realistic possibilities, and how to achieve them.

    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be Chicken and Squash Casserole and the "adventure" recipe will be Fish Stew.

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    Squash Talk - Randy Savage Tribute

    in Sports

    Join us for a SPECIAL tribute edition of Squash Talk Radio, as Patrick goes live to discuss the life, career, and tragic death of "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
    Patrick will provide a look at Savage's most memorable moments, matches, and the legacy he ultimately leaves behind as an indelible pop culture icon.
    Plus the best of WWE and more - all supported by www.SQUASHBERRY.com!!

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    Rice Elevator Scandal, Simone Battle's death, Kickstarter to Squash Isis

    in Current Events

    Can there be a fundraiser to raise a private worldwide army to eliminate Isis?  Would it defy American constiutionality?  Mercenary fighters have gone to battle in Central America and Chile before.  We conclude it may be politically incorrect to raise an army by rasing funds on Kickstarter.   Also, Simone Battle did not have to die...not did Ray Rice have to 8 ball his fiancee in the elevator.  How celebrity figures have to always look over their shoulder now.  Pay attention!!!!

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    PAIRED: Winter squashes - how to prepare and cook from roasting to soup

    in Cooking

    Nothing says November like winter squash dishes. Tune into Paired with Chef Mary and Wine Expert Duane Pemberton to hear more about squashes and the wines to pair with them.

    This Monday at 6:30 pm on Commdiginews.com

    Chef Mary Moran is a clasically trained chef and nutritionist making your families food fun and healthful. Duane Pemberton is a nationally recognized wine expert without all the trappings

    Music courtesy of Picnic (Russia)-  instrumental introduction from Violet-Black for the album Egyptian

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    Voices of South Africa with Johann

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    I am a South African born white male and was born in the middle sixties. My family has been in South Africa since the middle 17th century. My forefathers from my dad’s side came to South Africa from Germany and later married a girl from the Netherlands over here. My history goes back to a Germany back to the 12th century in a town called Griebenow in North East Germany. I grew up in a mostly Afrikaans environment and I have 3 brothers and 1 sister.

    I have my own small one man business specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of kitchen & bathroom cabinetry. I am a keen photographer, philosopher, human rights activist and I play Squash (similar to Racket ball in the USA) at least three times a week. I played rugby, participated in Amateur wrestling and Mixed martial arts. Nowadays I stick to self protection art like Krav Maga and keep fit by doing a lot of jogging, swimming and spending time outdoors. Now, that is when I am not online trying to save the world…..

    I have studied Sales Marketing  management and I am also studying part time towards obtaining my International accreditation as an Installation Electrician at a local technical college. I finished High school at the age of 18 and I had to do National service in the South African Military Services (SADF) as a White male after High school as it was the law in South Africa at the time (Conscription compulsory military service). I opted to sign up for permanent service in the South African Navy for almost 5 years.


    South Africa was involved in the Angolan Bush War during that time and we took part in many operations in and outside our borders. I left the Navy and went on to work and study part time in the Sales and Marketing field for several years. I later became involved in the Insurance industry and became involved with insurance brokering and later worked as Sales and Marketing Director in a privately owned company.

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    I Can't Breathe. Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Charles Barkley & more

    in Lifestyle

    The last two weeks have been unsettling to the psyche of America. It has been devastating to the hearts and minds of Black America. 

    Atty. Bob McCulloch took his time in Ferguson to create enough doubt in the minds of his grand jury, to not only squash any chance of an indictment, but also decimate the character of Mike Brown in the court of public opinion. Just like the legal team in FL did Trayvon Martin, they used traces of THC, "menacing" pictures and size to place these young me squarely in the box of America's fears. 


    With Eric Garner things should have been different. Yes, he was 6'5" and 350 lbs, but he was also unarmed, backed against a wall and surrounded by armed policeman. All while several cell phone cameras were rolling. Surely, we would at least see this case go to trial. C'mon, even after Eric Garner was subdued, and gasping for his last breaths, that would warrant Officer Daniel Pantaleo seeing the inside of a courtroom with a defense attorney having the ability to cross examine him. Right? 


    No not in todays United States of America. Not in an country where a black man with a big microphone like Charles Barkley could see these incidents, as questionable, while people like Bill O'Reilly sees it the way many black people do. 


    These incidents have many of us in a state of utter disbelief that has surpassed anger. What do we do next? We'll discuss this on this episode. Our guest will be Dr. JeffriAnne Wilder. 


    Join us every week for provocative talk radio about everything from God to Hip Hop. From the stock market to the Android market, your mind is to big to be thinking about so little. Join us every week for the conversation! 

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    Recipe for Butternut Squash Soup (October 7, 2012 - Part 3)

    in Family

    Part 3 of 3: Originally Aired October 7, 2012
    Dianne Linderman talks about the importance of voting. Also on this segment, get a great recipe for a delicious Light Cheddar and Butternut Squash Soup.
    Find out more about Dianne Linderman on her website: http://www.everythingthatmattersradio.com/ and be sure to check out Dianne's cook book Everything That Matters in the Kitchen.

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