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    In a volatile industry where passions wax and wane, the trends of today become the clichés of tomorrow and bands split as quickly as they capture the world’s hearts, Spur Of The Moment has, over the past two decades, bucked the odds, transcended the usual ups and downs and inspired thousands of fans across the world with a vibe that continues to define the word band.  The list of artists that have worked with this immensely talented unit grows yearly, their resume reads like a who’s who of the R&B and Jazz worlds. From the legendary George Duke to Al Jarreau, Patti Austin, Ledisi, Raheem Devaughn, Lalah Hathaway

    Once you experience the magic of the popular ensemble in action, or  groove along to Spur of the Moment’s exciting new CD “ N 2 Deep” , you will quickly wonder why hasn't this group attained  Superstardom, then you will become a fan. “N 2 Deep” features emerging artist “Grammy” nominated Maimouna Youssef and incredible singer/songwriter Levi Stephens, as well as an appearance by their friend "Grammy" nominated Maysa .

     “What drives us to continue is the fact that, no matter how much we have achieved, there are still so many people in America and around the world who have never seen us perform or heard us, and we’re all about getting out there and sharing what we do with them. There’s also something cool about being the underdog, because there’s always something exciting still to accomplish. Every career has its ebbs and flows, and we’re fortunate to still be around, doing what we love to do – making people happy with our music!”

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    The Weekly Spur - Episode 1

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    Stephen Anderson will discuss the Spurs West Coast road trip and their home game against the New York Knicks.
    Twitter: @TheWeeklySpur
    Follow Stephen: @AndersonSteve90

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    On A Spur

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    What? Can't we just decide to do a show up and talk in and out of the blue?

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    Spur The Moment

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    spur the moment.

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    Steps to Stimulate Leadership Skills in Women to Spur Innovation

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    Creating an environment that recognizes and rewards innovative thinking and diversity is important. Women tend to work behind the scenes versus take on leadership roles for many reasons and some organizations are finding this behavior stifles innovation in the work place. Developing leadership skills in women is trending upward and host,Cynthia Nevels, talks to President & CEO of APEX Leadership Coaching, Sandi Mitchell to explore this topic. Join us Tuesday, November 11, 2014 at 11:30am CT for another informative episode.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @DisruptiveView.

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    Quick Saturday Night Radio Start Up

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    Spur of the moment radio show coming your way! Please be sure to visit our sponsors. They help keep our radio station up and running as do out fantastic musicians! If you would like to be a part of Naked Girls Radio please contact us to find out more information on becoming one of our independent artists, radio or website sponsors. Enjoy the show tonight! We play all genres and music and bring you the latest and greatest of new music!

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    Author, Founder of Purposeful DIVA LaTracey Copeland Hughes stops by Good Deeds

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    LaTracey Copeland Hughes, also known as the Purposeful DIVA, has  been that spur in the sides of countless audience members and readers of her dynamic recently released book. DIVA stands for Divinely Inspire Visionary Achiever. Her book, “Raising A Proverb 31 Woman: Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, and Self-Discovery of a Young Woman” debuted in March 2014. Through her works, she encourages and motivates others to excel, kick off shackles and live abundantly by overcoming adversity and Be it poverty or a catalog of layered challenges, she knows what it's like to persevere and overcome through resilience. She has risen from the ashes of what seemed to be defeat and destruction and emerged victorious and triumphant. Described as a gem in this season who has demonstrated that she's not easily broken, she has experienced success as CEO of the non-profit organization, Capstone Experience, Inc. She teaches others to do the same by thinking outside of the box, and using experiences as stepping stones to destiny and purpose. “I want to leave my mark as a professional, virtuous example; in my home as a wife and mother, and as a business consultant, speaker and author/publisher,” she states. Copeland Hughes is not only modeling the examples she holds dear, but also teaching the virtuous lessons through the Proverbs 31 Woman Project. Her daily life serves to inspire others and her engaging presentations help people to envision greater outcomes. As a speaker, she provides her audiences with the essential elements that fuel her own vision of entrepreneurship, leadership, purpose-motivation, innovation and bravery. She highlights the distractions that are keeping those from moving in their God-given Purpose. She specializes in meeting women right where they are and supporting them not to stay Stuck.

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    Mz. Koko Bowden interviews Prayer Warrior Watana Alcon

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    Mz. Koko Bowden interviews Prayer Warrior  Watana Alcon

    I have a prayer and music ministry. My prayer ministry is called Prayer Warrior 24/7 and is a 24/7 prayer line. March 2015 will be the 3rd year anniversary of prayer ministry.The prayer line is when I talk and pray with the callers who call with prayer requests. The prayer ministry came about after 3-6 months of waking up at 3 AM every night. I began to pray to God as to why I was being woke up at same time every night. Then,a friend put at the end of a text message PW 4 ever and I asked what does PW mean.They said Prayer Warrior 4 ever.Then,after much prayer Prayer Warrior 24/7 began.Prayer Warrior 24/7 slogan is:"Staying on track for Jesus." My music ministry is my Christian freestyle rap and my stage name is PW 24/7. PW 24/7 is short form of my prayer ministry name. My mission in both ministries is to fulfill The Great Commission that is mentioned in the Bible. My music ministry has been going since May 2014. Music has been a big part of my life from  children's choir-adult choir in church. PW 24/7 was started at the All Christ Cafe at the open mic in May 2014. My freestyle raps are given by God and no lyrics are needed because it's spur of the moment rap. My goal as PW 24/7 is to reach people who are on the street or do not know about Jesus Christ or God. In my life Christian rap sticks in my head longer and is as beneficial as other Christian music. PW 24/7 is an opportunity for me to share my life experiences with others through Christian freestyle rap.I have been inspired by God to share the good news with others through prayer and music. I am a kind and compassionate person who loves all and in my ministries that is the image I want to show.If you need more details,let me know. Thanks for this opportunity

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    Financial Grace

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    Today's Show:  Where, when, how and with what do you spend money?

    Isaiah 55:2 asks, “Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that which does not satisfy? Listen diligently to me, and eat what is good, and delight yourselves in rich food”.

    Hmmm…the subtitle of this chapter in Isaiah is “An Invitation to the Thirsty”.  The bible has thousands of verses on financial principles, but what about the details?  The things that for the most part are not part of a financial planning discussion and come together at the spur of a moment or based on convenience or circumstances at the time.

    This week on Financial Grace we’re going to discuss some details about spending money.  If you earn $1000 where is it deposited?  If you spend $100 where, when and with what do you pay for it?  If you spend $10,000 how do spend that money?  And if you spend $100,000 or more how do spend that?  There is order and harmony in God’s plan and accessing cash requires order and harmony – not restricted systems that reinforce scarcity and fear, but efficient, flexible, simple systems.

    Links:  www.financialgrace.org/fg-radio



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    The Only Way Out is In - Host, Speaker & Award-Winning Author Daya Devi-Doolin

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    Please check all my events because all of them can spur your life onto better experiences spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.  That's my intention for you.  God Bless

    My events  https://eventbrite.com/event/15762035673/  conscious connected breath

    https://eventbrite.com/event/15788262117/  5 tibetan rites

    Reiki is https://eventbrite.com/event/15762977490/  Reiki 1 and 2 Certification

    Email is padaran@padaran.com for any further information.

    Yoga event for Hips coming next Feb. 25th Wed.

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    Marcia Lee Laycock,The Ambassadors Series,Uplifting Devotionals Book III

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    Marcia is a pastor's wife, the mother of three grown daughters, a freelance writer and Christian speaker. She is a published author and editor, having written for Christian magazines and newspapers in the U.S. and Canada, as well as home-town newspapers. Her short stories, articles and poetry have won awards in Canada and the U.S. and been broadcast on CBC radio. Her work also appears frequently on the world wide web.
    Marcia is a frequent speaker for women's groups of all sizes and has often taught writing courses for the Alberta Adult Education Department, Inscribe Christian Writers Fellowship, and The Word Guild (Write! Canada).

    In 1996, Marcia and her family served with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea. While there she wrote for the Non-print Media Department of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, producing radio and video scripts.
    For six years Marcia held the communications portfolio for the Associated Gospel Churches in Western Canada, writing, editing and producing their quarterly newsletter. She is now serving on the executive of Inscribe Christian Writers' Fellowship (www.inscribe.org). She currently writes a weekly column, The Spur, which is published in Living Light News, (Edmonton), CrossWalk and The Country Sunrise News (Central Alberta). It also goes out to subscribed readers each week.
    Marcia's devotional book, The Spur of the Moment won an Award of Merit at Write!Canada in 2003, a second devotional, Focused Reflections, is now in print and she was the recipient of the Best New Canadian Christian Author Award for her novel One Smooth Stone which was released by Castle Quay Books in 2007. The Sequel, A Tumbled Stone, was also short-listed for an Award at Write!Canada. Marcia's work has just been short-listed in three categories in the current Word Awards.
    Marcia and her family currently live in Central Alberta, Canada.
    Visit my website - www.marcialeelaycock.com

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