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    SPSN Listen LIVE with Diandra

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    Tune into SPSN Listen LIVE with Host Diandra 6:30 pm EST. as she brings another great inspiring broadcast. Dial 310-982-4274 to listen LIVE! Want to be a guest on the show? Get your FREE interview here >>> http://spiritsoul-radio-network.reservio.com/ to submit your music for airing send to spiritsoul1@live.com

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    SPSN Listen LIVE Spotlights Matthew Miglin

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    Matthew is a forward-thinking entrepreneur, author, wealth coach, and inspiring speaker. He offers exceptional business wisdom, gained through 30 years of business development, training, and management experience, directing operations for several successful entrepreneurial endeavors.

    Matthew is the CEO of Voice of Prosperity, LLC – a wealth building, financial training, consulting, and educational resources company that specializes in helping individuals and businesses to grow, prosper, build wealth, and lead more fulfilling lives.
    He has presented well-received and profit- enhancing business seminars to individuals, businesses, schools, churches, organizations and government agencies. He is a Certified Seminar Leader through American Seminar Leaders Association, and a licensed counselor and coach with NCCA.

    Matthew has excelled as President of Chapelwood Construction a multi-million-dollar building and remodeling firm, with a proven track record of increasing profits, production, and doubling sales over three consecutive years. He developed extensive leadership skills under challenging circumstances while serving in the United States Marine Corps and during Operation Desert Storm.

    In addition, he is the author and best selling co-author of multiple books, ebooks, CDs, DVDs, and info- products such as:
    How to Save $500 or More Each Month
    How to Make 10% More Money in 30 Days
    Health and Wealth Mastery
    A Woman’s Guide to Building a Financial Fortress
    A Woman’s Guide to Self Protection
    How to Be a Multi-Millionaire
    The Safest and Best Investment Sources
    Transformational Secrets of Integrity Marketing
    How to Write and Publish Your Book in 21 Days, and much more! 

    VISIT his site http://matthewdavidmiglin.com/

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    SPSN Listen LIVE Spotlight DaRil

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     Damon "DaRil" Nailer serves as a music producer, songwriter, artist, author, motivational speaker, and talk show host. He has just finished promoting his latest project entitled Conception & Rebirth, which has been receiving airplay on terrestrial stations, internet stations, international stations, and podcasts. Currently, he is gearing up to release my fifth LP Triple Threat this year, which will feature many collaborations with up and coming artists.  

    As an author, Mr. Nailer has written one inspirational eBook entitled The Great Taste of Success, which provides wisdom and insight concerning destiny, gifts/talents, spiritual growth/personal enhancement, positive thinking, and success tips.  He is preparing to release his second eBook A Greater Taste of Success this year.

    As a motivational speaker he has 19 years of speaking experience. He is a former member of Toastmasters' International. Last, but not least, as a talk show host DaRil just began his TV talk show entitled Motivating the Masses, which provides direction, inspiration, and education concerning our daily lives.

    Visit our site for more information http://www.spiritsoulradionetwork.blogspot.com/

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    SPSN Listen LIVE Spotlights Cherie Holloman

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    Founder and Owner of New Life Changes and Newly Self-Published Author of "7 Powerful Habits to Spiritually Prepare for the Storms of Life". Cherie holds a Bachelor of Divinity and Masters in Biblical Counseling. Founder of Lady In Faith Ministries, Inc. DJ Radio Personality for Rebirth4Love, Blog Talk Radio. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ebonynetworkconnection

    As an Executive Spiritual Life coach and having experienced changes in her life from losing possessions, health issues, divorce just to name a few. She has learned when God is ready for you to move out of your comfort zone, He will make your current situation and status uncomfortable.  We just have to learn to move over out of the driver's seat and take our position as the passenger so God can drive. Cherie helps individuals she encounters to learn how to let go of the past mistakes, move over and now enjoy the ride!

    VISIT HER SITE: http://newlifechangescherie.webs.com/


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    SPSN Listen LIVE Spotlights Trent-G

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     Once a secular rapper, born in Chicago, Trent's first rap was in his south side community (EDEN GREEN 
    HOMES), neighbors with the infamous housing project (ALTGELD GARDENS), both areas were known for 
    gangs, drugs, etc. At the age of 8 years old, he was rapping to older kids, and other kids his own age 
    within the area. His inspiration came from a rap group called "BONE THUGS IN HARMONY". As time 
    proceeded, Trent went on to high school where he joined a rap group, competed in talent shows, won 
    1st place trophies, and graced the stage with artist like "DA BRAT", "TWISTA", "COMMON", and more. 
    Now living with his father, Trent - G was very gang affiliated, and still involved in the street life, yet 
    pursuing his music career. After submitting a tape to THE STEVE HARVEY'S BIG TIME TV SHOW, Trent - G 
    appeared on the show and competed, and he won, winning $10,000 as the fastest rapper in the world. 

    Trent-G surely thought this would not appeal to his crowd of interest, but one day God told Trent to pick up the bible and read 
    "PSALMS", and he came across PSALMS 34/18, which reads THE LORD IS CLOSE TO THE BROKEN 
    HEARTED AND SAVES THOSE WHO ARE CRUSHED IN SPIRIT, and that summed it up. Today, Trent - G is 
    an award nominated gospel rapper that has graced the stage of several TV shows, and radio shows to 
    share his story, and to inspire others, especially young people headed down the wrong path.Trent-G then went on to be a special guest on Good Morning America, written up in many Chicago newspaper articles, radio appearances, etc

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    SPSN Listen LIVE "Kickin' It" Friday

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    Tune in on SPSN listen LIVE with Host Diandra as she is "Kickin' It" Friday and helping to get the weekend started blessed!!! Listen to new music from Harmony of Praise, Shawny Wright, scripture of the day, and a very special focal point to ponder on, and more. Help SpiritSoul Radio Network celebrate 3 years of being online radio visit us on our site www.spiritsoulradionetwork.blogspot.com/ 

    For more exposure we will advertise your events, business, book, product, artist, group, album, ministry on our internet radio station and site 1 day a week for a month for only $5 or more which is a fiverr exclusive. Purchase here http://www.fiverr.com/spsnradio/we-will-advertise-your-business-on-radio

    Book your interview with us today 10-25 MINUTE INTERVIEW WITH YOU ON SHOW http://www.fiverr.com/spsnradio/we-will-advertise-your-business-on-radio

    "LIKE & FOLLOW" us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/SpiritSoul-Radio-Network/156715764407957

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    SPSN Listen LIVE Spotlight Guest Dennis Tillman

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    My name is Dennis Blair Tillman and I started writing at twelve years old and the people that inspires and motivates me to write would be heavenly father God almighty lord and savior Jesus Christ as my number one, my wife, mom and dad. Spiritually Prepared is for everyone with spiritual and financial situations Spiritually Prepared is also for young people that are in need of help to stay free from drugs and criminal acts and violence against one another. I wrote Spiritually Prepared My Life Story to help save a lot of souls from heading down the wrong path. Because I believe that somebody has to do it because people are hurting other people and young people are killing other young people. And also Spiritually Prepared is a message to everyone that reads Spiritually Prepared is that god will never leave or forsake you and if you have dreams follow your dreams and if you have a calling from god take that calling and use that calling from god to help others. And also I thank God for delivering me and forgiving all of my wrong doing called sins. And I thank God for giving me the opertunity to host and for me being the founder of Gospel Starlight Awards where all God's children known as everyone is a winner.

    TGG MEDIA WEBSITE AND GOSPEL STARLIGHT AWARDS: http://www.tggmedia2014.wix.com/denoke



  • SPSN Spotlights Greg Stargell

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    Greg Stargell is helping many "Unleash Their Awesomeness"! A Public Figure, Greg Stargell Greg has worked and operated in many roles where he had to practice leadership and communication skills.

     Currently, he runs three entities that are evolving as they grow . Greg likes helping others on the road to becoming balanced individuals while operating in their true potential. 

    Creator of the newest Video Game and Comic Book "Da Spokesman And The Awesomeness League" Greg and his team have created 2 of the 4 installations of the series in video game form: Minor League and Major League. Based on Characters that help individuals " Unleash Their Inner Awesomeness" read about them here | visit site




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    SPSN Listen LIVE Spotlights Daril Nailer & MTM TV Ministry

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    You've heard Host Diandra's first interview with Daril Nailer http://www.blogtalkradio.com/spiritsoul/2014/05/12/spsn-listen-live-spotlight-daril

    Now, our Brother Daril Nailer is stopping by the SPSN virtual studio to talk with Diandra about MTM TV Ministry and D3 Spiritual Training/Mentoring Program. Motivating the Masses that provides direction, inspiration, and education concerning our daily lives. To find out more, and to support this great ministry go here>>> http://www.gofundme.com/a0h1mo

    D3 Spiritual Training/Mentoring Program:

    A program that will enable me to help these type of individuals obtain direction, become a true Christian disciple, and fulfill their destiny. The sessions will be broken down into a 1 month program, 3 month program, 6 month program, or 12 month program. Participants will receive instructional videos, eBooks, prayer, consultation, webinars, and much more. http://www.daril.org



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    SPSN Radio Spotlight Guest Funmilayo Ngozi

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    Host: Diandra 

    Episode Notes: Music, Focal Point, and Spotlight Guest Funmilayo Ngozi

    From her Nigerian origins to her unique vocal stylings, Funmilayo is true to her name. She "brings the joy" and the listener is "Blessed." Ngozi's voice is unmatched in every musical genre. Her jazz renditions beguile you. You are transported to another time and place by her Broadway selections. Her R and B music compels you, washing over you and touching your heart until you are overcomed with joy! Join the Funmilayo Ngozi Movement! Expect the operatic interpretations of Mozart and Barber to be triumphant. Her hymns and Songs of Praise capture you and get you wrapped up in the spirit. So enjoy Funmilayo's artistic experience and "Get Blessed."



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    SPSN Listen LIVE Spotlight Jake Hughes

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    Jake Hughes, born Jacob L. Hughes to Pastor Odell and Linda Hughes, is a native of Racine, Wisconsin. His passion for performing arts began at an early age with gospel music. This compelled him to get involved in his church youth choir. Acknowledging his talent, his parents encouraged him to participate in church plays that eventually led to his interest in theatre. These interests would eventually blossom into an ongoing profession throughout his life.

    Recent accomplishments include, in 2007, co-starring in the highly acclaimed inspirational Northwestern Indiana musical, "My Mama Prayed & Prayed & Prayed, See What GOD Can Do," and Americas number one live urban Gospel stage play, Church Mess! In January of 2012, Jake released his awesome new EP album called Jake Hughes Unplugged. 

    The Album has received rave reviews and airplay from radio stations such as Blog Talk Radio, USR internet radio, View from the Pew Internet talk radio show, Luv 316 radio in London England, Gospel Now Internet Radio, WJVE 102.3, STAR Radio and many more. Jake Hughes is currently a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and he is in pursuit of a full time gospel ministry. He is an independent contemporary gospel artist, psalmist, and is committed to singing and ministering the gospel with passion and anointing.